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A2WarMod Information       -       WarMod for Arma2
Günter Severloh


A2WarMod is a Compilation Mod of 126+ addons & mods that aims to Add, fix, enhance, alter many Effects, and gameplay aspects of Arma2. This is the Full version which includes patches v 1.2, and Patch v 1.3 with all fixes applied from previous versions.


  • UI (user interface) change, the gamy indicators have been removed
  • Realistic Audio-visual awareness inside vehicles, and Armor
  • Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!)
  • Realistic bullet, rocket ballistics, & rates of fire for small arms.
  • fix for the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.
  • AI Upgrade
  • Dynamic Sound Echo System
  • AH-64D systems, which includes: IHADSS, MFD & TADS system
  • AI Spotting, engagement distances, hearing, and radar upgraded
  • Dynamic sound & Extended voices - AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading, throwing a grenade,
    engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! and say things based on the situation.
  • Ability to Attach a Satchel to Vehicles, & Armor
  • Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
  • Fighter Planes easier to fly
  • zoom for all weapons without telescopic sight, includes mounted/static mgs
  • New explosions for grenades, bombs, missiles, and general effects
  • Upgraded grenadier -(enables all grenadier Bluefor units to have a realistic loadouts)
  • functional sights for Under-slung Grenade Launcher
  • Modified grenades and grenade-launchers to increase carrying capacity.
  • Added options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders
  • Non-blinding sun
  • Landscape textures more organic, coast lines have now more sandy beaches,
    correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
  • Fire and smoke upgraded
  • Increased dust effects for all bullet hitimpacts, sparks and embers, ammo sparks explosion,
    Increased dust on bombs and artillery impacts
  • Fireteam HUD that Provide situational awareness on where your fireteam members are and what their orientation is.
  • HDR reducing effects by adjusting the aperture
  • user able to set the AI dispersion for all mounted MG's in the game, both static and on vehicles.
  • tracers and tracer pattern modification for all weapons that use 556x45, 545x39, 762x51,
    and 762x54 rounds.
  • AI able to use grenade launchers like the M203 and GP-25. (Fix & updated)
  • AI units able to equip themselves with weapons and ammo (new version)
  • 100+ faces in Arma2 available to choose in your player profile, each with 6 camo variants,
    giving a total of over 700 faces to choose from
  • AI_Range increased the AI effectiveness to its maximum capability,
    with its only decreases in the AI's super accuracy in game, to give a more instinctive and enjoyable firefight.
  • clutter on Chernarus for a better view and a very small performance boost.
  • Weapon collision with the environment is significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through
    doorways and generally find CQB to be more enjoyable
  • More realistic combat behavior from mechanized infantry squads
  • Building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere
  • Simulation of AC-130 air support can be called or played to rain hell from the skies
  • Soldiers will shout they are wounded, killed, kill the enemy or simply saw a grenade at his feet.
    adds a bit of realness to your combat missions. Now you can hear what's going on with your AI squad mates
  • and many more!


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