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COWarModACE Changelog


v1.3 March 3, 2013
- updated GDT Mod Under-slung Grenade Launcher sights to 1.04
- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to 121209 (now support all islands)
- updated Ai Heli Control to 1.3
- updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to
- updated TPWCAS - TPWC AI Suppression System to 4.5
- updated a few readmes
- added Loading screen
- added REMOVE THESE FILES readme
- added How to enable Features ingame readme
- added Dapman AI First Aid Support
- added Blastcore VEP A2
- added Deadfast's Stance Indicator
- added gdtmod_leader 1.00
- added gdtmod_misc 1.04
- added gdtmod_streetlamp 1.00
- added HETMAN - Artificial Commander
- added JTK Weapon Suppressor Script
- added ShackTac Interact
- added ScopeFX - Dynamic scopes - including TrackIR support
- added Smk Animation Pack Lite version
- added Tactical Flashlight

v1.2 October 2012
- added ShackTac Bunnyhop
- added AIGunnerToUseAllWeapons_AI_C_PvPscene
- added Rifle Collision Simulation addon for CQB
- added Support Call
- fixed Bd hellfire & made it compatible with GLT realAir weapons- hellfire before using top attack would miss its target
- fixed slx_mod_man_armor
- fix included from v 1.1 Patch
- updated TPW_AI_Suppression to Version: 3.04
- updated TPW_AI_Los_104
- updated ASR AI to 1.16
- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to Version: 120906
- updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to Version:
- updated TGW Vehicle Fixes to Version: 1.56
- updated TGW Zeroing to Version: 1.33
- updated Non-blinding sun mod to Version: 4
- updated the Directory Readme
- updated known bugs readme
- updated Credits readme
- updated Mod Links readme
- updated Permissions readme
- updated WarMod Disclaimer
- updated All Features List
- updated Features by Subjects readmes based on added mods

July 2012
- Initial release

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  • "I would like to add that Atari needs to make note of this Mod and contact Gunter. He deserves more recognition then he receives for his hard work. If anybody hasn't tried this m..."
    Helmut Jaeger
  • "I showed this mod to a couple of friends witch started playing arma, all downloaded it and used it with success this far, this is online. Giving their thanks to you Gunter! "
  • ""Amazing how I have been playing Arma 2 for a couple of years and I have not added any mods until recently. A2 War Mod is a great addition to the game." "
    by postman84