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Patch                                                                                 v 1.2 - v 1.4

 Patch v1.4 - (October 2013)

COWarModACE Patch v 1.4.zip


Patch v1.3 - (March 2013)


Patch v1.2

This patch will update your COWarModACE to version 1.2.

Please note

The COWarModACE Patch v 1.1 is included in the v 1.2 patch. nothing for you to apply other then the version 1.2 patch!


4 new mods
3 fixes to existing mods which includes v 1.1 patch
8 new updates to the latest version for existing mods
10 updated readmes


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  • "Holy collection, batman!! "
    by VanhA-ICON
  • "I like this a lot, it's nice to see SLX back in action! "
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