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COWarModI44 - Features by Subject

The readmes in the Features readmes (folder) are all the features (addons and Mods) that are currently in COWarMod.

To give the Player/User a better idea of what they are playing with, if they happen to run into a problem, or want to remove a feature, or just want to know more about a certain feature, I have taken the time to break down all the files in the mod by subject.
 Each subject is based on what the features (addons and Mods) do in the game.

In short each readme contained in this folder (Feature Readmes) is
separated by subject, and in Alphabetical order.
Those subjects are as follows:
-Ai Enhancement
-Ai Shouts & Voices
-Armored & Vehicles
-Editor & Menus
-Explosions, Fire & Smoke
-Sky, Land & Textures
-UI, Hud & Gear
Please keep in mind that files belonging to major mods like SLX for example
will be listed in the readme of a subject accordingly.


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