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IFWarMod Patch v1.2 released!

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Patch v1.2 is now available!



Patch v1.2


Oct 20, 2014 v1.2


  • added AI enhancement with 11 AI features
  • added AI skills and awareness improvements with 12 AI features
  • added Suppression effects - (Effects AI and Player) with 16 AI features
  • added HUD element indicating the player's current stance
  • added HUD that provides situational awareness of your fire team members
  • added slx_anim_swim: an updated file for SLX that removes the hpp requirement, the feature allows the player to swim longer with less fatigue & faster
  • added SLX_AI_NoAutoEngage: Make AI not suicide engage/attack on their own.
  • added slx_anim_injured: Makes injured animations not have weird warping
  • added SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact: Bullet impact sounds
  • added AI should stay in formations when overwhelmed
  • added All features readme that will list all files in the mod and their descriptions
  • added new installation readme
  • added changelog readme (your reading it)
  • added Patch features readme, this will provide details on whats in the v1.2 patch

More details about the features in the patch can be found in the readme Patch Features (included in the download).

Other stuff

22 screenshots were added to the IFWarMod Album on my dropbox

added a video




thanks to OuedMeliz


IFWarMod Patch v1.1 released!

Posted on August 25, 2014 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)


Hello Iron front & WarMod Fans!

I have recently been working on an update for my IFWarMod which is for the

Iron front Conversion for Arma2CO.

Today i am releasing a new patch that will add the following features to your game:

  • Disabled weapon sway - Disables the weapon sway completely - exhaustion from movement is from a different source.
  • Disabled Infantry weapon dispersion - Reduced the dispersion for infantry weapons to basically zero.
  • Take command of AI infantry squad
  • Option to spawn ladders and gain access to any otherwise inaccessible rooftops or buildings, a fun feature rather then realistic
  • IFWarMod Loading screen

Notes: alot of these features have nothing to do with realism of the game except for maybe two of them, they are more for fun, and added features you may enjoy.  Like all WarMod mods in the series it is a customizable compilation mod, if you dont like a certain feature then simply remove the file in the addons folder.

If your not sure about what file does what, or want to remove a feature but dont know the file then ask me here on the IFWarMod release thread:



IFWarMod Patch v1.1

IFWarMod downloads can be found under addons and mods on the menu.