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This page is based off of the folder in COWarMod titled Customization.

When you open the customization folder of COWarMod v 1.2 you have the following files:

  • AI Enhancement
  • AI Shouts & Voices mods
  • Optional TWEAKS & MODS
  • Player Movement Files
  • Customization Folder Directory - (readme)

The links and pages on the site here are the features and information based on these files, they are setup in order as they are in the COWarMod folder.

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  • "Thank you for your effort in creating this update to SLX. Despite the numerous others, this is one I've kept and I'm grateful to see such an update."
    COSLX release thread
  • "Probably been said already.......but this mod just takes IFA3 to a whole new level. The time, commitment and passion put into this package has just blown me away.....Gunter, ..."
    Evil Organ
  • "Loving using ACE mod with this. The only problem is the enemy AI is kicking my arse!!! "