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      The original mod that started the WarMod series!                                
-=/// WARMOD \\\=-

Version:  v 1.5   2012

WARMOD is for Armed Assault - Arma1 not Arma2

 WarMod is a compilation mod with many months of research, and testing of various addons and mods that fixes,enhances, and alters many effects and gameplay of ArmA.

Features of WarMod

  • UI (user interface) change, the gamy indicators have been removed
  • Realistic Audio-visual awareness inside vehicles, and Armor 
  • Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!)
  • Weapon dexterity and dispersion has been eliminated
  • Realistic bullet, rocket ballistics, & rates of fire for small arms.
  • Tank Ammo definitions and correct ballistics for shells 
  • Realistic Tank Loadouts, and Laser engagement systems
  • Blown turret FX for tanks
  • HiFi Novus Aevum / HiFi v2.0 Realistic Sound Conversion mod
  • Major AI Overhaul (WarMod has just about every addon & mod for AI)
  • AI Spotting, engagement distances, hearing, and radar upgraded
  • Dynamic sound & Extended voices - AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading, throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! and say things based on the situation.
  • Fully working twin guns for AH6 chopper,BIS Camel and ZSU Shilka
  • Ability to Attach a Satchel to Vehicles, & Armor
  •  Realistic Kamov (Ka50)
  • Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
  • Chopper and Fighter Plane easier to fly
  • New explosions for grenades, bombs, missiles, and general effects
  • Over 150 Fixes for many aspects of the game
  • Arma Vegetation replaced so the AI view is blocked by trees and bushes
  • Character movement, weapon animation, transition fixes are spedup for smoother character control
  • Spent Shell Casings -(see bullet, grenadier shells,50 cal, and other shells
  • Various blood effects such as 1st aid pack, blackouts, bleeding, ect..
  • Upgraded grenadier -(enables all grenadier Bluefor units to have a realistic loadouts)


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  • " Seriously, ARMA evolution with WarMod is the most fun I have had with a video game in years! In a word...Epic. "
    Sigurd Nacht
  • "The big IF3AWarMod1.7 update is such a great gift for all your WWII fans this week. The unexpected good amount of new content, PzIII, Polk gun, and be able to shoot from the car..."
    IFA3WarMod Patch v1.7
  • "This sounds amazing G√ľnter Severloh! I loved SLX back in ArmA 1 days and couldn't play without it! "
    COSLX release thread