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Changelog for A2WarMod



- added SLX mod
- added Streamlined Radio
- added WarMod Loading screen
- updated AC130 Script Addon
- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- updated JTD FireAndSmoke
- updated Ballistics
- updated Scopes
- updated Muzzlevelocity
- updated Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
- updated GLT Aerial Weapons Replacement Pack
- updated/fix Zeus AI - wrong file setup for Arma2 alone
- removed RMM_AI_Range as Zeus AI already has AI with range -(prevented possible conflicts)
- removed Dynamic Sound System RC1 - ( prevented added sound mods from properly working)
- removed Tracked Vehicles Sound Module- ( prevented added sound mods from properly working that are specific to tracked vehicles)
- removed gtmod flares- (as they failed to work in relation with certain mods)
- removed/change RMM_noMapTex and added Map Plus instead
- removed Armormaster-med -(conflicted with SLX and spammed rpt)


- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- updated ShackTac Movement
- added Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
- added MBG Creationism
- added AC130 Script Addon
- updated Dynamic Shouts


- added ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- added ShackTac Movement
- added AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
- added Pistolfied's Tracers
- added ASR Grenadier Fix
- added ASR AI Rearming
- added 642 faces unlocked
- added RMM_AI_Range
- added SAP clutter
- added Dynamic Shouts


- fixed a couple of errors
- added a missing file
- etc
- Removed DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gamepla y and UnlimitedTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesT oAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_PROPER as they prevented the UH1 Venom from showing in the editor

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