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A3WarMod Progress Update

Posted on December 22, 2014 at 1:00 AM

Small progress update for the mod.

As you guys may know a couple of my pet peeves for Arma3 are the following which I have successfully changed through the mod:

  • Weapon sway 
  • 3+ shots to kill an enemy

Now there is no sway, i mean none at all, you can stand, crouch, prone, run for a mile with heavy gear, run up hills, and still have perfect aim, the gun is smooth, it stable and its quick, and its fun.

Now this can be tweaked so if an absolute no sway but maybe very slight, or minor feels more realsitic to you then you can do that, as you guys should know like the whole series the mod is customizable.

Im just reporting you here that I have acheived some major success for the two listed features that I have been working on trying to figure out how to do for a long time, i have addons for no sway, but there were still some sway even if it was slight.

Run n Gun Realism

Please understand that like the rest of the mods in the series and as I have said before WarMod is basically a run n gun realism mod, there are a number of features that are realistic, and there are some things that arent realistic but really make the game fun and enjoyable to play with.

This is not to say you will still not get killed, but it as listed above the no sway and the ability to kill an enemy AI with 1-3 shots in my opinion is much funner and partly more realistic (depends on the enemy if they have chest armor) then the default game where you spend half to almost 3/4 of a clip trying to kill a guy, and 1 because of his armor, and 2 because your gun is moving all over the place, which annoys me to f*ck.

So i have solved both issues with A3WarMod. I will record a video demo of the mod soon here to give folks an idea what it looks like.

Keep in mind that A3WarMod is mostly geared towards the infantry aspect of the game, and not so much to flying, although there will be some features there.

All for now.

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