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The Tutorials on these pages will show you how to do varies things in and out of the game.

These tutorials were created on 

BIS forums


The following list are tutorials I have created, this is just information/my knowledge and help to others passed along.

These tutorials have nothing to do with WarMod.

use them to your own benefit.



Click on the title of the tutorial to go to that page.



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  • "Loving using ACE mod with this. The only problem is the enemy AI is kicking my arse!!! "
  • "Gunter, thank you so much for this. Love this compilation. Made / makes my life so much easier and just adds so much. Thank you for taking the time to go through all these mods ..."
    by nubbin77
    A2WarMod v 1.4
  • "The game is amazing with all of these AI mods working together, I've never enjoyed it so much!"
    Angus S
    COWarMod ACE Compatible version