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IFA3WarMod Demonstration videos

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello WarMod fans!

Here is a new video demonstrating some features and new weapons for my upcoming IFA3WarMod:

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You can get all the regular updates and progress of the mod on my WIP thread seen here:


IFA3WarMod in the works!

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello WarMod fans!

As per my WIP thread for A3WarMod I want let you know that I am currently working on an IFA3 WarMod you can watch the wip thread here: LINK

So A3WarMod is currently on hold until this version releases, which wont take to long as its a smaller mod, watch the WIP thread for further updates!

A3WarMod Progress Update

Posted on December 27, 2014 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys follow my progress here for the mod

A3WarMod WIP BIS forums thread

A3WarMod Progress Update Dec 26th,2014

Posted on December 26, 2014 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello WarMod fans!

 I had spent my past 2 days off (wed, thurs-xmas) working on the mod, and have accomplished a tremendous amount!

Bug hunting / Mod compatability / Performance

With the amount of testing and research I have done, I am I think wrapping up the research aspect of the mod, and testing has dwindled down to looking at a couple of addons to make sure they are working with everything else.

I been doing alot of play testing, and have cleared up numerous bugs, and made many adjustmets and tweaked all sorts of settings to create a certain result for the mod.

Compilation mod?

As you all know WarMod is a compilation mod, but even though the majority of Ai, gameplay, effects, fixes, and other misc features in the mod are compiled into one, there are some that are weeded out that cause others not to work, or are tweaked to make sure others are working.

So there have been a few addons doing almost the same thing as another mod which I have found a few doing just that, so the direction of the mod isn't a complete compilation of all files into one mod, its more of a compiled customization of what works and what doesn't then of course I have a certain vision for the mod as well.

Custom Compilation

When the mod is released, the main mod will be all my customizations for the mod, tweaks and basically what i put together that works. So this means that certain mods for example like AGM will have only certain files in it, in the main folder, in the customization folder however will be the full mod minus those files that are already in the mod, from there you can swap out files or add files based on your interest in features.

Whats left to be done

Currently as stated above, im doing some final tweaks, and testing to make sure a few addons are working, and the mod is performing where I want it.

Whats left to do:

  • Create a new logo that represents the mod
  • Get permissions (i have 2 so far)
  • Organize the mod files for the customization aspect of the mod
  • Build readmes
  • Research for readmes


I will probably be wrapping up the tweaking and testing this week and at the same time work on other aspects of the mod mostly the getting permissions and research for the readmes for the customization and features aspects.


Im planning on putting together a demo video for some of the features, so I will have something for you guys soon, thanks for your patience!

A3WarMod Progress Update

Posted on December 22, 2014 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Small progress update for the mod.

As you guys may know a couple of my pet peeves for Arma3 are the following which I have successfully changed through the mod:

  • Weapon sway 
  • 3+ shots to kill an enemy

Now there is no sway, i mean none at all, you can stand, crouch, prone, run for a mile with heavy gear, run up hills, and still have perfect aim, the gun is smooth, it stable and its quick, and its fun.

Now this can be tweaked so if an absolute no sway but maybe very slight, or minor feels more realsitic to you then you can do that, as you guys should know like the whole series the mod is customizable.

Im just reporting you here that I have acheived some major success for the two listed features that I have been working on trying to figure out how to do for a long time, i have addons for no sway, but there were still some sway even if it was slight.

Run n Gun Realism

Please understand that like the rest of the mods in the series and as I have said before WarMod is basically a run n gun realism mod, there are a number of features that are realistic, and there are some things that arent realistic but really make the game fun and enjoyable to play with.

This is not to say you will still not get killed, but it as listed above the no sway and the ability to kill an enemy AI with 1-3 shots in my opinion is much funner and partly more realistic (depends on the enemy if they have chest armor) then the default game where you spend half to almost 3/4 of a clip trying to kill a guy, and 1 because of his armor, and 2 because your gun is moving all over the place, which annoys me to f*ck.

So i have solved both issues with A3WarMod. I will record a video demo of the mod soon here to give folks an idea what it looks like.

Keep in mind that A3WarMod is mostly geared towards the infantry aspect of the game, and not so much to flying, although there will be some features there.

All for now.

Dec 14th, 2014 Site Update

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey WarMod fans!

Updates on the site:

  • Changed the background to a lighter color/texture
  • added some more testimonials to the testimonial section
  • fixed a broken link
  • fixed a page with some misspelled words
  • added new page A3 AI Compilation List (listed under WarMod news)

A3WarMod Progress Update

Posted on November 23, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

An update, working on this a bit, ran into some bug which I have cornered atm dont know what it is exactly but it prevents missions in Mp to even run, and if they do you start as a bird if your on a server.

Hosting a mission you get a blue screen and the mission wont run.

So far I have removed a bunch of files that removed the issue described above and the game runs fine with the mod, at the same time just doing some tweaks with some things, and will be locating the culprit files in the ones I removed.

Have not saught any permissions yet for whats in the mod as some of the bugs I found have detered me from seeking the permissions out, for all i know I'd get a permission for something and the addon dont even work in the mod or conflicts with everything else so atm permissions will be on hold til i get some of the bugs sorted.

Aside the above the mod in general performs very good, I still need to test many new additions but right now i want to eliminate the bugs i have ran into, cant really give anymore details then that atm.

All for now.

A3WarMod Progress Update

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Hello WarMod fans just want to give you guys a small update of the progress of the mod.

I had posted on the WIP thread recently:


but today i wanted to let you guys know how the mod is coming along.

Currently i been doing alot of testing, alot of messing around and tweaking and alot of play testing to get the right feel of the mod Im after, as well as making sure that everything that i test works and works with all the other addons and mods in the mod.

I have to say so far theres roughly 30 mods in A3WarMod, and i say that lightly atm because there are maybe 10 of them i need to test still.

All for now.

IFWarMod Patch v1.2 released!

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Patch v1.2 is now available!



Patch v1.2


Oct 20, 2014 v1.2


  • added AI enhancement with 11 AI features
  • added AI skills and awareness improvements with 12 AI features
  • added Suppression effects - (Effects AI and Player) with 16 AI features
  • added HUD element indicating the player's current stance
  • added HUD that provides situational awareness of your fire team members
  • added slx_anim_swim: an updated file for SLX that removes the hpp requirement, the feature allows the player to swim longer with less fatigue & faster
  • added SLX_AI_NoAutoEngage: Make AI not suicide engage/attack on their own.
  • added slx_anim_injured: Makes injured animations not have weird warping
  • added SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact: Bullet impact sounds
  • added AI should stay in formations when overwhelmed
  • added All features readme that will list all files in the mod and their descriptions
  • added new installation readme
  • added changelog readme (your reading it)
  • added Patch features readme, this will provide details on whats in the v1.2 patch

More details about the features in the patch can be found in the readme Patch Features (included in the download).

Other stuff

22 screenshots were added to the IFWarMod Album on my dropbox

added a video




thanks to OuedMeliz


A3WarMod in the works! Update

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

A3WarMod WIP thread:



Hello WarMod fans!

 Here is some news to where I am at, currently I am basically researching and play testing the mod I have built so far, and tweaking as I go.

The mod has come pretty far since last october when I started it.

A brief idea of what the mod entails if your not familier with my WarMod series is, the mod is a compilation mod, what this means is I do research on addons and mods that have been released that effects gameplay, the mod will add effects, features for gameplay, and many other things, so the mod is more specifically a massive collection of "most" addons and mods that deal with gameplay.

For example my COWarMod built for Arma2CO had 230+ addons and mods in it, the mod had addons and mods from arma2 and OA in it.

So far A3WarMod has about 47 addons in it, and more or less its not final or where i want to release it yet.

What needs to be done yet is the following:

  • Build a loading screen
  • need more research
  • need to make a decision on some addons and mods to be added
  • more testing
  • need to get permissions from the addon and mod authors for whats currently in the mod and to be added
  • Need to build readmes for installation, features, and some other things

All for now

IFWarMod Patch v1.1 released!

Posted on August 25, 2014 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)


Hello Iron front & WarMod Fans!

I have recently been working on an update for my IFWarMod which is for the

Iron front Conversion for Arma2CO.

Today i am releasing a new patch that will add the following features to your game:

  • Disabled weapon sway - Disables the weapon sway completely - exhaustion from movement is from a different source.
  • Disabled Infantry weapon dispersion - Reduced the dispersion for infantry weapons to basically zero.
  • Take command of AI infantry squad
  • Option to spawn ladders and gain access to any otherwise inaccessible rooftops or buildings, a fun feature rather then realistic
  • IFWarMod Loading screen

Notes: alot of these features have nothing to do with realism of the game except for maybe two of them, they are more for fun, and added features you may enjoy.  Like all WarMod mods in the series it is a customizable compilation mod, if you dont like a certain feature then simply remove the file in the addons folder.

If your not sure about what file does what, or want to remove a feature but dont know the file then ask me here on the IFWarMod release thread:



IFWarMod Patch v1.1

IFWarMod downloads can be found under addons and mods on the menu.



A3WarMod in the works!

Posted on July 29, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (1)


Hello WarMod fans!

Its been a bit since my last post, but I have found the time and energy (majority of days) to play Arma3, as well be involved with the community once again, guess I needed a major break. :mad:

As for A3WarMod, I have been messing around, doing some minor research and testing, and currently have a version that I enjoy playing with which has intrigued me just like my first WarMod to want to share it with the Arma community.

I want to announce that based on the results I have been having in the past two weeks of messing around with the mod, that I fell it would be best to go through with building it, and getting it released to the public, so my decision is that i will be building A3WarMod and releasing it, and continue the WarMod legacy and series.

Release Date?

As for a release date, i cant really say atm as there are the following things I need to do yet to be able to release:

  • Build a loading screen for the mod
  • need more research to be done
  • need to make a decision on some addons and mods to be added
  • more testing needs to be done - (currently I have 2 testers)
  • need to get permissions from the addon and mod authors for whats currently in the mod and to be added
  • Recently I built a readme for the mod, but it needs to be updated quite a bit
  • Need to build readmes for installation, features, and some other things like I did for the other WarMods
  • some other things I cant think of atm



Lastly I will not be adding an AI enhancement mod to the mod as there are many of them, A3WarMod will be mainly gameplay functions and features which mainly effects, gear, weapons, vehicles, the soldier player themselves, some general game aspects, and other things.

Please understand that like all the other WarMod versions A3WarMod will be customizable, or rather modular as to let the user take out any mod.

A3WarMod WIP thread

There is a WIP thread I will post my progress on BIS forums seen here: LINK

All for now, I will post again when I have news.


Posted on May 26, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello WarMod fans

Its been a bit and I wanted to let you know that Im not as active as i once was in the arma community, I am rather busy with other real life things that I have been doing for the past 20yrs and really dont have much time, nor interest for games these days.

   Anyways wanted to let you know that A3WarMod was started back in late October but its only an alpha build, nothing special tbh, but I cannot release it til I get permissions from the mod authors for the mods that are in it.

     A3WarMod may be on hold, or it may never happen i really cant say right now, a compilation mod like this takes alot of time and mental energy to build as well as time to research and test. Right now i really have no interest in working on the mod as there are still to many updates and things being released for the community so it may be just a waiting game like the other WarMod versions before i do work on it.

So all i can say is sorry but dont wait for it, it may or may not come.

I'll be around

AI Compilation Lists

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone,

As you all know I am a major compiler for the community, recently (last Sunday) I had created a new

AI Compilation list for Arma3, see the list here:


This list is probably now as of this past sunday about 8 hours of work so far into it, this list compiles every addon, mod, script, and AI threads in the community for Arma3...well almost all of them, some i left out.

Anyways I am planning on doing more compiling like this for other subjects like this in the community.

More Ai related threads on BIS forums from other forums sections will be compiled as well.

 also reccently updated is my Arma2 Ai comilation list seen here:


More to come!

WarMod for Arma3

Posted on March 30, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (3)

Hello WarMod Fans!

Would like to announce a new version of WarMod!

WarMod for Arma3. This WarMod will be known as A3WarMod.

Current status of the mod:

Currently I have been working on the Arma3 version of WarMod on and off since Fall of 2013, Have mostly been testing with a couple of friends of mine during this time on and off my gameserver.

The mod isn't ready for release yet, still need to do the following:

  • test many new features yet
  • little more research on addons & mods that would be appropriate for what WarMod is about
  • need permissions from the authors of the addons and mods
  • build readme's
  • build loading screen
  • design A3WarMod emblem logo to represent the new mod (need help here)

About it for now. I had waited for a while to announce this as at first I wasn't sure I wanted to do another warmod, but with all the feedback and questions I get about having one and the new addons and mods I been playing with many addons and mods I cant play without ;) I decided to do a WarMod for Arma3.

Another thing at the time (last year, and start of the new year) was I was involved in a few other big projects, and personal projects, now that those died down i can put my energies towards what I do best compiling!

All for now i will post more news when i have some about the progress of the mod, i will also post a A3WarMod thread on BIS forums about the mod, any questions, feedback then post there.

WIP A3WarMod thread BIS Forums: LINK


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