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 Throwable Satchel

This mod allows a demolition expert (usually engineers and special forces soldiers) to convert a regular satchel into a throwable one and back.

To convert, you must first select it (cycle weapons until the satchel is selected) then use the scroll menu action.

It can then be thrown over a very short range (max 10m) in the way grenades are used.
You can use it to blow stuff up when you can't get there and set it manually, or like a last-resort AT weapon, for example to throw demo on top of a tank that's on the other side of the wall, or from a roof.
Use your imagination, be creative Once you throw it, quickly get away and cover yourself from the blast.
For simplicity, the fuse is very short, preset to burn in 10 seconds and it cannot be adjusted.
The explosive properties are unchanged from a regular satchel.


1. make sure you are an engineer, or special forces unit that has satchels

2. to convert a regular satchel switch weapons til you get satchel

3. convert the satchel by scrolling through your action menu and then hit convert

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  • "Thanks for your contribution to the arma community Gunter. 8) Glad to see some are still playing this most excellent game. "
    by NsurgNt
  • "Having played just a bit to get a feel for the mod, I have to say: AWESOME! Not sure I'll ever be able to play without many of these features again. "
  • "Hi G?nter Downloaded the prior version a couple of days ago - an amazing compilation, a couple of SP missions I'd played more-or-less vanilla (except for GIB_Copy_Stance, JTD..."
    by Carl D