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A2WarMod ACE Compatible Version


Note: this version of WarMod is for Arma2 only!

The ACE version of this mod is the 

Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

Version: for ARMA2 only!

not for Arma2CO or OA!

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  • "Thank you for your effort in creating this update to SLX. Despite the numerous others, this is one I've kept and I'm grateful to see such an update."
    COSLX release thread
  • "I have been using SLX (original version) for quite a while, fiddling about with the files (taking out testing putting back etc), its marvelous that you have taken the time to re..."
    HR4 Elite
    COSLX release thread
  • "Hello Günter, thx for the hole new stuff in A2WarMod v1.4, i´m playing the hole night and can´t, and won´t stop ! I´m so excited for the CoWarMod Thx a lot for your ..."
    A2WarMod v 1.4