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Questions and Answers FAQ

This FAQ is to help answer any questions that players of WarMod have already asked, listed in the faq are questions and answers from the release thread on BIS Forums.

   If Anyone has any questions about warmod or any issues then either post on the release thread or post in the forums here.

COWarMod for Arma2CO FAQ

A2WarMod for Arma2 FAQ

General WarMod Questions

COWarMod for Arma2CO FAQ

  1. What is COWarMod?

    COWarMod like the previous two version of WarMod is for Combined Operations, which is Arma2 and OA or Operation Arrowhead the official expansion to Arma2. Arma2 and OA together is called "Combined OPs"

    It is a massive Customizable Compilation mod containing over 200 addons and mods from the Arma2 and OA Community all integrated into one mod.

    The mod contains, fixes, enhancements, replacements, effects, sound adjustments, over 100 gameplay and visual tweaks, AI enhancement, and many other features.

  2. Whats the difference between COWarMod and ACE?

    CoWarMod was buitl by me alone, took me 6 months to build.

    COWarMod has nothing to do with units, vehicles, or factions, or a specific genre of war. COWarMod is mainly a customizble Compilation Mod of almost all the addons and mods in the community that have to do with gameplay, effects such as fire and smoke, explosions, tracers,dust, AI enhancement, ballisitics, movement, animation, and many other features of the game.

    ACE mod was buitl by a team, and has a wide variety of features, including gamplay aspects, which are mostly geared towards realism, the mod has different packs for units, vehilces, and weapons.

    Both mods cannot be comapred as they do diferent things, both mods are really about player preference. To me there is no competition here, I didn't build COWarMod to rival, or compete with ACE mod as it is not important, my knowledge is limited and the Whole WarMod series was my ideas that i had pioneered when looking at downlaodable addons and mods.

    If you like Ace then go play it, if you like CoWarMod then go play it, which one is better all depends on how you like to play.

  3. The autozoom in sights- mode makes movement in CQB with your weapon raised way harder. Is this intended?

    Harder? your kidding me right. Intended, the whole mod is intended, you can remove the file if you wish but then you

    remove this pbo:


  4. So if I'm running WarFX and JTD fire and smoke already can I basically just not put those in my target line and just run COWarmod?

    WarFX and JTD fire and smoke already in COWarMod, you dont need them in your target line otherwise you'd be running them twice.

  5. Is it compatible with zeus ai?

    Zeus Ai is in COWarMod.

    Refer to the readme AI mods in COWarMod it will list all the AI enhancements in the mod.

  6. All around defense? What is this?

    This is

    ARD (All around Defense):


    Watch the vids.

    But you need to customize your controls so that Ard doesn't get in your way when you dont need it or want it running.


    If you want to use it, then go into the userconfig, look for ARD and change the key for these 2 controls:

    Code: Default Keys - can be changed in the user-config:

    F1 = Open ARD

    Menu1 = Quick ARD

    If your not interested in this feature which is fine, then you can remove this mod by going into the

    CoWarMod addons folder and removing this file:


  7. What PBO can i remove to go back to the original stances for soldiers?








    These files belong to this mod (vid):


    Do you like this stuff?, as if you remove those files you'll get your normal stance back.


  8. Random chatter: It's extremely random and doesn't make any sense, not sure what the point of having it in the mod is. It's more confusing than anything.

    Its more for atmophere, if you pay attention ingame when you are in or lead a squad the AI say things based on

    the situation, but if you want the random chatter removed then, remove these files:















  9. In the readme "67 SLX Files in COWarMod" I see that you have list SLX_NetCode. Yet in another document you identify this pbo as a probable source of errors as it might be conflicting with CBA. So which is right? Remove SLX_NetCode.pbo? Same qu

    Yes they are delibertly, and no leave them as they there, if you get problems let me know.

    I had tested SLX alot, on its own, with many other mods, and the current combination I found to be the most stable and best.

    Remember your not running SLX on its own in COWarMod so thats the key there.


    SLX_Mod_Man_Armor was added to the mod because I removed:

    slx_modweapons_c which if you remember from the SLX thread made an enemy soldier take alot of hits before going down

    (like 5-10 hits), well i did some tests and found that if you just removed the slx_modweapons_c and mod man armor, you ended up with

    almost 1 shot kills, I mean literally id go into a village and mo down every solder without wounding even with SLX wounds in there,

    it was cool, yes, but it was unrealistic, and kinda of killed the immersion.


    So I had to compensate, and when you add mod man armor in replace of slx_modweapons_c then you get a balance with

    the SLX wounds, meaning, you can basically kill a guy with 1-3 hits and it would feel realistic and still have the wounding happen.


    The slx_modweapons_c if you remember

    does this:

    Bullet damage changed to have

    variable amounts of damage based on hit accuracy of the body part so that some bullet hits can be critical hits

    that do full damage and others can be grazing hits that do less damage.

    Many values based on CAVS the Common Armor Value System (

    which translates real life muitions statistics into game values,

    many of the sources and information are documented in the .cpp comments, most explsives values are

    based on actual explosives charge weight. AI settings changed to

    make AI use the weapons, ammunition, and fire modes effectively as humans would.

    Now to make up the difference for ballistics we have Fincuan's latest version for Ballistics, Muzzle velocity,

    which really makes shooting more realistic.


  10. If I'm using COWarMod, do I still need ArmaWarMod? Can I use them both together?

    If u have only ArmA2 you need A2WarMod, cause it´s not made for CO!

    If u own ArmA2 and OA u need only COWarMod.

    if u installing both you get a lot of conflicts!

  11. I think the "dying" animations are a bit too fast. How can I slow it down, or get back the vanilla anim? Which files affect it?

    Their actually pretty realistic compared to the vanilla game, the vanilla game when an enemy or whoever dies and falls

    down its like a slow motion, watch vids of folks getting shot an you can see for yourself, but if you want that feature

    removed this is the file to remove it:

    SLX_Anim_Death: Faster dying animations. Based on timings from real footage.


  12. the combat seems to be a bit faster than what I'm used to (been using Zeus AI alone, the AI accuracy dispersion is what made the combat more intensive and longer). Is there any way to configurate that or the weapon dispersion?

    Try without Zeus AI, also refer to the readme

    AI Mods in COWarMod


    Also refer to your userconfg for the Mounted_MG_Dispersion, you can change those values to fit your needs.


    Refer to the asr ai config, read the info in the settings, you can adjust those to where you see fit.


    Lastly the Inf_Stealth_Recognition config, look through that config, and adjust the values, I had doen this already but

    if you wish to lower the numbers that will definatly help, if you need help with this one i can tell you what you can adjust.


  13. An error keeps popping up saying userconfig file ARD/ARD.hpp not found. I went to the user config files and put it in the directory but it keeps popping up!

    Make sure you havethe folder :


    then inisde that a folder titled ARD

    then inside that folder a terxt file called ARD

    so the path should look like this:



    Be sure that when you install COWarMod that the userconfig folder included with the mod is installed into the Arma2 Directory.

    If your still aheving issues with this (i dont see how) then download the mod for these files:


    an ARD folder in the userconfig, and the ARD.hpp in that folder.

  14. I need help with "extended_eventhandlers". I have old version and I didn't find version 3.0.6 anywhere. I've searched armaholic, armedassault.info and dev-heaven but nothing, any ideas where could I find them ?

    I'm assuming your asking about the error message your getting at the bottem left of your screen ingame,

    and the message says something along the line of extended event handlers 3.0.6


    You dont need it if you already have CBA.

    Go into your COWarMod addons folder and find this file:


    and delete it, and that message at the bottem left will go away.

  15. I have Arma 2 and Arma2OA on steam do i need to install both of them for this mod to work or can i just install Arma2OA ?

    CoWarMod is both Arma2 and OA, but inorder for the oa stuff to work you need to be running OA. Run both as in Arma2CO.

  16. any blufor faction grenadier unit has his weapon switched out with an M16A2 w/203 instead of the normal weapon the soldier would have. But this problem does not happen when you play as a grenadier soldier. When you play as a gl soldier you get the normal

    Go into the userconfig,a nd under the folder fnc_muzzlevelocity

    remove these 2 lines in the fnc_muzzlevelocity_weapons.hpp

    //Add non-stock weapons here. These entries will be included in config.cpp


    class MyWeapon: M16A2

  17. I think the messages I get are actually from the shacktack HUD, whenever I play an island that it's not familiar with it gives me a "didn't recognize zoom levels" message in my radio messages.

    Ya if your on an island that the shacktack hud does not support youll get that debug message, but it wont crash your game or anything,

    and the hud still works, I wouldn't worry about it, the message will only come up the first time you start a mission.


    The islands supported by ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) so far are:

    * Afghan Village

    * Afghanistan

    * Aiaktalik

    * Capraia

    * Celle

    * Chernarus

    * Desert_E

    * Everon

    * Fallujah

    * GNT_Sands

    * I44 Omaha

    * Isla Duala

    * Japahto

    * Kellu

    * Lingor

    * MBG Nam

    * Namalsk

    * Panthera

    * Plr Mana

    * Podagorsk

    * Porto

    * Proving Grounds

    * Quesh Kibrul

    * Rahmadi

    * Razani

    * Razorniya

    * Sahrani / United Sahrani / South Sahrani

    * Sbrodj

    * Schmafelden

    * Shapur

    * Takistan

    * Thirsk / ThirskW

    * Unsung's Lowlands

    * Utes

    * Vostok / Vostok Winter

    * Zargabad

    If you wanted more islands that are not on that list to be supported

    your going to need to contact Dslyecxi.


  18. I removed slx shout and all rug dsai pbo`s but i`m still getting a mixture of languages ,when i use BAF some soldiers shout in American

    Also remove the following pbos:




  19. I would like to remove throwing of smoke grenades please ,i have read much of the read me`s but cannot find from where to set this.

    For the smoke grenade throwing, this might be a tricky one but try these:


    Go into your userconfig



    Code: // Allows your troops to throw a smoke grenade when they are wounded. 1 for enabled, 0 for disabled ARD_smoke_on_hit = 0; // << EDIT THIS NUMBERmake sure that is 0 like it says in the code above.


    Code: // Changes the chance of a unit throwing a smoke grenade when they are wounded. 100 = maximum chance >> 0 = no chance ARD_smoke_chance = 25; // << EDIT THIS NUMBEREither make the chance =0 or disable this by removing the //


    Code: // Allows vehicle gunners to launch smoke in All Round Defence. 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled ARD_vehicle_smoke = 1; // << EDIT THIS NUMBERmake the number 0 if you dont want smoke from vehicles



    Code: //Smoke_lifetime_Particle - The multiplier for particle lifetime, affects how long each particle hangs around.//1 = default, less = shorter, more = longer. (1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, 2 = 200%)#define JTD_Smoke_Lifetime_Particle 0.25//Smoke_lifetime_Source - The multiplier for smoke source lifetime, affects how long vehicles burn.//1 = default, less = shorter, more = longer. (1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, 2 = 200%)#define JTD_Smoke_Lifetime_Source 0.25This is for fire and smoke overall, you can reduce those numbers I bolded


    General and AI mods

    Quote: Zues AI

    This mod improves the ability of AI soldiers in a number of key areas:

    - Improves AI's ability to spot and engage enemy, extending engagement ranges

    out to 500m and beyond

    - Changes the speed at which an AI can get a bead on a target

    - The AI now reacts to effective enemy fire, before taking casualties

    - Accuracy is changed to ensure sustained firefights take place, allowing

    movement under contact with good use of cover

    - Improved CQB

    - AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!

    - AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make

    stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen

    - Vehicle gunners now react to enemy fire

    - Careful movement and correct use of formation is now an important factor in

    improving a soldiers survivability, as are planned ingress and egress routes

    - AI react more aggressively under contact and don't give up as easily

    - Injuries occur more frequently in firefights. Good drills and wise medics are

    now an essential part of the game


    It has greatly increased the immersion and challenge of coop play for Zeus,

    hope you enjoy it! From the mod readme.

    So if you wish remove Zeus Ai and the AI should stop popping smoke, or contact India KiloAuthor and have him

    make a userconfig to make alot of features optional, as in it would give you the option to turn things on and off.


  20. My question is on what folder should i put the mod in ? The arma 2 or the OA one?






    All go into the Arma2 Directory.

    Then run your game off of the Arma2OA.exe


    like so:

    E:\Games\Arma2\arma2oa.exe -nosplash [email protected];@COWarMod

  21. My favorites in this mod compilation is the bodyparts and the sort of lensflare that appears on mussle flashes... Whats the name of those two?

    The body parts is not a mod in itself but part of SLX, the file is called slx_wounds. As for the lens flare

    that is actually Non Blinding Sun mod seen here


  22. HiddenEditorContinueButton (Controls) Hides the continue button in the editor as it is basically useless anyway and can cause you to get stuck in the misssion not able to return to the editor. I could not find it in the folder"TWEAKS not in COWarMod&

    Thanks for reporting as big as COWarMod is theres bound to be mistakes with organisation, problem is that when

    I was compiling everything, as soon as I take or add something I had a bug, so i had to test again, thats why it

    took me so long, so its very possible that in the process of testing I forgot to add it to the folder.


    If you want it get it here (direct link):


  23. How do i play the custom music while in vehicle i dont see a player?

    From the readme located in your COWarMod readme, mod readmes folder:



    * Fully working Car Radio for all cars and trucks in ArmA2

    * All ArmA2 musictracks already included

    * Add as many own musictracks as you wish

    * Filteroptions InGame / own music

    * Repeat Funtcion

    * Random play

    * 12-color display

    * 7-color softkeys

    * two designs

    * Output Level depending on your soundcard / speakers ;-)



    To make the Car Radio available in your own mission, place the 'Car Radio' Module (found under Modules (F7) > Car Radio) somewhere on your Map.

    That's it.

    The Radio will be available in any car or truck on the map. Just board it any select 'Car Radio' from the action menu.







    Some of the control elements should be self-explaining, other might not. Here is a short description of them:


    > - Starts the playback (changes to || )


    || - Stops the playback (changes back to > )


    + - Volume up


    - - Volume down


    >> - Next track


    << - Previous track


    /\ - Cycle through filters increasing (ArmA2 Music > User Music > All Music > Custom)


    \/ - Cycle through filters decreasing (ArmA2 Music > Custom > All Music > User Music)


    OFF - Closes the dialog (music keeps playing!)


    Playlist - Opens the Playlist Editor


    Repeat - When last track is over, playback beginns from first track (on/off)('Repeat' shown in display)


    Random - Random play (on/off)('Random' shown in display)


    Key Col - Cycle through the different key-colors


    Dspl Col - Cycle through the different display-color or sets automatic color change ('Col. Change' shown in display)


    Design - Switches Design (Black / "Silver")






    Playlist Editor:

    Using the Playlist Editor, you can create your very own playlist.

    The list to the right sowns all available tracks. On the left, you see your custom playlist.


    < - Adds the track selected in the right list to your playlist (as last item)


    > - Removes the track selected in the left list from the playlist


    << - Adds all tracks to the playlist


    >> - Removes all tracks from the playlist


    Restore - Restores the pre-defined playlist (in userconfig)(manually created playlist will be lost!)


    OK - Closes the Playlist Editor and returns to the Radio, you custom playlist will be played


    Cancel - Closes the Playlist editor without saving any changes made in the Playlist Editor and returnes to the Radio






    Show Tooltips:

    It is possible, to show tooltips over some of the buttons of the radio, which explain the function of that button.

    To enable these tooltips, write the following code into the init.sqf or the init-line of any unit on the map:



    CLAY_RadioShowTooltips = true;






    Add your own music:

    To add your own music to the Radio, you first have to define it in your description.ext.

    Now you can add it to the Radio using the 'CLAY_RadioAddMusic' variable:



    CLAY_RadioAddMusic = [ [<Track | String>, <Title | String>, <Time | Number>] ];



    Track = The classname of your music, as defined in the description.ext.


    Title = The title of the track, like it will be shown in the Radio.


    Time = The length of the track in seconds.



    At the end it should look something like this:



    CLAY_RadioAddMusic = [ ["MySong01", "My Song 1", 123], ["MySong02", "My Song 2", 456] ];






    Pre-defined Playlist:

    You can create your own playlist, which will be available from mission start (Playlist: Custom).

    Open the file '\userconfig\CLAY_CarRadio\CLAY_CarRadio.hpp'. Now you can enter your desired tracks into the array behind _userPlaylist. Format is the same as when adding own music:



    _userPlaylist = [ ["Track08_Harvest_Red", "Harvest Red", 78], ["Track26_Organ_Works", "Organ Works", 69], ["MySong01", "My Song 1", 123] ];






    Additional vehicle classes:

    You can add other vehicle types, which have the Car Radio available. For this, you have to add the vehicle names (from CfgVehicles) to the 'CLAY_RadioAddVehicles' variable.



    CLAY_RadioAddVehicles = ["M1A1", "AH1Z", "PBX"];






    Vehicles types, for which the radio is not available:

    Just like adding additional vehicle types for use with the radio, you can define vehicle types, which won't have the radio available, using the 'CLAY_RadioNoVehicles' variable.



    CLAY_RadioNoVehicles = ["SkodaRed", "HMMWV", "TowingTractor"];






    Keyboard controls:

    The main functions of the Radio can be used directly from your keyboard. The key for every function can be defined.




    PAUSE - Play / Pause


    RIGHT ARROW - Next Track


    LEFT ARROW - Previous Track


    UP ARROW - Volume Up


    DOWN ARROW - Volume Down



    To change these, open the file '\userconfig\CLAY_CarRadio\CLAY_CarRadio.hpp'.

    Add the desired key number behind any of the variables _keyPlay, _keyNext, _keyPre, _keyVolUp and _keyVolDown.






    Known Bugs:

    * Clicking on the next (>>;) or previous (<<;) keys very fast might result in the timer not working correctly.

    * Drag & Drop in Playlist Editor only works to add tracks to your own playlist. You can't remove tracks this way nor can you sort your playlist. (I'm working on a workaround for this, but I'm not sure if it's possible at all.)






    For further information, support and an example mission showing you how to add your own music and additional vehicle types, please visit the following link:



  24. Does arma 2 Warmod combine with Cowarmod?

    To answer the question, Yes and No A2WarMod does and does not combine with CoWarMod.

    There are 38 Mods from A2WarMod that work in OA or Arma2CO.

    the remaining mods in A2WarMod do not work in OA.

    The 38 mods that do work in Arma2CO (OA) are in COWarMod.

    So yes the addons and mods that work in A2WarMod are already in COWarMod.

  25. Günter: After installing the mod I get an very high fps fall when flying helli close over ground when shooting masingun. I go from 35-40fps to 15 in about 5-6sek consecutive shooting. When I stop shooting my fps is 35-40 in about 1-2 sek, so its Not that




    those 2 files have been known to cause FPS drop.

  26. My AI soldiers, and my player/Character spam yell grenade how do I fix this?

    Remove  Sar_Krik.pbo

  27. Does the mod include any machine pistols or compact submachineguns that will fit into the handgun slot in the soldier inventory window?

    Yes and no the ASC mod will add weapons that you can change, but in general COWarMod doesn't add weapons as its a gameplay mod not an addition to the game type mod.

    The weapons mod that is in CoWarMod is not so much an addition of new weapons and such, but a gameplay change of many vanilla weapons where you can change

    an m16 lets say and add a silencer on it, or a scope and other stuff. see the page for it here on my site on how to use it:



  28. Best place/way to see for sure what version of the mod I'm running?

    There is no way to tell what version your running as if you downloaded from that page then you have 1.1


    when you download the mod then theres only one version I provide so your only getting one version so its not necessary. I only use one version because every update fixes a previous version, if you wanted a previous version then all you would need to do is re add the files that were removed.

  29. Is this the proper way to 'turn off' elements of the mod, i.e., by just removing these items from @CoWarMod\addons

    Yes when you remove a file just move it to the storage folder or delete it, but remove both the pbo and the bisign of a file, and that addon/mod you removed will be disabled ingame.

  30. Binoculars don't work. The 3D model is brought to one's cheekbones, and stops there. One can see the top of the eye ports and the top portion of the body of the binoculars, but I can't actually see through them.

    They do work its not a bug but a feature, theres a certain way to use them, the feature basically reflects what you would do in real life when using the binocs,

    you would raise them to your face look, lower them look around and then look again.

    This is a tweak in the mod you want that makes the bincoulars do what they do.


    Disables auto switch to optics for binocular. The tweak allows you to look above the binocular and look through it only when

    necessary by pressing the optics key. In addition you can walk with a binocular without the annoying auto switch to optics.



  31. I get the enemy standing while their dead, what causes this?

    The "standing dead" issue seems to be rather dependent on what scripts are running in the mission; though other mods may influence it as well, heavily scripted missions seem the most affected. One can also get "standing wounded" even if they have enough damage to be immobilised, plus some other, rarer effects.


    It appears to be due to conflicts between some components of SLX and mission scripts. I have WiP (been on hold for a while, RL issues mainly) identifying a minimum set of files that allows SLX wounds to function without major anomalies using thomsonb's "Flashpoint" series as testbeds (v1.14 & later). There is some information already posted in the COSLX thread.

  32. I noticed that you are the one that has fixed slx as well *BRAVO* Have you included the the JSRS mod?

    No and i wont, as WarMod isn't about sound, its about gameplay, effects,a dn fixes to the game. Sound mods I dont included because sound mods are more of a personal taste thing for people, gameplay features however are universal. if I did inlcude a sound mod then a player removed it from warmod then basically they would have no sound but default if they dont have another sound mod they use. Plus Jsrs is to big, its not worth downloading a ton of files when you can just go to the sound section and get the one you want.


    However on the gameplay mods in COWarMod the addons and mods in the mod are about 230+ mods and I bet that most couldn't find all of those mods in my mod, so I did the work for you guys and tested each mod, and the tested them all together, even tweaked some to make them work.

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A2WarMod for Arma2 FAQ

  1. What is A2WarMod?

    A2WarMod like WarMod for Armed Assault, is a Customizable Compilation Mod. A2 stands for Arma2.

    The Compilation mod contains many addons and mods from the Arma2 community that adds, fixes, changes, effects,updates, and enhances many aspects of the game all through the communities addons and mods.

    The concept behind A2WarMod, like its previous version for Arma was to take all the unique features created by the community and put them into one mod, where as if you were to try to run all those mods at once using seperate mod folders, your Arma2 directory would be a mess of folders, as well as your shortcut target line.

    This way with A2WarMod I have integrated all the mods for you , tested to make sure theres no conflicts, and put them all into one mod so that only one folder is needed to run. One mod to rule them all is the idea.

  2. If I am downloading A2WarMod for the first time which version do I get?

    You would get the A2WarMod Full v 1.3

  3. If I am downloading for the first time and I use ACEmod but want to have A2WarMod's features which version do I get?

    Download the A2WarMod ACE Compatible v 1.3

  4. If I have A2WarMod already what version do I get?

    2 things:

    If you have A2WarMod already but not patched then get the v 1.2 patch

    If you have the A2WarMod and patched to v 1.2 then download the Patch v 1.3

    Keep in mind that there are a couple of things you need to remove to not have conflicts with the new patches, refer to the FAQ section here to find out what to remove.

  5. Whats the difference between WarMod and A2WarMod?

    The WarMod version was built in 2009 for Armed Assault Combat Operations which is the Arma game that came before Arma2.

    The A2WarMod version was built for Arma2 in 2010 hence A2=Arma2

  6. Is this is just for stock Arma2 v1.07 or has it been tested for OA or combined operations as well?

    A2WarMod was built and tested on Arma2 v.107

    Most of the mods were built by the modders for Arma2 and a majority of the mods made before OA came out.

    There are some addons/mods that work for OA, but in general A2WarMod is for Stock Arma2 patched to 1.07 only/

    A2WarMod works no problem with patch 1.08

    A2WarMod also works in CO or Combat operations which is Arma2 and OA combined.

  7. Can I add maybe SLX or Zeus to make AI more smarter?

    Ya you can, theres no limits, however you dont need to add Zeus as its already in the mod:


    Heres all the AI stuff in the mod:


    * Anti-tank Launcher vs. Infantry Fix

    by Zipper5


    The AI since ArmA has always been inclined to use their rocket launchers at range rather than their rifles.

    Many fixes for this were made for ArmA, but none have been made, to my knowledge, for Arma 2.

    Therefore, I decided to make this simple addon. I saw a lot of people harping on about it in the OA thread,

    so hopefully this can put the whining to rest.

    Included .pbo files:



    * Driving AI fix

    by Sakura_Chan


    It tweaks the AI driving variables to the point that vehicles are able to turn more accurately,

    with fewer back and forth motions.

    The bigger trucks had a ridiculous and unrealistic turn radius making them hit everything.

    This has been corrected. The AI can drive for what could be called a boring amount of time,

    without crashing or getting stuck on fences and streetlamps.

    Included files:



    * Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills

    by Mysteryman5150


    This mod allows the user to adjust several specific AI variables that effect the stealth

    movement and recognition skills of the game.


    It comes with a file an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder, which is where the

    adjustments are made (instructions are located in the file).


    Attributes that can be adjusted:

    - Audible - How load a unit is when moving

    - Camouflage - How easy a unit is to see

    - Sensitivity - How well and how far the given unit senses other units

    - SensitivityEar - How well can the given unit hear others units

    - Units defined:

    - All vanilla factions/units - Then broken down into 3 categories each (if required)

    - Categories include:

    - Basic Infantry units

    - Snipers, spotters, marksmen, scouts and units with silenced weapons

    - Launchers including AT, AA and RPG units

    Included .pbo files:



    * Radio Discipline

    by Lamandus


    I was tired of all the "moving", "covering", "Go I cover" messages all over the radio.

    Thats why I got rid of the messages and changed "target THAT" to "target" and "engage THAT" to "attack"

    (engage solo was not avaibable) ("contact" got out as well, like "clear")


    2 versions: Normal= like told above

    extrem= no "Target" Messages

    Included .pbo files:





    * Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular

    by Protegimus


    This mod improves the ability of AI soldiers in a number of key areas:

    - Improves AI's ability to spot and engage enemy, extending engagement ranges

    out to 500m and beyond

    - Changes the speed at which an AI can get a bead on a target

    - The AI now reacts to effective enemy fire, before taking casualties

    - Accuracy is changed to ensure sustained firefights take place, allowing

    movement under contact with good use of cover. Ammunition dispersion and

    weapon accuracy are not changed

    - AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!

    - AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make

    stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen

    - Vehicle gunners now react to enemy fire

    - Building on the native game feature, AI characters have varying ability to

    spot enemy according to role. This is to represent equipment and training

    variation, e.g. Observers, Snipers and Officers with Binoculars have greater

    ability to detect enemy

    - Sniper teams that make effective use of tactics, cover & concealment can now

    carry out their mission, especially at extended engagement ranges

    - Careful movement and correct use of formation is now an important factor in

    improving a soldiers survivability, as are planned ingress and egress routes

    - AI react more aggressively under contact and don't give up as easily

    - Injuries occur more frequently in firefights. Good drills and wise medics are

    now an essential part of the game


    It is fully tested in single and multiplayer and causes no known issues.

    For coop multiplayer, it is recommended to be installed both on the server and


    If the server is running the mod and you choose not to install it client side,

    then any AI you command will be at a disadvantage compared to the server

    controlled AI.


    It has greatly increased the immersion and challenge of coop play for Zeus,

    hope you enjoy it!

    Included .pbo files:







    * Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI)

    by Wolfrug and Sickboy


    It gives your and the enemies AI a voice beyond the stale radio messages


    * Ready made scripts for Dynamic Sound AI that is easily modifiable by the end-user.

    * Your AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading, throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt,

    fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! And much more.

    * Works in both SP, client-side MP and server-side MP

    * Features English, Arab, Russian and Spanish voices by default

    * Can assign voices to all sides (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, SideEnemy)

    * Easily activated/deactived by mission makers, addon makers or server admins as required, using global variables

    and config entries (see below for more information)

    * Auto-initialization using CBA (fully CBA compatible)

    Included .pbo files:








    I reccomend:

    Group Link 4 Special FX Edition





    For AI.


    It would have been in WarMod but I didn't get permission from him on this one.


    For SLX just add it to the end of the Target line.


    Keep in mind that all the features listed in A2WarMod are listed on the front page,

    and are also in the readme that comes with the download,

    and all the features and more info are listed on my website.

  8. I'm missing the UH 1 in the game how do I make it showup again?

    The culprit has been narrowed down and here are the ones to remove from your A2WarMod/addons folder:

     DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gamepla y

    DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gamepla y.pbo.PROPER.bisign


    UnlimitedTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesT oAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_PROPER

    UnlimitedTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesT oAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_PROPER.pbo.PROPER.bisi gn

    Remove those two addons and the UH1 will show up again, problem solved!

    Keep in mind  that the Bisigns with pbos go with the Pbos, so if you delete a Pbo, then you must delete its assaociated Bisign as it dont do anything by itself.


  9. Is there any chance to reduce the amount of smoke grenades getting popped in a firefight?

    Not really, the only thing that runs for the AI to pop smoke is the VFAI mod, they reamarm themselves,

    as well as pop smoke, but the userconfig for it dont have anything for the smoke, if you want to remove it

    and keep only the rearming part then I suggest removing:



  10. Why do we need to remove VFAI if we patch A2WarMod to 1.2?

    VFAI should be taken out because A2WarMod Patch 1.2 updates the A2Warmod with a newer version made by another modder.


    Find these addons in your existing A2WarMod addons folder and remove them:





    remove these addons above if you have patched A2WarMod to version 1.2

  11. Am I correct in thinking that if I wanted to add another mod - e.g., GDT's NVG mod - all I would have to do is drop the .pbo & .bisign files into the A2Warmod folder for it to run with all the others (especially as there's no config file to wo

    Yes that will work if a mod or addon has just a pbo or bisign then put them into the A2WarMod addons folder, and all should be good.

    If any mod has a config, like a userconfig then put the userconfig with the userconfig.


    As for the GDT's NVG mod, if you are going to use that, you may want to see if will have conflicts with

    a mod already in A2WarMod which is the:


    * Fixed Range Nightvision

    by sholio


    The default high dynamic range while using nightvision in the game is somewhat faulty.

    Most of the time you can use it fine, but in some cases it becomes almost unusable.

    A light source in view makes the entire screen black or draws a contrast that makes gameplay impossible.

    This addon allows disabling the stock hdr engine in nightvision and allows manual adjustment of NVG exposure.


    You can configure the addon to your preferences at

    arma2 installation folder>\dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp

    So essentially this is a port of my [page=http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2989]addon for arma1[/page].

    Differences to A1 version:

    * It is now disabled by default - A2 HDR is greatly improved from A1, but still has some issues,

    so this addon needed to be made.

    * Much cleaner code.

    * Uses A2's new displayEventHandlers, so key conflicts should be gone.

    * Put key assignments and default setting in the file \dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp, so those who don't

    like the defaults can change it

    Included files:



    If you get no issues with that mod then it should work.

  12. i really enjoy your mod, I do have a simple question, How do I setup my target line. I use the following. @cba;@ace;@acex;@warmod;@warmodsounds;@gl4;@slx_wo unds

    There is a readme included with A2WarMod download, as well as many other things with A2WarMod, A2WarMod being

    a large compilation mod you should seek a readme, thats why its included.

    with alot of mods not installing something correctly will make things not work, and Im not talking about 1 mod your

    installing, your installing 117+ mods in 1 mod format.

      These are all the folders in the Ace compatible download for A2WarMod:

    @A2WarMod---this needs to be in the main Arma2 directory

    @A2WarModSM---this needs to be in the main Arma2 directory

    A2WARMOD READMES---readmes for A2WarMod that tell you howe to install,

    as well other inportant info

    EXTRAS---just avatars, desctop icons, and wallpapers

    Keys---this needs to be in the main Arma2 directory

    Mod Readmes---readmes of the mods in A2WarMod

    Userconfig---this needs to be in the main Arma2 directory but the way you have it named it wouldn't work because you have it as @warmod;@warmodsounds.


    With mods you cannot rename the mod in the target line to something else, unless you changed the

    name of the mod folder in the Arma2 directory to the same name.

    @Warmod is what what was used for Armed Assault, for Arma2 WarMod is A2WarMod.

    A2 stands for Arma2.


    But you will need to have it look like this or the mod wont load, and again unless you renamed

    the folder in the main directory.


    -nosplash -world=empty [email protected];@CBA_A2;@A2WarMod;@A2WarModSM

    you can use these -nosplash -world=empty

    command startup perameters if you wish but you still need to have:

    [email protected];@CBA_A2;@A2WarMod;@A2WarModSM


    so for the other stuff you have, your target line should look like this:


    [email protected];@CBA_A2;@ACE;@ACEX;@A2WarMod;@A2WarModSM; @gl4;@slx_wo unds


  13. what's the performance overhead of the HARP mod?

    All depends on whats going on in your mission, the mod when you start your mission has to initlize, and if

    your mission is big with lots of action, AI ect,. then it can take up to 5 min to initilize, once it initializes,

    then it runs fairly smooth, I haven't noticed any differences in performance other then just the initilization startup.

    I dont use the mod anymore as I use

    [email protected];@CBA_A2;@ACE;@ACEX;@A2WarMod;@A2WarModSM


    with @A2WarModSM you dont need Harcp as the sounds from HIFI, and ACESM together make sounds

    that seem more relaistic and also have a similer efect without initilizing, but of course you need ace to use it.


    But theres really no performace hit that I can see. If you like it with A2WarMod then great keep it in,

    if not then remove all the HArcp pbos and bisigns in the A2WarMod addons folder and thats basically it.

  14. A fix for the A2WarModSM if you have it.

    Inside the A2WarModSM addons folder is this file:




    Delete it.




    Because when you are flying the A-10 and shoot the main gun the (gau) with this file in place the A-10

    sounds like its farting, no not a burp or a rip, an actual farting noise.


    Yes it sounds like someone hacked the game and replaced the sound with a farting noise,

    although somewhat funny on both ends the pilot and the guy on the ground, it definately kills the immersion.


    Once you take that file out the normal Gau sounds will return.

    This was just a mistake on my end, with the HIFI sound Mod that is part of the A2WarModSM

    I made the mistake of having two gau sounds in there when your supposed to have 1,

    which is what created the problem.


  15. An error i get w/ Answer

    I get a consistent script error with both of thomsonb's A2 Flashpoint missions. On starting a game & at intervals during play, I see a script error (line breaks as per display)


    '...se "CARGO": [

    if ([x,(getMagazineCargo 1#1_co) select 0)

    call asr_vfai_fnc_found error missing

    File x\asr\addons\vfai\fncequipment_AI.sqf line 62

    Quote: Originally Posted by Carl D

    There's the problem, the rearming addon (asr_vfai) requires at least OA or CO patch 1.54 for the getMagazineCargo script command to work (and others).

  16. BC6_Feeling_ICONS error

    There is a mod that changes the command icons at the bottem of your screen when you have AI under your command.

    This Mod is called:


    * BC6 Feelings

    by bravo 6


    This changes the Leader command icons.

    Included .pbo files:



    What i want to bring to your attention is there is an error that may come up, bravo 6 the maker of the addon

    knows about the error and theres nothing he can do about it. if you get the error it will say something along the lines of B6 feelings ect.,


  17. A Feature not a bug "start Vf ladder"

    A feature and not an error, is VF Ladder:

    * VF Ladder

    by VictorFarbau


    When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb

    onto rooftops and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses (e.g. balcony) or just to annoy your buddies.

    It is kind of a silly addon but it opened new perspectives on urban combat for me. There is just too many locked buildings around.

    Check out the Youtube link to get an idea about this addon.

    Ladders can be:


    * Created (small and big type available)

    * Moved around until dropped by the player

    * Raised or lowered by 50cm at any time after being placed

    * Removed within 60 seconds after placing them

    * Flipped by 180 degrees to allow positioning as required

    Included .pbo files:



    this feature will allow you to spawn a ladder big or small and enable you to climb on top any building you wish,

    i do it all the time and love this mod!


    How to use this feature do the following:


    1. Hit esc while ingame, and you will see "start Vf ladder" at the top above the menu

    2. go back ingame and open your action menu, it will say create small ladder, and create big ladder.

    Pick the size based on the height of the building you want.

    3. once you pick your ladder and you like it where its at then you will see in the action menu a dop ladder

    hit that and the ladder will be set, and from there you can raise or lower the ladder.

    Keep in mind that if you do not drop the lader and go to climb the ladder you created then you will clip through the

    ladder and the building, and screw up your mission, so be sure to DROP LADDER and you will have no issues!


    you can also create ladders from a rooftop, just do the same as if you were on the ground and once you have your ladder

    set then hit the flip ladder in the action menu and it will spin the ladder around so you can climb down it.


    Thanks to VictorFarbau for this little mod, its such a great feature, now being a sniper, or stealthy soldier is finally useful, just made my game a little more interesting!

  18. Are you planning on making a version of WarMod for OA or CO? and why if A2WarMod works in OA or CO already?

    Yes I am and  the CO -(combined Operations) version of WarMod is currently WIP as of Feb 2011.

    Why am I building  a CO version?

    Because theres many OA version updates to existing mods that are in the Arma2 version, plus new addons, and mods.

  19. What is the WarMod version for CO - (Combined Operations)?

    The WarMod version for CO will be titled:

    COWarMod as it will be specifically geared towards CO or Combat Operations which is Arma2 and OA - (Operation Arrowhead) which is the official BIS Expansion to Arma2.

    COWarMod will be released in 2011

  20. A2WarModSM not included in ACE-comp-download-package full 1.3 ?

    i'm running ace so i've downloaded the full 1.3 ace compatible version of which it is said that it should contain "@A2WarModSM" but it doesn't neither at armaholic nor at arma2base ... following your readmes (your .rtf's) it should be included in the ace-version package but it isnt ... I get no errors starting ace + a2warmod, so I guess it is intented not be there anymore ?

    Correct I had removed the sound Mod from the latest upload, and yes I did forget to update the readmes for that. But with the SM included, it made the download rather big, and besides it was just my personal combination of sounds my buddy and I had played with.

  21. If i was to install both ace and a2warmod for the first time which one should i install first?

    Dont matter, both mods go into the main Arma2 directory. Your target line though will dictate what mod starts up first,

    which should be warmod.

  22. My question is should i play a fresh install of arma 2 with just this mod or should i install ace along with this mod? Im afraid of mixing these 2 big mods as it might increase the risk of crashes and errors.

    To answer your question, if your going to play with Ace that is ACE for arma2 not OA then get the A2WarMod ACE Compatible version.


    Remember this that A2WarMod was not built for OA it was built for Arma2 hence A2 before WarMod.


    "Im afraid of mixing these 2 big mods as it might increase the risk of crashes and errors."

    Dont worry the testing has already been done, I had no crashes, or errors, or freezing ect with A2WarMod, and

    ACE you are going to use the Ace for OA you might get crashes and errors, I already Know there are some addons and mods

    in A2WarMod that dont work when the OA version of Ace is running.

  23. How do I reenable crosshairs?

    Go into your A2WarMod addons folder and remove this file:


    and the crosshairs will be enabled again.


  24. Is there a way to disable the A2War Mod loading Screen?

    Go into the A2WarMod addons folder and remove the file that says WarMod_loading.pbo

    If you remove WarMod Loading screen then you get the default loading screen for Arma2.

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WarMod for Arma1 FAQ

  1. What is Warmod?

    Warmod is a compilation mod with many months of research, and testing of various addons and mods that fixes,enhances, and alters many effects and gameplay of Arma.


  2. Whats the difference between your mod and like say ACE mod or another huge mod?

    The difference is I did this by myself, with really no help, most of the large completed mods had multiple guys,configs, and many other various things.   WarMod is not set in a specific genre of war, or has specific features or units, or vehicles that says its a realism, or scifi or whatever mod.

    Warmod is every individual addon and mod that came out for Arma that either fixes various aspects of the game, adds, enhances, or upgrades the effects, as in tracers, explosions, sounds ect, adds realism aspects where there were none, upgrades gameplay qualities, like recoil, dispersion, movement, transitions, and totally upgrades the AI.

  3. Whats the difference between a list of mods like a compilation list vs WarMod?

    The difference between a page that has a list of mods and addons that you can compile together or add to your game which ever one you want, is that i did that already, I put all that compiled list into a mod form,

    i basically did all the work for you, i did the research, the downloading, the testing, the troubleshooting in terms of compatability ect, but my mod isn't units, or vehicles, its effects, fixes and gameplay, and well a good portion of AI fix/change which Arma definately needed!

    I would have to say that i covered a huge area of addons and mods that are out for arma and too the most relevent that felt most realistic, but still maintained a game, fun feeling.

    as there were mods that changed the fatigue and made it more realistic, but then i thought that control and gameplay, and great effects and ausome AI should take first over realism, dont get me wrong the mod made it much more realistic and immersive because of a great few mods.

    having control in the game was an very important aspect to me,

    if i shot at a guy i wanted to hit him not spend a half a clip in frustration cuz the dispersion was to wild, andmy gun would jump all over the place because of wack recoil, and the gun swayed to much, and the ballistics weren't real, i was like cmon!, why the F*ck play this if i can control the dam gun and hit what im aiming at!

    that was a major reason, if i dont move then the gun shouldn't be moving!

    Thats what WARMOD is about designed for the player in mind, remove the frustration, add scary AI.

  4. There are no conflicts between the mods by default or do you have to tweak them?

    Originally there were conflicts in the 1.2 version as there were a couple of mods doing the same thing as another mod was, then there missing files and misc stuff, but as of version 1.3 all errors and mods that are the same as another have been removed, and there are no conflicts or errors.

  5. What is the latest version of WarMod?

    The latest version of WarMod is 1.5

  6. Are you planning, or working any more updates for WarMod after 1.4?

    No. WarMod 1.4 is final version for Arma, there is really nothing left of the addon and mods in the community that I have not covered, nothing more that i can add that would either fix, enhance, or add a unique feature.

  7. Would you transfer Arma WarMod to ARMA2?

    Well tbh my mod is a compilation mod and contains many mods that make up the whole of what warmod is about. the thing is each mod that is in warmod would have to be ported over to arma 2 for it to even work. now obviously that would be ideal, but me im no modder, im merely a mission maker.

      As much as id want to see my mod in arma 2 i really have no idea on how or even what to do, plus all the mods in warmod are not mine to begin with, even though i have asked permission to all the great modders that have mods in warmod i would maybe again have to ask permission and then figure out  on how to port it all over to arma 2.

    Then again im not even sure that i could do that as again i cannot make a claim to each individual mod, so really each mod in warmod would have to be ported over by the mod makers themselves, unless i had permission to do so, and then its a 50/50 chance that it would work, as I have no idea on how to do it. lastly were talking about going from arma engine to arma 2 engine which has a different setup in terms of configs id imagine, theres no guarentee that warmod would turn out the same in arma 2 as it plays out in arma 1.

  8. Will WarMod be in Arma 2?

    Yes, I am planning on it, when I annouce it then I will start work on an Arma 2 version of WarMod.

  9. What does WarMod effect and influence and how does it work with other mods like Ace or CWR, or other completed mods?

    Warmod effects every mod for Arma based on the mod, mods that dont have sounds or configs for their weapons and such will see the full effect of warmod,

    others like unsung mod which i have been playin will see some warmod influence but not very much.

    Acemod is heavily influenced my warmod, CWR or Cold War Rearmed mod is influenced, as well as a few others.

    If you play warmod with just new units or vehicle or air addons, or even just arma vanilla

    units then your most likely to see most if not all of Warmod's influence in your game.

    Again if a completed mod has a config that changes how you handle your guys or recoil or ballistics, then you are not likely to see any influence to that mod in terms of what that mod has already changed, if a mod dont change nothing but adds new units, vehicles and whatever then you will see the full influence of WarMod.

  10. What is required to play WarMod?

    WarMod itself of course :P, but seriously only requirement WarMod needs and will not do without is Extended Event Handlers, or EEH for short.

        Without this you will have alot of errors, and you game may even crash or no at all. EEH is included in the download and is preinstalled so all you have to do is add the @EEH to your target line, and everything will run fine.

  11. One question I have...when we play WarMod, are we using the default settings that come with ECS and GL3 or are we playing with your tweaked settings for both those mods?

    Yes. If you wish for a certain feature that I changed then it can be easily reversed, just go into the bin file for Ecs and the config file for GL3.

  12. What Official Arma Patch is required to play WarMod?

    Official Arma Patch 1.14

    anything less then that wont work.

  13. Does VFAI control the AI scavenging dead bodies for weapons/mags?

    yes, this is what VFAI does:


    VFAI - AI Extension

    by Victor Farbau


    VFAI will allow units to scan their immediate environment for bodys and their equipment. If a unit goes below certain ammo levels it will try to snitch a magazine, a grenade or smokebomb here and there. If the unit looses its weapon or does not find ammo in a given time the unit will focus on getting a new weapon as quick as possible. In that case the unit will drop the empty weapon. As of version 2 VFAI should automatically detect and handle all weapons types including 3rd party addon weapons. However I noticed some difficulties if addon creators used mixed upper/lower case

    class numbers in their addons.

    VFAI consists of 3 independent addons

    1. VFAI_Equipment

    enables units to independently equip themselves with weapons and ammo from dead bodys. Further information and details included in the readme file. I advise you to read the readme file - it might explain some behaviour you wonder about. Installation: read the readme file (it is easy).

    2. VFAI_Smokeshell

    will cause units to throw smokeshells whenever they're hit. They will try to throw smoke into the direction of the gunner to block his view. More details in the included readme file. All units will then be equipped with 1 smokeshell and will know when to use it.

    Attention ACE Mod users: ACE uses additional "Hit" event handlers to simulate gunshot wounds. It might interfere when both addons try to process the hit event at the same time. I got stuck only once in a seemingly endless animation loop due to that; but it can happen. If you experience this too often, simply turn off Smokeshell.AI through the control panel or don't install SmokeshellAI.pbo at all.

    3. VFAI Control Panel

    Using this control panel addon you will be able to switch VFAI addons on and off in the middle of the game. The control panel is moveable (finally) and will indicate which relevant addons are being found (Equipment, Smoke, ACE Mod), hence some options will or will not be selectable.

  14. Is WarMod Customizable or is what we play, the only way we can play?

    Yes WarMod is customizable, you can add or take out what you wish based on what fits your personal style of play. To do this just refer to the Features readme of the mod and find the mod that you dont want to use, it will list which Pbo it is , from ther just go into WarMod's addons folder find the pbo and remove it.

      if you do have questions on what you could remove without screwig something else up then please post a question on the forum here or on the WarMod Bi Release thread, or send me a pm here on the site.


  15. Whats the difference between TrueGamePlay-Ai-Engagment and TrueRangeAI? They're listed as separate mods at Armaholic and the page on TrueRangeAI says it has a slider the change the "engagement range". That would be a big help.

    Dont use trurangeAi because its the old version, this below is the real truerange AI, Its all on the first page, like i said before I did all this already, i spent almost a month getting perssions and spoke with alot of these guys about their mods when i had questions:

    TrueRangeAI - (also known as truegamplaymods)

    by rg7621


    TrueGameplay-AI-Spotting v1.0

    - Increased AI spotting distance (AI will spot a "Man" or "Vehicle" far away and specify the specific unit when the two get closer or one uses optics).

    - Adjusted visibility so that movement speed and stance play a more important role in AI spotting.

    = Most > Least Visible (Sprint/Run/Walk - Stand/Crouch/Prone)

    - Decreased visibility significantly while crouched and prone for a greater stealth aspect.

    = Most > Least Visible (CrouchWalk/CrouchStop/ProneFastMove/ProneSlowMove/ProneStop)

    All of these aspects affect AI spotting ability...

    - The units skill setting (Low-High). Can be the difference of ~200m spotting distance.

    - ViewDistance (Below 1200mVD shortens spotting distance and above 1200mVD increases spotting distance).

    - UnitType (Grunt, SF, sniper) = Most > Least Visible (Civilian/AverageSoldier/SF/Sniper).

    - Speed at which you move (Stationary, Crawl, CrouchWalk, Walk, Run, Sprint). Can be the difference of 100's of meters spotting distance. Slow and stealthy approach is guaranteed the safest.


    TrueGameplay-AI-Hearing v1.0

    - Increased auditory awareness distance (AI will hear gunfire and vehicle engines at greater distances).


    TrueGameplay-AI-Radar v1.0

    - AI should not fire past the ViewDistance line ("beyond the fog"). The only time which they might, may be because they are still tracking a target for 5 more seconds, because of the AI 5-second cycle or AA.

    - Static Weapons (StaticM2, D30, ect..) don't show or give off radar signals.

    - Using fog and vehicles with radar is still dangerous, but they're visibility is greatly reduced if you do use fog. The safest way would be to match the VD with the fog line (Ex. If fog cuts visibility down too 500m, then setViewDistance should be 500m).


    TrueGameplay-AI-Engagment v1.0 (Already in warmod v 1.1)

    - Increased engagement distance (AI will engage up to 600m for typical).

    - Increased rate of fire (AI will engage at a faster pace and they will use burst/full-auto mode around and up to 300m).

    - AI will fire handheld weapons at transport helicopters moving at medium to slow speed (AH6 included).

    - AI will fire AT rounds at slow moving helicopters.

    - AI tanks will fire Sabot rounds at slow moving helicopters and possibly HE rounds at infantry.

    - AA units will now engage Jets. (AA soldiers now fire AA at fast moving Jets). Quote: TrueGameplay-AI-Engagment v1.0


    - Increased engagement distance (AI will engage up to 600m for typical).

    - Increased rate of fire (AI will engage at a faster pace and they will use burst/full-auto mode around and up to 300m).

    - AI will fire handheld weapons at transport helicopters moving at medium to slow speed (AH6 included).

    - AI will fire AT rounds at slow moving helicopters.

    - AI tanks will fire Sabot rounds at slow moving helicopters and possibly HE rounds at infantry.

    - AA units will now engage Jets. (AA soldiers now fire AA at fast moving Jets).

  16. How do i enable in game UI action icons ?

    Warmod dont have them as they have been disabled.

    to reenable the UI action Icons, go into your Warmod Addons folder and remove this addon:



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General WarMod Questions

  1. How do you make WarMod compatible with other Mods?

    When i make a compatible version of CoWarMod for another mod like ACE, what I need to do is actually play test that other mod,

    and review all the features and files of that mod.

    Then after a review i write down all the possible mods I can see that may conflict then test them individually, and then remove them accordingly.


    The basic idea is to make COWarMod compatible with the other mod, like ACE for example, i would have to remove a number of mods from COWarMod in

    order for the features in ACE to do what they are supposed to do.


    If i did not remove mods in CoWarMod to make compatible with ACE then features in ACE that normally work and run without CoWarMod would not work,

    because a feature is actually being overwritten by the configs of the other mod, or conflicting with it, and when i saw conflict that means that a file is

    doing something similar to a feature in ACE and is making the ACE feature either do weird stuff or almost not work.


    So basically mods have to be found that conflict which is no easy task, and then once found need to be tested to make sure they are not conflicting,

    and if they are they need to be removed, then once removed i usually build a list of the files I removed.

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COWarModACE for Arma2CO FAQ

  1. When I try to start the game with COWarModACE I get this error and the game wont launch: "Include file @COWarMod\addons\SLX.hpp not found"

    Get the patch which fixes this error.

    refer to this page:


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  1. Conflict between ACE wounds and SLX_wounds, what to do:

    ACE seems 90 percent comptible with SLX_wounds so far if you just do not use ACE wounding system which is turned off by default In the ACE modifications so unless a mission maker turns it off, there is no problem.


    A tip: When playing as a medic, Use the ACE interaction key to heal, for some reasons the developers of ACE finds medics having to use the interaction key more appealing.

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  1. Is it possible to have COWarMod I44 together with the latest version of I44 2.62, was this incorperated in the latest update 2.62 ?? , or is this totally a separate MOD ??

    it was not, and currently is not incorporated into I44.


    As far as I know I44 team probably wont incorporate any features of the mod into I44

    as COWarModI44 is a compilation mod of many addons and mods in one mod, so that means:


    1. They would have to test all the files in the mod to make sure they do work with I44 (they do i tested them already ;)


    2. Get permission from all the mod authors of the mod (33 in total) to use and incorporate the features, they would have to

    open each addon and mod and create a config to work in sync with I44 mod


    3. Plus its a ton of work, it would take them more time then it would me to incorporate such a large number of features into I44,

    many months, possibly a year, compared to my 2-3 months of building the mod.


    CoWarModI44 is a separate mod it has nothing to do with I44 at all.

    It is basically COWarMod--> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14699 stripped down, retested, and recompiled to work with I44.

    The I44 at the end of COWarmodI44, means that its made compatible for I44 mod, just like theres an COWarModACE version, its made compatible for ACE.


    Overall there were many addon and mods removed from CoWarMod as they did nothing when I44 was running,

    then there were other addon and mods that had nothing to do with WW2 as they had ballistics, and features for modern day weaponry

    and vehicles that wouldn't work with I44, then there were other addon and mods that were getting overwritten

    by I44 because they did almost the same thing.




    So overall your best bet is to run CoWarModI44 with I44:

    [email protected];@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@I44;@COWarModI44

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