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This page is based off of the folder in COWarMod titled Customization.

When you open the customization folder of COWarMod v 1.2 you have the following files:

  • AI Enhancement
  • AI Shouts & Voices mods
  • Optional TWEAKS & MODS
  • Player Movement Files
  • Customization Folder Directory - (readme)

The links and pages on the site here are the features and information based on these files, they are setup in order as they are in the COWarMod folder.

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  • "Great work ! thank you for your hard work ! as always I love your work !! "
    COWarMod v 1.2
  • ""Just wanted to say this was my favourite way of playing ARMA, the only way I played single player. Would be fantastic to see an ARMA 2 version." "
    WarMod release thread
  • "Having scratched the surface with your compilation, I just have to say: Wow! This is like thesis quality and quantity of work man! Good job! "