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File reference

File Reference
This page will list all the files in IFA3WarMod and what they do, this will help those with questions about features as well
as those who are looking to customize their version of the mod for their own gameplay style and interests.

ACE3 Files - Information for the Files listed below can be found here:

  • ace_advanced_ballistics 
  • ace_ai
  • ace_apl
  • ace_backpacks
  • ace_ballistics
  • ace_captives
  • ace_common
  • ace_concertina_wire
  • ace_difficulties
  • ace_disarming
  • ace_dragging
  • ace_explosives
  • ace_finger
  • ace_fonts
  • ace_frag
  • ace_gforces
  • ace_goggles
  • ace_hitreactions
  • ace_interact_menu
  • ace_interaction
  • ace_inventory
  • ace_magazinerepack
  • ace_main
  • ace_map
  • ace_maptools
  • ace_markers
  • ace_medical
  • ace_missionmodules
  • ace_modules
  • ace_movement
  • ace_nametags
  • ace_noidle
  • ace_noradio
  • ace_norearm
  • ace_optionsmenu
  • ace_overheating
  • ace_overpressure
  • ace_parachute
  • ace_protection
  • ace_ragdolls
  • ace_recoil
  • ace_reload
  • ace_respawn
  • ace_safemode
  • ace_sandbag
  • ace_sitting
  • ace_switchunits
  • ace_tracers
  • ace_ui
  • ace_viewdistance
  • ace_weaponselect
  • ace_weather
  • ace_winddeflection
  • ace_zeus
  • ada_common_if
  • ada_fireItems_if
  • ada_riflegrenade_if ---------adds rifle grenades to the game with attachment, system for it is not fully functional you can remove this if you wish
  • ada_weaponsfatigue_if------------ This file will give a penalty and max out your fatigue for machineguns that aren't deployed
  • aia_effects_if
  • aia_infantry_if
  • aia_sounds_if
  • aia_vehicles_if
  • aia_weapons_if
  • ascz_arsenal_box
  • ASCZ_Heads ------------ adds about 26 new faces to your game and also unlocks 5 faces the ones in the campaign of the game (Arma3)
  • asr_ai3_main ------------ ASRAI AI Mod  http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080
  • box
  • Damage
  • dbo_old_bike -------- adds old bicycle to game
  • dfs_cartridges ------------ this adds spent shell casings to the game, everytime you shoot shells will be created on the ground
  • GL5_Radio_Chatter -------------adds radio chatter to all vehicles with a radio (mostly cars,trucks)
  • grenades
  • if_weapon1
  • ifa3_ammorepack
  • IFA3_core
  • ifa3_dispersion
  • ifa3_Items
  • ifa3_mines
  • IFA3_newbox-----------------new ammo boxes with new weapons
  • ifa3_recoil--------------------recoil
  • IFA3_soundmod---------------sound mod
  • ifa3_tfar_compatibility
  • ifa3_weapons---------------------new weapons
  • ifa3_weaponsdamage
  • IFA3WARMod_client--------- Loading screen and menu video
  • iszoom_if ------------------autozoom for all rifles, smg's, mg's, and pistols including all DLC weapons, go to iron sites and they zoom automatically
  • L_Immerse -------------CamShake for explosions,Slight "twitching" when someone or something fires nearby,adds a slight CamShake when shooting
  • L_MOUNT---------------adds animations when attaching (mounting) or detaching (dismounting) rifle items such as scopes and silencers
  • L_Suppress--------------player suppression mod
  • LowerSonicCracks-----------Lowers the sonic cracks so that the sounds from the firing guns can be heard, sonic cracks are heard at certain distances
  • mags
  • mines
  • mrg_unit_sfx----------------Sounds when a body hits the ground, when shot,killed, or hurt in some way
  • PPS43--------------------new PPS-43 Russian Submachine gun
  • r71-----------------------new R71 Motorcycle with carrier
  • sakueditor-----------------mission editor expansion
  • sakumapinventory-----------goes with above
  • slx_cloud-------------------Custom cloudlets that can be used for config or drop effects
  • slx_effects------------------Rocket engine and missile smoke effects
  • slx_explosiondust------------Makes explosion dust last longer based on the size of the explosion
  • st_stamina_bar--------------a small bar located at bottom left of the screen, to show status of your fatique
  • sthud-----------------------The ShackTac Fireteam HUD is a Situational awareness enhancement.
  • sthud_usermenu-------------same as above
  • tb_cargo_if
  • tpw_hud
  • tpw_mods------------------http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22592
  • tpw_sounds
  • Tracer---------------------Tracers for infantry weapons, every shot fired is a tracer done for fun and effect -(only k98,G43,Mp44, all Mg's, Mosin, Svt)
  • vz_a3_steadyShot----------allows to tweak the sway and recoil values-- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23820
  • WarFXPE-------------------old version of Blastcore, this adds smoke, dust, and explosion effects
  • zooloo75_FFIS--------------Fire-Fight Improvement System http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22096

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  • "By the way, nice job putting all those mods together with all those read_me files, it saved many people from a lot of headache trying to get mods working without conflicts on I4..."
  • "Absolutely brilliant! I've been using the prior version of SLX for quite some time, so the new additions and tweaks are quite noticeable while playing your updated version Gün..."
  • "The big IF3AWarMod1.7 update is such a great gift for all your WWII fans this week. The unexpected good amount of new content, PzIII, Polk gun, and be able to shoot from the car..."
    IFA3WarMod Patch v1.7