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Sky, Land, & Textures Mods
The following listing of mods are all the Sky, Land, & Textures mods in COWarModi44

  • GDT Mod Grass
  • GDT Mod Plants
  • LandTex
  • SAP clutter
  • StaticsVisibleAtDistance

* GDT Mod Grass
by HeinBloed
This Addon changes the grass on Chernarus and Utes.
This Addon is client side only.
Included files:

* GDT Mod Plants
by HeinBloed
This Addon changes the plants.

      - Downscaled textures.
      - Several of the first LODs removed.
      - More FPS and less GPU memory usage.
      - Grass does not change distance-related.

Some textures and models are greatly reduced, some are slightly reduced, and
 some are not reduced. Every single textures and model was modified separately.
Included files:

* LandTex
by zyco (alias Picolly)
For me, the Arma2 ground textures have a rather ‘pixely’ look which makes them seem a rather unrealistic. Therefore I took the liberty of tweaking them so that they look more organic.
While I was at it I also corrected the coast line.
This is all thanks to the market crisis, because its the reason why I have the Time for a stupid Project like this.


      1. It makes the Landscape textures more organic
      2. Coast lines have now more sandy beaches
      3. It sets the correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
Included pbo files:

* SAP clutter
by Sgt.Ace

This addon reduces the size of the clutter on Chernarus for a better view and a very small performance boost.

Included pbo files:

Makes static objects, like houses and structures, visible way beyond the standard drawing distance limit. In addition they no longer pop into view. Instead they have a very nice seamless transition.

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