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Download Patches                                              versions 1.3 & 1.4

Download COWarMod Patch

Patch v 1.3 requires full version 1.2 of CoWarMod

Patch v 1.4 requires full version 1.2 and patch v 1.3 applied

Only get the below patches if you have the original COWarMod full v 1.2, if you do

not have v 1.2 then just download COWarMod Full v 1.4


version 1.3

 If you have the original COWarMod v 1.2 then download COWarMod Patch v 1.3 below:

version 1.4
If you have the original COWarMod Full v 1.2 and patch v 1.3 applied
then get COWarMod Full Patch v 1.4 below:

 See the changelog for details on what the patches do


Note: There is a full version 1.4 of COWarMod, if you prefer to get the full version

then you can get it here:


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  • "Gunter, thank you so much for this. Love this compilation. Made / makes my life so much easier and just adds so much. Thank you for taking the time to go through all these mods ..."
    by nubbin77
    A2WarMod v 1.4
  • "This sounds amazing G√ľnter Severloh! I loved SLX back in ArmA 1 days and couldn't play without it! "
    COSLX release thread
  • "I showed this mod to a couple of friends witch started playing arma, all downloaded it and used it with success this far, this is online. Giving their thanks to you Gunter! "