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Armored & Vehicles Mods

The following listing are all the addons and mods that deal with Armored & Vehicles in COWarModI44

  • AddedTankMovementOrderDirectionMarkers
  • KeepCommanderViewOnTarget 
  • DoubledGetInRadius 
  • DoubledSupplyRadius 
  • SLX_CarGunner
  • ImprovedSpeedOnGravelRoads

Shows small icons as part of the tank UI to indicate the movement direction currently been ordered by the commander.

Issuing a target that unit command as commander keeps the commander optics on the target. It no longer turns with the gunner.

Doubles the getIn distance for vehicles.

Doubles the distance to make use of a support vehicle (repair, fuel, ammo).

SLX_CarGunner: Allows a player to take over the AI gunner of a car while driving.
Dependencies: None.

With this addon you are able to drive in 60-70 km/h on the small gravel roads.
Included .pbo files:

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