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TroopMon 2 is a GUI console for Arma2 that is designed to help mission makers to precisely monitor the combat behaviour of the placed units in their missions.

Lost, inactive or ineffective combatants are easily identified to raise the quality of a mission and achieve mission objectives with a minimal troopcount. Missions with uncertainty about the location of the involved units are a thing of the past.

For detailed information on how to use TroopMon2, then download the manual:

Download the Manual:

 TroopMon 2 Manual


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  • "Thanks so much for putting in the time to bring this out so quick Gunter. DL'ing now "
  • "Recently picked up Iron Front, this mod is absolutely fantastic, incredible effort Gunter and all others involved!"
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for your great compilation. A2Warmod was the first mod I used and i really love playing with it. "
    by Melmarkian