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by Dr Eyeball


An AH-64D systems addon, which includes: IHADSS, MFD & TADS system.




      MFD (Multi-function Display)

      TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation System)

      DTV (Daytime TV)

      PNVS (Pilot Night Vision System)


      IHADSS (Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System)

      IHADSS Monocle with HMD

      IHADSS HUD/TADS Symbology and Indicators (pilot and/or CPG)

      IHADSS Warnings System - missiles and collision detection

      Pilot PNVS Tracking Camera (with 4 tracking modes)

      PNVS Laser Target Designator

      PNVS Tracking Cursors

      Radar Displays (both RWD Radar Warning Display and Forward Radar)

      FLIR/NV Config menu

      Flares Countermeasures


MFD shortcut is Left-Alt key.shortcut keys are listed in the MFD under: Controls->Help.the functionality for the pilot and CPG are quite different.



  • FLIR: Unfortunately the HWM FLIR system from Arma 1 was not compatible with Arma 2, so the BIS FLIR technique was used instead. A better system probably won't be attempted due to the upcoming release of OA.
  • Targeting: Arma 2 is still lacking some commands from the wishlist like: lockedTarget, turretLockedOn & turretLockOn; making the development of a better targeting system too difficult.
  • Warnings: Incoming Missile warning only operates while IHADSS is active (either monocle or DTV).
  • Targets: The Radar does not auto refresh targets. You need to refresh by viewing Targets page again.
  • Laser Designator: The CPG does not currently have access to the laser designator, even though he should. Hopefully, this may be fixed in future.


The following screenshots I took of the PDF manual for these features, review the screenshots for further information on how to deploy, and operate the MFD/IHADSS/TADS system for the AH-64D Chopper.

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