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About WarMod

What is WarMod?

A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod that:

Fix aspects of the vanilla game and
adds many gameplay run n gun, and realism features like the following:
  • Blood, bleeding, dismemberment
  • Explosions, smoke, fire, misc effects,
  • Tracers
  • Ballistics
  • AI enhancement
  • Animations
  • Movement
  • Hud aspects, and many more!

What Games was WarMod built for?

  • ArmA1
  • Arma2
  • Arma2CO
  • Arma2OA (IFA2 Conversion) Iron Front: Liberation 1944 - (IFA2) - (Iron Front in Arma2CO)
  • Arma3 - Iron Front Mod (IFA3 Lite)

How many WarMods are there in the series?

When were they released?

  • WarMod for Arma1 was released 11-24-2009
  • A2WarMod for Arma2 was released  10-06-2010
  • A2WarModACE for Arma2 was released 3-2-2011 
  • COWarMod for Arma2CO, was released 7-5-2011
  • -for Arma2CO
  • COWarModACE for Arma2CO,  was released 7-26-2012
  • - for Arma2CO IFA2
  • - for Arma3 IFA3
  • - for Arma3 IFA3

How long did it take you to build each WarMod?

  • WarMod (Arma1 version) - 4+months
  • A2WarMod (Arma2 version) -  3 months
  • COWarMod (Arma2:CO version) - 6 months
  • COWarModACE - 2 months
  • COWarModI44 - 1 month
  • COSLX - 1 month
  • IFWarMod - 1 month
  • IFA3WarMod - 2 months & (on and off since Dec 2014)
  • IFA3WarModSA - 1 week &  (on and off since 2015)

When did the WarMod Series officially start?

The WarMod Project officially started in the last weeks of September of 2009.

How did WarMod start?
WarMod started out as an idea when i began browsing Armaholic download section back in August 2009 to change a few aspects of my game, fix various game play issues I simply was getting tired of.

Along the route i came upon mods i had never seen before even though I had played Arma (first Arma) since it came out, it was like a new world of opportunity opened up to totally customize the game to how i wanted to play.

Why was WarMod created?

I really created the mod because when i was researching and seeing all these great mods, i thought to myself with all these awesome addons and mods why not combine them all into one mod and have the best of all the features these mods have to offer!

Why did you name the Mod WarMod?

I came up with WarMod as its a generalization of war and not specific to a branch, or force.

WarMod is basically a mod of war it has many features that covers alot of areas of the game specific to game play through addition of addons and mods from the Arma Modding community.

Why do you use the term "Run-n Gun Realism mod" when describing what WarMod is?

The Run n gun aspect of the mod is the gamey type mods in the mod that add features like autozoom for your iron sights, or less sway, recoil, ect,.

The realism aspects of the mod would be of course mods that add some realistic components such as more smoke, mounting attachments to your assault rifle and going through an animation while you do it.   Those little features add up to a larger package where a large aspect of your whole game is changed.

So Whats the difference between WarMod and a list of mods where you can pick and choose what mod you want?

 The difference between a page that has a list of mods and addons that you can compile together or add to your game, is that i did that already, i did all the work for you, i did the research, the downloading, the troubleshooting, the compatibility testing, and i got all the permissions to release the mod publicly.

Sounds easy enough to just add a ton of mods into a folder and name it, anybody could do this, what makes WarMod so special?

Actually it isn't that easy, here are the things that had to be done:

  • Research! I had to go through every page of every addon/mod even scripts to find things that  addons (pbos) that would add features to the game, fix the game in various areas,upgrade the AI, ect,.
  • Download and Organize! - Download all the addons/mods, scripts ect, to a place on my computer, then go through each addon mod file as they are all zipped and create a mod format which for example is a folder with another folder inside with an addons folder inside of that. the move any keys, user configs, and other related files to that folder.
  • Testing! - Testing is the largest part of the mod, you would need to test each addon, mod by itself to see what it does and really to see if it works, then as you build your compilation you would have to test the mod again to see if it works with the other mods, as well as further test the mod as a whole when the whole compilation is put together (all addons and mods installed).
  • Permissions! - Permissions from each addon/Mod Author of those mods are required basically write up a note that asks if you can have permission for their mod as well as for what, and if you will give them credits. Then you need to find all authors, either on BIS forums, or via e-mail, this alone takes about 1-3 weeks to accomplish!
  • Bug Testing! - Once you have everything where you want then you will need to play the mod in various scenarios, or even in specific tests to make sure that each mod in the compilation is working, and the real trouble begins when a feature of a mod or a mod does not work, then you have to figure out what possibly might make it not work, so testing and more testing, basically a process of elimination just to get the mod to work.
  • Readmes! - You will definitely need some readmes to explain how to install, what features there are, a readme for credits (dont forget that you were granted permissions!), also you'll want to have a readme for the file names (pbos, bisigns, and keys) as if some players of your mod want to take something out they will know which files are for what.
  • Release Page! - you will need to release the mod so having a page that lists features, and what you can do is important, as it sells the mod, as well as putting together a video like demonstration of the mod in action.
  • Uploading! - You will need to upload it, if the mod is huge then you will need to organize the mod in parts as no one wants to sit there for a day and download one huge file, so you need to think from the players perspective.

As you can see theres alot of work involved in building such a compilation mod, and to answer the questions what makes WarMod so special?

I already did all the work for you!

Is WarMod Customizable?

Yes! WarMod is very customizable, if you want to add things you can, if you want to remove things you can, the mod is not set in stone where what you download thats it no changing anything.

What makes WarMod Customizable? 

You can remove existing mods that have features you don't care for in your game, and as well as add features to the mod folder that can add features.

There are also several components in the mod in terms of features like userconfigs, where you can adjust certain settings to get a desired effect ingame, be it AI enhancement adjustments, or effects like fire and smoke, ect,.

Will WarMod work with other major Mods?

WarMod effects every mod based on the mod, mods that dont have sounds or configs for their weapons and such will see the full effect of warmod, others like Unsung mod  will see some warmod influence but not very much.

WarMod will work with AceMod but there are quite a few things that will not work in WarMod as in ACEMod has some of the same features, so considering ACE is a largely played mod for its realism, i had made an ACE Compatible version of WarMod for the Arma2 and Arma2CO versions.

If you play WarMod with just new units or vehicle or air addons, or even just arma vanilla units then your most likely to see most if not all of WarMod's influence in your game.

Does WarMod need to be on the server I want to join to see the effects or influence of the mod's features ingame?

No. WarMod does not need to be on the server to see the influence, features, and or effects of the mod ingame. 

You can join any server and still see the influence of WarMod even though that server you are joining does not have the mod. You could be the only player on the server running Warmod and the other players would not see or experience what you are.

 The only time a mod needs to be on a server is if has units and class names for a mission.

If I install WarMod on my server will a player joining my server who doesn't have WarMod see the effects or influence of the mod's features ingame?

No, they would need the mod too, its best to have both server and client run the mod if you plan to have the mod on the server.

The only time a player joining your server to play a mission you are hosting that would require the player joining to have WarMod is when a mission you had built or is hosted on your server was built using WarMod components, or features.

By building a mission with WarMod and using features in the mission from WarMod you will create an addon dependency, thereby requiring a player who wishes to play that mission to have WarMod themselves.

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