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Changelog for COWarMod

v1.4 February, 2013

  • updated GDT Mod Under-slung Grenade Launcher sights to 1.04
  • updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to 121209 (now support all islands)
  • updated Ai Heli Control to 1.3
  • updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to
  • updated TPWCAS - TPWC AI Suppression System to 4.1
  • updated WarMod_Loading screen with version number
  • updated several readmes, with the folder directories
  • added Choose one or the other but not both! readme
  • added How to enable Features ingame readme
  • added Dapman AI First Aid Support
  • added Blastcore VEP A2
  • added Deadfast's Stance Indicator
  • added gdtmod_leader 1.00
  • added gdtmod_misc 1.04
  • added gdtmod_streetlamp 1.00
  • added HETMAN - Artificial Commander
  • added JTK Weapon Suppressor Script
  • added ScopeFX - Dynamic scopes - including TrackIR support
  • added Smk Animation Pack Lite version
  • added Tactical Flashlight
  • removed tpw_ai_los_104 (out of date)
  • removed tpwc_ai_suppress_304 (out of date)
  • removed 2 folders from userconfig:TPWC_AI_SUP,  TPW_AI_LOS (out of date)

v1.3 October 2012

  • added ShackTac Bunnyhop
  • added AIGunnerToUseAllWeapons_AI_C_PvPscene
  • added Rifle Collision Simulation addon for CQB
  • added Support Call
  • fixed Bd hellfire & made it compatible with GLT realAir weapons-
  • hellfire before using top attack would miss its target
  • fixed slx_mod_man_armor
  • updated TPW_AI_Suppression to Version: 3.04
  • updated TPW_AI_Los_104
  • updated ASR AI to 1.16
  • updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to Version: 120906
  • updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to Version:
  • updated TGW Vehicle Fixes to Version: 1.56
  • updated TGW Zeroing to Version: 1.33
  • updated Non-blinding sun mod to Version: 4
  • updated the Directory Readme
  • updated known bugs readme
  • updated Credits readme
  • updated Mod Links readme
  • updated Permissions readme
  • updated WarMod Disclaimer
  • updated All Features List
  • updated Features by Subjects readmes based on added mods
  • updated AI Enhancement Features located in Customization folder
  • updated Player Character Movement Features located in customization folder
  • updated Customization Folder Directory

v1.2 July, 2012

  • added 23 readmes for Customization, and  Documentation
  • added mod Civilian Interaction Module
  • added mod asr_throwablesatchel-1.2
  • added mod Cannon/Main Gun Vehicle Replacement
  • added mod TroopMon2
  • added mod CHN Arty+
  • added mod TPWC AI suppression system
  • added mod TPW_AI_LOS
  • added mod versions COSLX Lite & Plus
  • added mod TPW Houselights - automatic house light addon - Singleplayer
  • added mod TPW Houselights - automatic house light addon - Multiplayer
  • added mod GAM_ClockfacingReport
  • added mod JED Enhanced Skill Slider
  • added mod Norrin's Compatible Fast Rope
  • added mod Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar)
  • added SLX Lite & Plus
  • added No Weapon dropping version of SLX_Wounds
  • added SLX readme "Whats not in COWarMod"
  • added Known Bugs readme
listed in the readme where the locations of each file
  • reviewed and updated SLX in COWarMod readme
  • added and updated folder "Optional Features"
  • added and updated Problem Files folder
  • added Problem Files folder for SLX based on included Bug List
  • added Optional TWEAKS & MODS Directory readme
  • added PLEASE READ! WarMod Disclaimer readme
  • added new mod readmes to Mod readmes folder
  • added "Features by Subject" folder containing 12 readmes
  • added an "All features List"
  • added PLEASE READ! Player Movement Files readme
  • added Player Movement Files
  • added PvPscene Tweaks to player Movement Folder
  • added SMK Animations to player Movement Folder
  • added SLX to player Movement Folder
  • added Truemods to player Movement Folder
  • relocated DisabledFatigue_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated DisabledWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated DoubledInfantryArmor_by_Rg_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated EnhancedWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated FasterHandGrenadeThrowAnimation_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated FasterStepOverAnimation_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated IncreasedSwimmingSpeed_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedFatigue_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedSwimmingFatigue_by_Rg_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedWeaponWeight_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_movementspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_transitionspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_turningspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_swimfatigue
  • removed Dynamic Shouts - (character and AI would spam yell "grenade")
  • removed Driving AI fix  -(caused erratic Ai behavor in campaigns)
  • removed streamlined radio
  • removed zp5_at_fix -(realisticly real enemy do use AT weapons (RPG) aginsted inf)
  • removed numerical system from the "All Features Readme"
  • updated SLX Lite and SLX Plus
  • updated 38Readmes in general
  • updated Credits readme
  • updated Mod Links readme
  • updated mods in COWarMod readme
  • updated permissions readme with new additions & authors
  • updated several readmes with a alphabetical system
  • updated Anti-tank Launcher vs. Infantry Fix to v .1.03
  • updated RUG_DSAI 11.3.2012
  • updated ASR AI addons v1.15
  • updated AC-130 Simulation v.0.8
  • updated sthud 120103
  • updated TGW_Vehicle_Fixes_v1.551
  • relocated CCP Path for SLX_ace_fixes,SLX_aiskill,SLX_anim_swim
  • relocated CCP Path for S_NVG as it required the hpp to be in a dta folder,
game will use it from the userconfig folder, doing this eliminated the dta folder.

v1.1 September 18th,2011

  • TroopMon2_V0.91
  • ASR AI addons updated to 1.10
  • GLT_Missilebox_complete_v351
  •  asr_weaponreplacements
  • asr_weaponreplacements.pbo.asr.bisign
  • asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers
  • asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers_oa
  • extended_eventhandlers
  • sam_handsignals
  • sam_handsignals.pbo.SAM.bisign
  • radio_streamlined_a2_only
  • radio_streamlined_identify_a2_only
  • tgw_strykerfix
  • tgw_strykerfix.pbo.TGW2.0.bisign
  • notepad file that is titled-->addon
  • DisabledInfantryWeaponDispersion (Gameplay)
  • DisabledInfantryWeaponDispersion_Gameplay_C_PvPscene.pbo.PvPsceneCO.bisign
  • gdtmod_steerable_parachute
  • gdtmod_steerable_parachute.pbo.gdtmod_steerable_parachute.bisign

v1.0 July 5th,2011

  •  Initial Release

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  • "Gunter I've given it a good thrashing and haven't come across any bugs as of yet. This has really made this awesome mod even better. now we just need to get people off DayZ and ..."
  • "Thanks for doing this Gunter, always been a big fan of your warmods."
  • "thx gunter,you just revived one of the best arma mod"
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