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v1.5 July, 2012

  • added Documentations folder in @WarMod folder
  • added Loading screen
  • added Extras folder
  • added mod SLX
  • reorganized folder system
  • updated ECS configuration files so mod now works from @WarMod addons folder
  • updated GL3 configuration files  so mod now works from @WarMod addons folder
  • updated credits list
  • updated changlog
  • rebuilt Features list


  • added mod HiFi Sound FX 1.5r2 @ HiFi Warfare
  • added mod Better Kamov (v 1.0)
  • added mod Environment Mod
  • added mod Group Link 3 - The Ultimate AI Enhancement
  • added mod The Enhanced Configuration System (ECS)
  • added mod GDTModAV8 (v 1.00)
  • added mod Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
  • added mod GDTModHelicopter
  • added mod GDT Mod HDR
  • added mod ArmA Artillery Fix (v 1.0)
  • added mod Arma OFPEC Blood Effects
  • added mod @S63_GrenadierPack
  • added mod Red's Fix (144 fixes total)
  • added mod TrueMods
  • added mod EasyFly planes
  • updated credits
  • updated Permissions list
  • updated Features readme
  • Preinstalled EEH (you just have to add it to your target line)


  • added mod Deadfast's Cartridges (v 0.2.0)
  • added mod 6thSense.eu Pack 1 (v 0.4)
  • added mod 6thSense.eu Pack 2 (v 0.1)
  • added mod Real Dispersion
  • added mod GDTModTracked
  • added mod GDT Mod Satchel
  • added mod Compact Fix for ArmA (v 1.16A)
  • added mod zTanks Merge (v 0.9)
  • added mod PROPER ToughChopperRotor
  • updated Permissions list
  • updated Installation readme updated for Full & Patch
  • updated Gameplay and Features
  • updated Whats new readme
  • updated Fixed couple of bugs
  • removed mbg cartridges (as it was conflicting with Deadfast's Cartridge)


  • updated Installation Readme
  • updated Feature readme
  • added ECS & GL3 Tweaks readme
  • added SDP Vehicles with multiple guns
  • added VFAI - AI Extension
  • added TrueRangeAI - (also known as truegamplaymods)


  • changed Warmod has been repacked to be one download
  • ECS mod and GL3 mod have seperate download updated Readme
  • updated  Features readme
  • removed data folder

v1.0 July 5th,2009

  • Initial Release

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