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COWarModI44 Features
The following list of files are listed in order that are
currently in the @COWarModI44 addons folder

  • AddedTankMovementOrderDirectionMarkers
  • AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
  • ASR Disable Cursor Text
  • 642 faces unlocked
  • BC6 Feelings
  • BlackBackgroundForGearDialog
  • TroopMon2
  • DisabledCenterHandIcon
  • DisabledPeripheralVisionBloodTexture
  • DisabledPeripheralVisionCueTexture
  • DisabledPeripheralVisionEnemy
  • DisabledPeripheralVisionFriendly
  • DisabledPeripheralVisionNeutral
  • DisabledTalkTopics
  • DoubledGetInRadius
  • DoubledSupplyRadius
  • EasyFlyPlanes by Celery
  • GDT Mod Grass
  • GDT Mod Plants
  • ImprovedSpeedOnGravelRoads
  • JTD FireAndSmoke
  • KeepCommanderViewOnTarget
  • KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus
  • LandTex
  • LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission
  • MadeGearDialogNonMovable
  • Map Plus
  • MBG Creationism
  • MoreHeadMovement
  • NoIRSignatureForCarsAndMotorcycles
  • NoLongerShowEmptyFakeWeapon
  • OpaqueBlackBackgroundInInterface
  • PaleCommandBar by thebarricade
  • PaleWeaponIconsInCommandBar by thebarricade
  • RemovedVehicleCursors
  • Night lighting effects
  • Non-blinding sun mod
  • SAP clutter
  • SeparatedEditorButtons
  • SLX_Actions
  • SLX_CarGunner
  • SLX_Cartriges
  • SLX_Cloud
  • SLX_Dialogue
  • SLX_Effects
  • SLX_ExplosionDust
  • SLX_GunSmoke
  • SLX_Impacts
  • SLX_Lights
  • SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds
  • SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact
  • SLX_NetCode
  • SLX_Radar
  • SLX_RagDoll
  • SLX_Suppression_Effects
  • SolidBackgroundForChat
  • ShackTac Movement addons
  • StaticsVisibleAtDistance
  • TrueUser_IGUI_CommandBar_TextIcons
  • TrueUser_IGUI_Text_ExtraSmall
  • TrueUser_SkyBox_Bluer
  • TweakedDebriefing
  • VF Ladder
  • WarFX : Blastcore
  • WarMod_loading
  • x_TrueUser_IGUI_ActionMenu_NoIcons
  • x_TrueUser_IGUI_Text_HideAmmoCount

Shows small icons as part of the tank UI to indicate the

movement direction currently been ordered by the commander.

AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
Adds the follow game types to the MP lobby filter:
AAS: 'Assault And Secure'
AD: 'Attack and Defend'
CH: 'Capture and Hold'
crCTI: 'crCTI
Devastation: 'Devastation
 Domination: 'Capture The Island
 Evolution: 'Evolution'
TDM: 'Team Death Match'

The new types need to be added to the mission to be found.

* 642 faces unlocked
by Robalo_AS

Here is a small config addon to make all of those 100+ faces in Arma2 available to choose in your player profile,
each with 6 camo variants, giving a total of over 700 faces to choose from. Not tested in MP, but given the fact that the faces are
already in game they should work fine.

Included pbo files:

* ASR Disable Cursor Text
by Robalo [AS]
Removes text from the in-game cursor to eliminate magic rangefinder and other
 information gathering when using the commanding (spacebar) key.
This addon is best used with TCP's Laser Rangefinder.
Included .pbo files:

* BC6 Feelings
by bravo 6
This changes the Leader command icons.
Included .pbo files:

Black background in the gear dialog to avoid being distracted and make the dialog better readable.

* TroopMon2
by Charon Productions

TroopMon 2 is a GUI console for Arma2 that is designed to help mission makers to precisely monitor the combat behaviour of the placed units in their missions.
Lost, inactive or ineffective combatants are easily identified to raise the quality of a mission and achieve mission objectives with a minimal troopcount. Missions with uncertainty about the location of the involved units are a thing of the past.

- A camera with 8 View modes:
1. A fixed 3rd Person view
2. Free/fixed camera mode that can be positioned around the watch-unit
or independently moved around the whole scenario.
3. A gunner's view through the ironsights of the watch-unit's weapons.
4. A 1st person view to find out where the watch-unit is looking at.
5. A 3rd person view that cycles through a random selection of units.
primarily, units that are in combat are shown.
6. A top view onto the watch-unit suitable for CQB or urban scenarios.
7. A more cinematic camera motion view of randomly chosen units
8. A projectile-following camera that shows a slow motion of fired
projectiles of the currently watched unit. This is helpful to evaluate
the effectiveness of a firing position, the feasibility of the used weapon
or the skill of the shooter.
This can be combined with the view mode 3 to see what the unit is
Aiming at before making the shot.
To choose a different view mode just deselect the V8 button.
In case the projectile is experiencing ricochet or misses the target
the button ABORT PROJCAM can be used to discontinue tracking the projectile.

- Total overview of all mission relevant AI variables.
Crucial battle data is constantly updated such as:
- which enemy is targetting, firing at or wounding the watch unit
with the ability to switch the view to that enemy to evaluate it.
- which enemy is the assigned target of the unit and which enemy
is being fired upon by the watch unit.
- Troopmon 2 automatically recognizes the dimensions of custom island
addons and is compatible with all kinds of custom soldier/weapon/vehicle
etc. addons.
- The GUI console allows for very intuitive unit selection even in high
Unit-count battle situations, selections can be made with the mouse.
All status data can be shown or hidden by little toggle switches.
- New groups can be created and sent into the battle to try out new attack
strategies or enforce groups of insufficient strength without having to
edit/restart the mission.
- Waypoints for created or existing groups can be created
and groups can be combined. Existing waypoints can be edited at runtime.
- Infantry can be moved around with transports using TroopMon 2-created
- Favourites and camera positions can be saved/loaded for points of interest
of the battle theater.

Hit ESC during the mission to bring up the game menu.
Below the standard Arma2 buttons you find a new button
which starts TroopMon 2.

Included files:

Removes the ugly looking hand cursor in the center of the screen.

Removes the blood texture in 1st person view when hit as infantry. Way too arcady.

Removes the spheres at the edge of the screen. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision.

Removes the red spheres indicating hostile units or vehicles. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision.

Removes the green spheres indicating friendly units or vehicles. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision.

Removes the white spheres indicating neutral units, animals or empty vehicles.
 Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision.

Disables the random talk/chatter feature. Not meaningful anyway.

Doubles the getIn distance for vehicles.

Doubles the distance to make use of a support vehicle (repair, fuel, ammo).

EasyFlyPlanes by Celery
It makes plane controls more responsive and generally easier to handle!
It's not meant to be realistic, instead it aims to make flying easier and more fun.

In all its simplicity all it does is to remove some of the inertia by smoothly transferring the plane's movement vector closer to where the nose is pointing.

Rudder has much more authorty
Precision movement such as aiming is easier
The plane is generally more maneuverable
The plane is less prone to stalling
Stalls are easier to recover
This script makes especially the A-10 nicer to fly as their infamous stalling problems are dampened and generally less inertia makes everything more simple. New aerobatic tricks are made possible because the rudder is more powerful than before.

Requires CBA.

* GDT Mod Grass
by HeinBloed
This Addon changes the grass on Chernarus and Utes.
This Addon is client side only.
Included files:

* GDT Mod Plants
by HeinBloed
This Addon changes the plants.

      - Downscaled textures.
      - Several of the first LODs removed.
      - More FPS and less GPU memory usage.
      - Grass does not change distance-related.

Some textures and models are greatly reduced, some are slightly reduced, and
 some are not reduced. Every single textures and model was modified separately.
Included files:

With this addon you are able to drive in 60-70 km/h on the small gravel roads.

* JTD FireAndSmoke
by JTD
JTD_FireAndSmoke is an effects addon that adds bigger, better and more useful smoke than the default ingame smoke. The ingame smoke is unaffected, this
 addon "layers" effects over the top. It's MP compliant, looks great, and is AI viewblock by default. Destroyed vehicles will send up huge plumes of smoke visible
 from miles away and last a long time, very useful for a sense of battlefield presence and history. Additional to this there is a propagating fire functionality that
will set forests, buildings and vehicles on fire dependent on proximity, wind, and rain.
Included .pbo files:

Issuing a target that unit command as commander keeps the commander optics on the target. It no longer turns with the gunner.

Makes every ingame menu, like main menu, ESC dialog, editor, etc, to be controlled by the following keys based on their element numbers counted from top left:

* LandTex
by zyco (alias Picolly)
For me, the Arma2 ground textures have a rather ‘pixely’ look which makes them seem a rather unrealistic. Therefore I took the liberty of tweaking them so that they look more organic.
While I was at it I also corrected the coast line.
This is all thanks to the market crisis, because its the reason why I have the Time for a stupid Project like this.


      1. It makes the Landscape textures more organic
      2. Coast lines have now more sandy beaches
      3. It sets the correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
Included pbo files:

Moves the mission selection dialog in the editor to the top center and displays a lot more mission entries at the same time.

Makes the gear dialog non movable to avoid moving it by mistake.

* Map Plus

This addon does a few things to the map:

    1. Removes satellite texture from any zoom level.
    2. Changes the color of the contour lines and hill numbers to make them more readable.
    3. Made forests more washed out and slightly dimmed the background color to be easier on the eyes.
    4. Adds in a ruler that you can draw on the screen.
    5. Adds in a compass that you can more easily use to align the above ruler.
    6. Adds in basic tools to draw lines.

These features do a few things. First off they allow easier reading of the map at close zoom, including determining the rise and fall of the land. It is now easier to also determine altitude, before the satellite texture would obscure the hill numbers and a lot of the contour lines would be lost in the textures as well. The forests could also obscure the contour lines so they have been made a little more washed out to provide better readability. The ruler tools allow you to do a number of LANDNAV type things, including the most important, resection. This was possible before but a bit more painful. Combining the ruler, compass and line drawing tools you can more easily triangulate your position. I also use the ruler and compass to plot polar fire missions as well as guage distance to targets while doing forward observation.

Included .pbo files:

* MBG Creationism
by Mondkalb

I've started recreating a building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere. It's a revive of an old project I did years ago.
Basically this system allows you to build structures out of small segments and parts. Similar to LEGO®©™ (and whatnot...)

The complete system is framed as a plug-in, so it can be used in any mission you like. It'll be also featured in a "survival" style mission,
which will hopefully be released along with this addon.

Quick use guide:
1. Open Editor
2. Place player
3. Place the "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
4. Hit "preview"
5. Done!

Quick guide for MP:
Use included Test-Mission or
1. Place players
2. Place "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
3. Place "BIS Functions" Module (F7)
4. Add respawn in Description.ext
5. Put this into a "initJIPCompatible.sqf"
_ok = _this execVM "\MBG_Creationism\scripts\init.sqf";
6. Done!

Included .pbo files:

Allows you to move the head as infantry to more extreme angles.

Removes the IR signature for cars and motorcycles and they are therefore no longer visible as items on the radar screen.

More clean HUD for a few commander slots by not showing the empty fake weapon.

Tweaked interface colors:

  White text.
Yellow selected text.
Non opaque black background.

PaleCommandBar by thebarricade
Changes tones and colors for the command bar, makes rank- and 'mounted'-icons a bit crisper.

PaleWeaponIconsInCommandBar by thebarricade
Makes weapon-icons in the commandbar a bit crisper.

Removes all vehicles cursors for driver/pilot/gunner/commander. Instead one has to use optics / weapon sights or tracers to aim.

* Night lighting effects
by Sakura_Chan
This addon was created to enhance the night lighting effects of Arma2.
- Dim and yellow military style headlights for vehicles
- fixed missing green blinking light on Osprey
- new colors and sizes for aircraft positional lights
- removed ugly lighting on aircraft, lights were really bugged and didn't add anything so I removed them
- new light cones for streetlamps
- new light cones for directional lights (headlights)
- reduced effect and range of searchlight
- increased campfire/burning barrel/fireplace smoke and fire effects
- reduced campfire/burning barrel/fireplace light brightness and changed color to a soft orange
Included .pbo files:

* Non-blinding sun mod
by Sakura_Chan
This mod changes the lighting of the sun and vehicle to non blinding.

Included files:

* SAP clutter
by Sgt.Ace

This addon reduces the size of the clutter on Chernarus for a better view and a very small performance boost.

Included pbo files:

Separated 'continue' from 'preview' and 'exit' to avoid click the first by mistake.

SLX_Actions: Changes action menu priorities.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_CarGunner: Allows a player to take over the AI gunner of a car while driving.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Cartriges: Adds spent shell casings that fly out correctly, according to real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Cloud: Custom cloudlets that can be used for config or drop effects.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Dialogue: Fixes missing words and adds larger voice pitch variations.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Effects: Rocket engine and missile smoke effects.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_ExplosionDust: Makes explosion dust last longer based on the size of the explosion.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_GunSmoke: Gun smoke effects based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Impacts: Bullet impact effects based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Lights: Street lights and vehicle lights with more correct angles and fades. Won't replace sakulightfx if it's also installed.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds: Supersonic bullet sounds from real life footage.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact: Bullet impact sounds thanks to Dyslecxi.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_NetCode: Simple network utility to execute code on all clients.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Radar: Removes magical radar from tanks.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_RagDoll: When a person in a building dies their body is affected by physics so they don't clip into a wall or float in the air.
Dependencies: None.

SLX_Suppression_Effects: When people are shot at close enough a lot they duck lower, breathe quickly, and their hands shake a little.
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

Makes the chat list background color solid to have the text better readable.

* ShackTac Movement addons
by Dslyecxi

If you've ever hung up in a doorway, on a tree, or generally found yourself falling all over yourself in close-quarters movement.
This addon causes your weapon collision with the environment to be significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways
through doorways and generally find CQB to be enjoyable, versus feel like a rusted robot trying to navigate a terrifying alien world called 'indoors'.

Included .pbo files:

Makes static objects, like houses and structures, visible way beyond the standard drawing distance limit. In addition they no longer pop into view. Instead they have a very nice seamless transition.


- New command bar UI Icons that display weapon type as text, rather then the graphic Icon.

    Simple abbreviations :
    GL - GrenadeLauncher
    AR - AutomaticRifleman
    MG - Machinegunner
    AA - Anti-Air
    AT - Anti-Tank
    MM - Marksman
    SNP - Sniper
    SD - Silenced
    PST - Pistol


- Decreases UI text a bit further (Interface "Very Small" was not enough for text in my opinion).


- Increased color saturation for a more vibrant sky.

Makes the scoreboard in the debriefing view better readable by moving some UI elements away from the center.

* VF Ladder
by VictorFarbau
When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb onto rooftops
 and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses (e.g. balcony) or just to annoy your buddies. It is kind of a silly
addon but it opened new perspectives on urban combat for me. There is just too many locked buildings around.
Check out the Youtube link to get an idea about this addon.
Ladders can be:

      * Created (small and big type available)
      * Moved around until dropped by the player
      * Raised or lowered by 50cm at any time after being placed
      * Removed within 60 seconds after placing them
      * Flipped by 180 degrees to allow positioning as required
Included .pbo files:

* WarFX : Blastcore
by OpticalSnare
Particles and Lighting Effects MOD
Changes are alot, so I'll just list the ones that pop into my head:

      - Increased dust effects for all bullet hitimpacts
      - Added bigger bullet impact dust effects
      - Added sparks and embers
      - Added ammo sparks explosion
      - Increased dust on bombs and artillery impacts
BIS forum thread:
Included .pbo files:

* WarMod_loading
by Gunter Severloh

A custom COWarMod loading screen that loads during loading times.

included files:

- Gets rid of the action icons (you will have action menu text only).


- Gets rid of your ammo & mag count.


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