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Download                             v 1.5                       for Arma1



Installing WarMod 

Put the files below into your Main ARMA directory Folder

  • @WarMod
  • Keys
  • Dta
  • userconfig
  • @EEH


Target Line setup:

-nosplash -mod=@EEH;@WarMod


Useing other mods with WARMOD:

Any other mod that you want to use with Warmod put the mod in

your target line after @WarMod like below.

Example:-nosplash [email protected];ACE;@EEH


Members Area


  • "I'm liking the mod so far and using mods that I never knew existed. "
    COWarMod release
  • "The game is amazing with all of these AI mods working together, I've never enjoyed it so much!"
    Angus S
    COWarMod ACE Compatible version
  • "Hello Günter, thx for the hole new stuff in A2WarMod v1.4, i´m playing the hole night and can´t, and won´t stop ! I´m so excited for the CoWarMod Thx a lot for your ..."
    A2WarMod v 1.4