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Editor & Menus Mods
The following listing of mods are all the Editor & Menus mods in COWarModi44

  • AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
  • 642 faces unlocked
  • KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus 
  • LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission 
  • MBG Creationism
  • SeparatedEditorButtons 
  • SLX_Actions
  • TweakedDebriefing


AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
Adds the follow game types to the MP lobby filter:
AAS: 'Assault And Secure'
AD: 'Attack and Defend'
CH: 'Capture and Hold'
crCTI: 'crCTI
Devastation: 'Devastation
 Domination: 'Capture The Island
 Evolution: 'Evolution'
TDM: 'Team Death Match'

The new types need to be added to the mission to be found.

642 faces unlocked
by Robalo_AS

Here is a small config addon to make all of those 100+ faces in Arma2 available to choose in your player profile,
each with 6 camo variants, giving a total of over 700 faces to choose from. Not tested in MP, but given the fact that the faces are
already in game they should work fine.

Included pbo files:

Makes every ingame menu, like main menu, ESC dialog, editor, etc, to be controlled by the following keys based on their element numbers counted from top left:

Moves the mission selection dialog in the editor to the top center and displays a lot more mission entries at the same time.

* MBG Creationism
by Mondkalb

I've started recreating a building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere. It's a revive of an old project I did years ago.
Basically this system allows you to build structures out of small segments and parts. Similar to LEGO®©™ (and whatnot...)

The complete system is framed as a plug-in, so it can be used in any mission you like. It'll be also featured in a "survival" style mission,
which will hopefully be released along with this addon.

Quick use guide:
1. Open Editor
2. Place player
3. Place the "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
4. Hit "preview"
5. Done!

Quick guide for MP:
Use included Test-Mission or
1. Place players
2. Place "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
3. Place "BIS Functions" Module (F7)
4. Add respawn in Description.ext
5. Put this into a "initJIPCompatible.sqf"
_ok = _this execVM "\MBG_Creationism\scripts\init.sqf";
6. Done!

Included .pbo files:

Separated 'continue' from 'preview' and 'exit' to avoid click the first by mistake.

SLX_Actions: Changes action menu priorities.
Dependencies: None.

Makes the scoreboard in the debriefing view better readable by moving some UI elements away from the center.

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  • "@Gunter Excellent mod! It's been already said, but this is what ARMA should have been out of the box. I have been playing Dynawar with the mod and Dynawar never played bett..."
    by Sailindawg
  • "Thank you for your effort in creating this update to SLX. Despite the numerous others, this is one I've kept and I'm grateful to see such an update."
    COSLX release thread
  • "Woah, damn man! This just makes a great mod even better, excellent work. Can already see this pulling me away from Iron Front. "