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AI Enhancement

AI Enhancement Mods in COWarMod
The following listing are located in the customization folder
under AI Enhancement.

1    AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
2    ai heli control
3    AIPistolUseFix
4    All Round Defence
5    ASR AI
6    Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills
7    JED_ESS
8    Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
9    SLX_AI:
10    tpwc_ai_suppress_101
11    Zeus AI
12    zgb_choppers
13    zgb_gunners
14    zgb_stick2gether
1    AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
This addon allows the user to set the AI dispersion for all mounted MG's in the game, both static and on vehicles.
The addon will not affect the dispersion for any MG being fired by a Human controlled unit. It only affects AI, both enemy and freindly.
It comes with an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder, which is where the dispersion adjustments are made (instructions are located in this file).
The variable being modified is aiDispersionCoef, which allows the user to set AI dispersion for a weapon without affecting overall weapon dispersion.
The aiDispersionCoef is a multiplier of the weapons dispersion value. See formula and example below:

***Formula - dispersion * aiDispersionCoef = Total AI Dispersion...Example for M134 - .0017(disp) * 15.0(coef) = .0255(total AI Dispersion)
2    ai heli control

Allows control of AI controlled helicopters

Ability to create a LZ for the heli
Commands to Land, with Engine on and off
Control Flight Altitude

if MP Compatible Fastrope Addon is present -

Ability to have the AI pilot fastrope infantry out of helicopter
3    AIPistolUseFix
Makes the AI use the Glock and the Revolver at the correct distance.
4    All Round Defence ard.pbo
All Round Defence (ARD) is a formation typically used by the British Army (and other fighting forces)
 after a firefight to 're-org' the squad, making sure everyone has ammunition and tending any wounds.
 As per it's name, it can also be used defensively, providing 360 degree coverage
5    ASR AI
Component: sys_airearming
Description: AI units equip with weapons and ammo on their own.

- Take what's needed from about anywhere possible: crates, vehicles, stuff dropped on the ground, dead soldiers and their backpacks.
- Also rearming from their own backpack or from another (alive) AI's pack in the group.
- Equip with primary weapons, launchers and sidearms, ammo, frag grenades, smoke grenades, binoculars, NVGs.
- Take rocket launchers if not carrying a rucksack (OA or ACE) or the primary weapon is a sniper rifle, machinegun or automatic rifle.
- Grab a little extra ammo when using specialist weapons (sniper, MG, AR) since they won't take a launcher.
- Will only take items when there's space for them in the inventory unless the items are important (launcher ammo or medic kits).
- Will try and grab all useful items found in a place on a single run.
- Do not rearm if any of these conditions is met: option globally disabled / unit is: busy doing something / in a vehicle / captive / hiding / in combat / unconscious
- Units rearm even while in combat if they have no weapons to fight with (unless they're commanded to stay put).
- Configurable options can also be set at the beginning or during the mission by changing the global variables (turn rearming on/off or allow civilians to rearm etc.)
- Some options can also be set in game using the comms menu (0-8).

ACE mod features (auto-enabled when ACE mod is active)
- Also grab extra frags and smokeshells found in ACE.
- Rearming from own ACE backpacks or other AI's packs in the group.
If the ACE Wounding module is active:
- Take bandages. Medics will also take epi, morphine and medkits.
- Rearm from unconscious units.

This addon can be installed on clients, servers or both. It will configure only the AI local to the machine where it is installed.

Component: sys_aiskill
Description: AI skills and awareness improvements

- Gives every AI unit randomized skill levels for aiming accuracy, aiming shake, aiming speed, spotting distance,
spotting speed, courage, but within certain ranges, based on unit's type.
The goal was to make the AI better, more diverse and distinct. Some units will be better skilled than others.
For example, a team leader will usually be better than a regular grunt, a SF unit will have the highest skills, while
an armed villager will present the lowest threat.
Users can configure the other skills and set their own levels by editing a userconfig file.
All Arma2, OA, BAF, PMC and ACE units are fully supported by this addon but most 3rd party mods should be too, with
exceptions, like when a regular or insurgent type unit is created based on a SF unit etc.
Third party verified mods: ACE, CWR2, Duala and Lingor units (partially), McNools's Tier1 ops.

- AI radio net (only for servers and single-player).
When a group learns enough about an enemy, it will broadcast information about that enemy over radio to all friendly
groups within a configured range. The info is sent with a delay, so to prevent breaking breaking stealth, quick takedowns
are required. Sending and receiving groups must have radios. No waypoints are set, no orders given, just information sent,
default game AI decides what to do with it.

- When crewmen or pilots have to bail out of their vehicle because it was damaged, they won't be as willing to charge
the enemy as before. They might flee or run for cover instead, until they get into another vehicle when they gain some
courage back.

- AI spotting distance automatically reduced at night (and restored at day). Default is half distance at night, can be changed
in userconfig.

- AI hears gunshots. Default distance is half the range defined for shooter's weapon sound range.
Coefficient can be set in userconfig.

- Dynamic view distance adjustment on dedicated servers. Based on the initial VD setting, servers will continually readjust VD
depending on fog and darkness. Can be turned off in userconfig.

- AI use smoke grenades for concealment when wounded.

- AI detects and engages targets at greater distances, selecting apropriate weapon and fire mode according to their weapon's
performance and distance to target. They shoot more like human players do.

- AI can use grenade launchers like the M203 and GP-25. Without this, they almost always shoot them a few meters too far.

This addon can be installed on clients, servers or both. It will configure only the AI local to the machine where it is installed.
6    Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills
This mod allows the user to adjust several specific AI variables that effect the stealth movement
 and recognition skills of the game.  It comes with a file an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder,
which is where the adjustments are made (instructions are located in the file).

Attributes that can be adjusted:

    - Audible - How load a unit is when moving
    - Camouflage - How easy a unit is to see
    - Sensitivity - How well and how far the given unit senses other units
    - SensitivityEar - How well can the given unit hear others units

- Units defined:

    - All vanilla factions/units - Then broken down into 3 categories each (if required)
    - Categories include:
        - Basic Infantry units
        - Snipers, spotters, marksmen, scouts and units with silenced weapons
        - Launchers including AT, AA and RPG units
Included .pbo files:

7    JED_ESS -(Enhanced Skills Slider)
The Enhanced Skills Slider will allow you to change the skills of a whole side, a whole group or a single unit on the fly.
 It works in Single Player, Multiplayer (LAN) and Multiplayer (Dedicated).

The Enhanced Skills Slider is a Client and Server Side Addon and will only be available to the server
admin when playing multiplayer. It is accessed via the Action menu.

View skill values currently set for individual units
Change individual skill values on the fly for Sides, Groups and single units
Increase or decrease skills based on a percentage value
Apply random skills to units based on a supplied range
Apply a spread to Random Ranges so that each unit is slightly different
Client and Server Side Addon
Restricted to Server Admin in Multiplayer
V2 Key Signature included
Optional confid for CfgAISkills included see below)
Full (ish!) documentation included in the download
NEW - Any new units created by the clients or the server now inherit changes made with ESS - as long as these changes are made to All Units.
NEW - ESS now has a map and briefly shows the location of units and group leaders selected.
NEW - the details section now shows which elements will be inherited.

8    Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
This is the addon version of the Mechanized Infantry Tactics script and will cause the
 AI to use this standard behaviour.

Explanation of the script and its standard behaviour:
This is a script which makes infantry fighting vehicles and their infantry squad cooperate better.
It does so in a simple way, when the vehicle discovers an enemy and the enemy is
within preset engagement range then:
1. The vehicle stops.
2. The infantry squad dismounts and get locked out of their vehicle.
3. The infantry goes in to combat mode and moves to the enemy position.
4. The vehicle follows the infantry and support its attack.
5. After the engagement the infantry mounts up.

Also their exist a radio command that will lock up all the infantry in to their ifvs cargo.
Their also exist one to unlock. They will only be locked in to their cargo untill the group reaches next waypoint.
If you want it to activate for ceratin waypoints it can be made, instructions in "3. Add and disable options.".

Standard behaviour is that the script will detect all ifv on the map with infantry in their group on mission start.
Bind these infantry to the ifv and activate the script for these.
Radio command exist that will lock the cargo of the vehicles until the group reaches their next waypoint.

I am/was a trained mech infantry soldier, so when i saw the standard behavior of the ai during assault, with its constant dismount and mount up with no logic
 and that the ifv wondered off i decided to code my own ai script to solve this. So i started this summer and got a basic version up fast, but now i got a good
 version up which is highly customizable. The original thread is in the mission section here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=105064 .

- Provides more realistic combat behavior from mechanized infantry squads.
- Default behavior is that the script identifies every ifv with a squad on the start of the mission, in cargo or dismounted, and connects these to each other via
 code (2 arrays with same index) and activates the script for these units.
- Can be changed via init file value so it discovers new vehicle with infantry continually during game run.
- Can easily be modified so it only activates the script for the vehicles you pass to the script, just disable the automatic discovery code and pass an array
 with vehicle objects in the init file, instructions are on the top of the script file in comments and in the init file.
- In init their is a variable to make the ifv halt and stand still during combat.
- Easy to customize the behavior during different parts of the combat.
- Script only tested with IFV and APC.
- Tested with vanilla Arma2. But i have AO also.
- Added so you can lock the infantry in to the cargo with radio command or by global value.

Included .pbo files:

9    SLX_AI:
SLX_AI: Replaces A2 danger.fsm to improve AI reactions.
Dependencies: SLX_FindCover

SLX_AI_Diff_Armor_Balance: Make people armor not be affected by difficulty setting.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AI_Difficulties: Make skill settings reset to 1 no matter what the precision is.
Removed do to Zeus AI does close the same thing but better, as well as ASR rearming/Skill

SLX_AI_Dodge: Resource for SLX_AI and SLX_ShotEffects. Makes AIs do evasive moves towards cover.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AI_Identify: Lets AI identify obvious object types better (Something in the air is probably an aircraft, etc.), changes AI hearing ranges for vehicles (can't hear someone
sneaking up when inside a tank), changes default threat levels, helps AI spend less time firing on a target they can't hit, makes AI keep low in combat, shoot more than stay in
 formation, faster aiming in CQB, calling things by more proper names, special operations people are sneakier/harder to hear, AIs reach waypoints better in vehicles, changes
 the default spotability and audibility of vehicle types, makes AIs not attempt to shoot at plane pilots if they can't attack the plane.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AI_NoAutoEngage: Make AI people not suicide engage/attack on their own. Intended for use with GL3 to make AIs attack only when they should,
 when they have the advantage so they don't suicide engage. Vehicles still attack on their own.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AI_SpawnSkill: Sets the skill of AIs that are spawned using createUnit command depending on their loadout, such as in warfare mode.
 It appears to be an A2 bug that AIs are now created with full skill instead of .5 skill.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AI_Steering: Makes AI drive/pilot cars/helicopters/planes better with much less crashing.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_AISkill: Changes AI skills for more variable accuracy and faster more aware AI.
Removed do to Zeus AI does close the same thing but better

SLX_Alpha_Teams: Makes the color coded team names in english be called by the phonetic alphabet. (red is alpha, green is bravo,
blue is charlie, yellow is delta, white is echo)
Dependencies: None.

SLX_FindCover: AI utility functions for finding cover and making AI's make a course diversion then continue on to their original destination.
Dependencies: None

SLX_Wounds: Based on real life footage and statistics (W. E. Fairbairn, FBI, police, thehighroad.org, etc).
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout, SLX_VehicleEffects (optional).

Location based wound effects on people when they are hit.
Arms - Small chance of an accidental discharge of their primary weapon. Small chance of dropping primary and/or secondary weapon when arms are very damaged.
Legs - Good chance of falling down prone if legs are very damaged. No effect when already prone.
Torso - Good chance of getting knocked down and out of breath for a second if damage is over 50%. If the torso is over 80% damaged and overall health is less than 60% then the person is critically wounded.
Head - 30% chance of temporary deafness and a 40% chance of temporary deafness, disorientation, and falling down if head is less than 50% damaged, most likely caused by grenade blasts. 90% chance of temporary deafness and falling if head is over 50% damaged.

If the person is hit in the head, body, or legs and overall health is less than the "SLX_Wounded" value then they are critically wounded.

Critically wounded :
The person drops their primary weapon and lays on the ground writhing and screaming until either they are healed or die. They are unable to shoot any weapons, but can still throw hand grenades, so watch out. Killing wounded people that pose no threat at the moment(haven't thrown a hand grenade) will deduct 450 rating points. So if you have 0 rating points and killing a soldier gets +200 rating points and you kill a wounded soldier you end up with -250 rating points.

Dragging wounded/dead:
Wounded or dead people can be dragged to a safer location for giving first aid, corpse recovery, or item scavenging. Be careful of moving heavily wounded people though,
 moving them might kill them. Objects can also be dragged.

Giving first aid to wounded:
Giving first aid is based on the skill of the person giving first aid. If first aid is unsuccessful in stabilizing the wounded person's condition then you will have to
 wait for a while before trying again. Giving first aid gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person first aid is being given to.

Taking captives:
If a wounded enemy is healed they will surrender. They can be taken captive and you can tell them to stay or follow you. If the captive is too far from you they will try to escape and continue fighting. Taking captives gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person being taken captive. Killing captives suffers the same rating deduction as for killing wounded. For a zero skilled soldier you should get 200 points for giving them first aid and taking them captive, the same as if you had killed them, but if you kill them after giving first aid and taking them captive you still end up losing 50 rating points.

Moving people/objects in vehicles:
People/objects can be moved into vehicles by getting into the vehicle while dragging or by using the Drag or Follow action when in a vehicle to load more than one object. Make sure the action is in your action menu when entering the vehicle or you won't be able to use it. There must be free cargo space in the vehicle for the person to enter. Try moving the person to the other side of the vehicle from where you enter, then look at the person and the action should show up. An action is added to the vehicle to unload wounded and dead people.

Dropped weapons:
Dropped weapons can be destroyed by using the action menu close to them or by damaging(by shooting, etc) them to 50%. They can only be picked up by the action menu.
They are affected by physics and can get thrown into the air from explosions.

AI's helping wounded/dead:
AI's will automatically try and help wounded or dead people. They will attempt to drag them into a safer position before giving first aid or scavenging weapons.
 AI's immediately go into alert mode when someone is wounded or killed.

AI's taking secondary weapons and machine guns:
If someone with a secondary weapon or a machine gun dies then another AI from their squad will
 attempt to come and pick up the weapon.

If a person is killed with a high explosive and their velocity is high enough then they will be torn apart.
Can be disabled by setting number of gibs to zero.

10    tpwc_ai_suppress_101
One of the things sorely missing from Arma2 is reaction to passing bullets. An AI unit will often stand quite happily whilst bullets whiz by.
This makes effective suppression of AI enemies difficult - you basically always have to aim to kill them since you can't make them keep their heads down by shooting nearby.

This addon aims to address this problem by making AI units react to passing projectiles. If a bullet snaps by within 10m of an AI unit, it will
crouch/kneel (depending on movement), and if more than 5 bullets pass by a unit in 5 seconds, the unit will drop/crawl. After 10 seconds without bullets,
the unit will return to its previous stance.

Additionally, suppressive fire can alter the aiming shake, accuracy and courage of the suppressed unit. The more fire directed near a unit, the
 lower its skills will become. After 5 or so seconds without bullets, the skills will gradually return to normal.

Currently there is no "suppressed" eventhandler in the game engine, so TPWCAS aims to mimic one by using CBA to set up a per frame eventhandler,
 which checks whether there is currently an active bullet/shell projectile object, and if so then checks whether each unit has any bullets within a 10m radius.
This allows TPWCAS to work for any opfor, blufor, independent or civilian on the map, whether editor-placed or spawned, without a crippling CPU overhead.

TPWCAS significantly changes gameplay, allowing for longer engagements and more thought required to survive them.

Script version:
Save tpwc_ai_suppress.sqf into your mission directory (or wherever you'd like really).
Call it with:

null = [] execvm "tpwc_ai_suppress.sqf"

in your init.sqf or in the init of any object on the map. You only need to call it the once.

Addon version:
As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
 For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Copy the configuration file to: your_arma_directory\userconfig\tpwc_ai_sup\tpwc_ai _sup.hpp (addon won't run without it).

Modes of Operation:
You may elect to run TPWCAS in one of three modes depending on how much you'd prefer suppression to modify unit behaviour.
 The default is mode 3, allowing stance and skill modification under fire.

Mode 1: Basic (stance modifier):

    Units react to bullets passing within 10m
    Affects all units, in vehicles or not
    Units react identically to any kind of bullet fired from more than 25m away
    Units react to identically bullets from any side
    1-5 bullets -->kneel/crouch
    >5 bullets --> drop/crawl
    Units regain previous stance after 10 seconds without nearby bullets

Mode 2: Light (stance modifier):

    Units react to bullets passing within 10m
    Only units not in vehicles are affected
    Bullets fired from less than 25m away are ignored
    Bullets from small calibre pistols and SMG are ignored
    Units react differently according to the side of the shooter
    1-5 bullets --> kneel/crouch
    >5 bullets --> drop/crawl only if enemy shooter fired bullets
    Units regain previous stance after 10 seconds without nearby bullets

Mode 3: Full (stance and skill modifier):

    Units react to bullets passing within 10m
    Only units not in vehicles are affected
    Bullets fired from less than 25m away are ignored
    Bullets from small calibre pistols and SMG are ignored
    Units react differently according to the side of the shooter
    Friendly shooter: >0 bullets --> kneel/crouch
    Enemy shooter: 1-5 bullets --> kneel/crouch, >5 bullets -->drop/crawl
    Friendly shooter: no skill reduction
    Enemy shooter: skills reduced according to number of bullets
    Units regain previous stance after 10 seconds without nearby bullets
    Units gradually regain skills after 5 or so seconds without bullets

TPWCAS is highly configurable. The script version has a number of well commented variables to change aspects of the system.
The addon version allows the same variables to be changed in the tpwc_ai_sup.hpp config file.

Included .pbo files:

11    Zeus AI
This mod improves the ability of AI soldiers in a number of key areas:

- Improves AI's ability to spot and engage enemy, extending engagement ranges
out to 500m and beyond
- Changes the speed at which an AI can get a bead on a target
- The AI now reacts to effective enemy fire, before taking casualties
- Accuracy is changed to ensure sustained firefights take place, allowing
movement under contact with good use of cover. Ammunition dispersion and
weapon accuracy are not changed
- AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!
- AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make
stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen
- Vehicle gunners now react to enemy fire
- Building on the native game feature, AI characters have varying ability to
spot enemy according to role. This is to represent equipment and training
variation, e.g. Observers, Snipers and Officers with Binoculars have greater
ability to detect enemy
- Sniper teams that make effective use of tactics, cover & concealment can now
carry out their mission, especially at extended engagement ranges
- Careful movement and correct use of formation is now an important factor in
improving a soldiers survivability, as are planned ingress and egress routes
- AI react more aggressively under contact and don't give up as easily
- Injuries occur more frequently in firefights. Good drills and wise medics are
now an essential part of the game

It is fully tested in single and multiplayer and causes no known issues.
For coop multiplayer, it is recommended to be installed both on the server and
If the server is running the mod and you choose not to install it client side,
then any AI you command will be at a disadvantage compared to the server
controlled AI.

Included .pbo files:

12    zgb_choppers
Moves control over FFARs directly to gunship pilots.
Additionally tweaks gatling type machine guns YakB and M134.
Use manual control to use gunner's weapons.
13    zgb_gunners
Makes AI gunners under player's command actually shoot at something without asking them to.
Additionally makes it possible to reload ammo belt manually in mounted weapons like M2 and Mk 19
14    zgb_stick2gether
Makes AI stay in formations when overwhelmed

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