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The following individuals I give all credit to, the makers

of all the mods listed below, without their great mods this

compilation mod would not be possible!


  • Andy----( binocs, & Ammo Object Replacement)
  • ANZACSAS Steve------ (Environment Mod)
  • Celery, i0n0s and Q ---(EasyFlychoppers & Planes)
  • Deadfast --------(Cartridges)
  • HeinBloed ------(GDT ModTracked & Satchel,Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG, GDT Mod TOW)
  • Helmut Jäeger--- (icons)
  • Inkompetent------(Better Kamov v 1.0)
  • Kju & team-----( Propermods )
  • KKB ------------------(ArmA Artillery Fix (v 1.0)
  • Mazza & team------( ECS )
  • Madmatt ------(madmatts effects)
  • Mark XIII ---(HiFi Novus Aevum / HiFi v2.0/HiFi Sound FX 1.5r2 @ HiFi Warfare)
  • Milkduster-------(Darker Ironsights)
  • Mondkalb-----(cartridge mod)
  • nikita320106-------(Extended Voice Addon)
  • NonWonderDog--( NWD_Ballistics,NWD_RocketBallistics,NWD_ScopeFix v2.2 )
  • Q1184-----(Sharper Recoil)
  • raedor ---- ( Ai sandbag fix)
  • The_Captain------(AI Grenadier Fix)
  • Red------- (Red's Fix)
  • rg--------(Truegamplay mods)
  • s_Hole------(fixed range night vision)
  • Sakura-chan--(Sprint and Animation fixer)
  • sickboy & 6thSense team----(6thSense.eu Pack1,2,3)
  • Solus------------(SLX)
  • Sudden Death----(SDP Vehicles with multiple guns)
  • Spectre-63----- (@S63_GrenadierPack)
  • Udaloy-mod-------(fire while running)
  • VictorFarbau ---(VFAI - AI Extension)
  • Wolfrug ----- (RUG DSAI)
  • zGuba ---------- (Compact fix)


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  • "No Shit...I am really liking this game A LOT! Your WarMod really makes the game. Without it I really don't see how others play the game. I think it sucks without the WarMod. Gun..."
    by Helmut J?eger
  • "this is what I was dreaming for a long time now finally mechanized infantry works as it should!"
  • "I never thought I would enjoy Arma 2 this much... This mod is everything the game should've had from the start: - Amazing UI, I didn't even knew I needed some of the chang..."
    COWarMod v 1.2