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Download                             v 1.5                       for Arma1



Installing WarMod 

Put the files below into your Main ARMA directory Folder

  • @WarMod
  • Keys
  • Dta
  • userconfig
  • @EEH


Target Line setup:

-nosplash -mod=@EEH;@WarMod


Useing other mods with WARMOD:

Any other mod that you want to use with Warmod put the mod in

your target line after @WarMod like below.

Example:-nosplash [email protected];ACE;@EEH


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  • "I like this a lot, it's nice to see SLX back in action! "
    COSLX release thread
  • "Having played just a bit to get a feel for the mod, I have to say: AWESOME! Not sure I'll ever be able to play without many of these features again. "
  • ""Amazing how I have been playing Arma 2 for a couple of years and I have not added any mods until recently. A2 War Mod is a great addition to the game." "
    by postman84