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Patch                                                                                 v 1.2 - v 1.4

 Patch v1.4 - (October 2013)

COWarModACE Patch v 1.4.zip


Patch v1.3 - (March 2013)


Patch v1.2

This patch will update your COWarModACE to version 1.2.

Please note

The COWarModACE Patch v 1.1 is included in the v 1.2 patch. nothing for you to apply other then the version 1.2 patch!


4 new mods
3 fixes to existing mods which includes v 1.1 patch
8 new updates to the latest version for existing mods
10 updated readmes


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  • "I would like to add that Atari needs to make note of this Mod and contact Gunter. He deserves more recognition then he receives for his hard work. If anybody hasn't tried this m..."
    Helmut Jaeger
  • "Woah, damn man! This just makes a great mod even better, excellent work. Can already see this pulling me away from Iron Front. "
  • "Congratulations on setting a new standard on the ArmA modding community. You've just made an enormous but much needed task that the community missed for so long G√ľnter."
    COWarMod release