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Changelog for COWarMod

v1.4 February, 2013

  • updated GDT Mod Under-slung Grenade Launcher sights to 1.04
  • updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to 121209 (now support all islands)
  • updated Ai Heli Control to 1.3
  • updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to
  • updated TPWCAS - TPWC AI Suppression System to 4.1
  • updated WarMod_Loading screen with version number
  • updated several readmes, with the folder directories
  • added Choose one or the other but not both! readme
  • added How to enable Features ingame readme
  • added Dapman AI First Aid Support
  • added Blastcore VEP A2
  • added Deadfast's Stance Indicator
  • added gdtmod_leader 1.00
  • added gdtmod_misc 1.04
  • added gdtmod_streetlamp 1.00
  • added HETMAN - Artificial Commander
  • added JTK Weapon Suppressor Script
  • added ScopeFX - Dynamic scopes - including TrackIR support
  • added Smk Animation Pack Lite version
  • added Tactical Flashlight
  • removed tpw_ai_los_104 (out of date)
  • removed tpwc_ai_suppress_304 (out of date)
  • removed 2 folders from userconfig:TPWC_AI_SUP,  TPW_AI_LOS (out of date)

v1.3 October 2012

  • added ShackTac Bunnyhop
  • added AIGunnerToUseAllWeapons_AI_C_PvPscene
  • added Rifle Collision Simulation addon for CQB
  • added Support Call
  • fixed Bd hellfire & made it compatible with GLT realAir weapons-
  • hellfire before using top attack would miss its target
  • fixed slx_mod_man_armor
  • updated TPW_AI_Suppression to Version: 3.04
  • updated TPW_AI_Los_104
  • updated ASR AI to 1.16
  • updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) to Version: 120906
  • updated Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) to Version:
  • updated TGW Vehicle Fixes to Version: 1.56
  • updated TGW Zeroing to Version: 1.33
  • updated Non-blinding sun mod to Version: 4
  • updated the Directory Readme
  • updated known bugs readme
  • updated Credits readme
  • updated Mod Links readme
  • updated Permissions readme
  • updated WarMod Disclaimer
  • updated All Features List
  • updated Features by Subjects readmes based on added mods
  • updated AI Enhancement Features located in Customization folder
  • updated Player Character Movement Features located in customization folder
  • updated Customization Folder Directory

v1.2 July, 2012

  • added 23 readmes for Customization, and  Documentation
  • added mod Civilian Interaction Module
  • added mod asr_throwablesatchel-1.2
  • added mod Cannon/Main Gun Vehicle Replacement
  • added mod TroopMon2
  • added mod CHN Arty+
  • added mod TPWC AI suppression system
  • added mod TPW_AI_LOS
  • added mod versions COSLX Lite & Plus
  • added mod TPW Houselights - automatic house light addon - Singleplayer
  • added mod TPW Houselights - automatic house light addon - Multiplayer
  • added mod GAM_ClockfacingReport
  • added mod JED Enhanced Skill Slider
  • added mod Norrin's Compatible Fast Rope
  • added mod Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar)
  • added SLX Lite & Plus
  • added No Weapon dropping version of SLX_Wounds
  • added SLX readme "Whats not in COWarMod"
  • added Known Bugs readme
listed in the readme where the locations of each file
  • reviewed and updated SLX in COWarMod readme
  • added and updated folder "Optional Features"
  • added and updated Problem Files folder
  • added Problem Files folder for SLX based on included Bug List
  • added Optional TWEAKS & MODS Directory readme
  • added PLEASE READ! WarMod Disclaimer readme
  • added new mod readmes to Mod readmes folder
  • added "Features by Subject" folder containing 12 readmes
  • added an "All features List"
  • added PLEASE READ! Player Movement Files readme
  • added Player Movement Files
  • added PvPscene Tweaks to player Movement Folder
  • added SMK Animations to player Movement Folder
  • added SLX to player Movement Folder
  • added Truemods to player Movement Folder
  • relocated DisabledFatigue_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated DisabledWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated DoubledInfantryArmor_by_Rg_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated EnhancedWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated FasterHandGrenadeThrowAnimation_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated FasterStepOverAnimation_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated IncreasedSwimmingSpeed_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedFatigue_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedSwimmingFatigue_by_Rg_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated ReducedWeaponWeight_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_movementspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_transitionspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_turningspeed
  • relocated truegameplay_animation_swimfatigue
  • removed Dynamic Shouts - (character and AI would spam yell "grenade")
  • removed Driving AI fix  -(caused erratic Ai behavor in campaigns)
  • removed streamlined radio
  • removed zp5_at_fix -(realisticly real enemy do use AT weapons (RPG) aginsted inf)
  • removed numerical system from the "All Features Readme"
  • updated SLX Lite and SLX Plus
  • updated 38Readmes in general
  • updated Credits readme
  • updated Mod Links readme
  • updated mods in COWarMod readme
  • updated permissions readme with new additions & authors
  • updated several readmes with a alphabetical system
  • updated Anti-tank Launcher vs. Infantry Fix to v .1.03
  • updated RUG_DSAI 11.3.2012
  • updated ASR AI addons v1.15
  • updated AC-130 Simulation v.0.8
  • updated sthud 120103
  • updated TGW_Vehicle_Fixes_v1.551
  • relocated CCP Path for SLX_ace_fixes,SLX_aiskill,SLX_anim_swim
  • relocated CCP Path for S_NVG as it required the hpp to be in a dta folder,
game will use it from the userconfig folder, doing this eliminated the dta folder.

v1.1 September 18th,2011

  • TroopMon2_V0.91
  • ASR AI addons updated to 1.10
  • GLT_Missilebox_complete_v351
  •  asr_weaponreplacements
  • asr_weaponreplacements.pbo.asr.bisign
  • asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers
  • asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers_oa
  • extended_eventhandlers
  • sam_handsignals
  • sam_handsignals.pbo.SAM.bisign
  • radio_streamlined_a2_only
  • radio_streamlined_identify_a2_only
  • tgw_strykerfix
  • tgw_strykerfix.pbo.TGW2.0.bisign
  • notepad file that is titled-->addon
  • DisabledInfantryWeaponDispersion (Gameplay)
  • DisabledInfantryWeaponDispersion_Gameplay_C_PvPscene.pbo.PvPsceneCO.bisign
  • gdtmod_steerable_parachute
  • gdtmod_steerable_parachute.pbo.gdtmod_steerable_parachute.bisign

v1.0 July 5th,2011

  •  Initial Release

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