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A3WarMod Progress Update Dec 26th,2014

Posted on December 26, 2014 at 8:50 AM

Hello WarMod fans!

 I had spent my past 2 days off (wed, thurs-xmas) working on the mod, and have accomplished a tremendous amount!

Bug hunting / Mod compatability / Performance

With the amount of testing and research I have done, I am I think wrapping up the research aspect of the mod, and testing has dwindled down to looking at a couple of addons to make sure they are working with everything else.

I been doing alot of play testing, and have cleared up numerous bugs, and made many adjustmets and tweaked all sorts of settings to create a certain result for the mod.

Compilation mod?

As you all know WarMod is a compilation mod, but even though the majority of Ai, gameplay, effects, fixes, and other misc features in the mod are compiled into one, there are some that are weeded out that cause others not to work, or are tweaked to make sure others are working.

So there have been a few addons doing almost the same thing as another mod which I have found a few doing just that, so the direction of the mod isn't a complete compilation of all files into one mod, its more of a compiled customization of what works and what doesn't then of course I have a certain vision for the mod as well.

Custom Compilation

When the mod is released, the main mod will be all my customizations for the mod, tweaks and basically what i put together that works. So this means that certain mods for example like AGM will have only certain files in it, in the main folder, in the customization folder however will be the full mod minus those files that are already in the mod, from there you can swap out files or add files based on your interest in features.

Whats left to be done

Currently as stated above, im doing some final tweaks, and testing to make sure a few addons are working, and the mod is performing where I want it.

Whats left to do:

  • Create a new logo that represents the mod
  • Get permissions (i have 2 so far)
  • Organize the mod files for the customization aspect of the mod
  • Build readmes
  • Research for readmes


I will probably be wrapping up the tweaking and testing this week and at the same time work on other aspects of the mod mostly the getting permissions and research for the readmes for the customization and features aspects.


Im planning on putting together a demo video for some of the features, so I will have something for you guys soon, thanks for your patience!

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