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An updated version of the original Mod
Günter Severloh
Original SLX version 2.3
SLX Updated version 2.4
 SLX mod Thread on BIS forums
SLX mod is a A research based combat simulator meta mod originally built by Solus.
This version of SLX was my intent of many months of testing, feedback, compiling to solve ongoing issues about SLX problems, and the mod's instability. The original SLX was still a WIP (work in progress) mod so it was not final.

Many posts about various issues were posted on the SLX thread about the mod crashing, freezing, weapon unscoping, certain features not working, and other issues, in the past I had compiled a SLX Bug list after an extensive review and research of the original thread to compile a list of these issues reported. Even though that had worked for the time being, it still has not solved the issue of the mod being downloaded with the reported issues intact still in the mod.

The idea was to retest SLX on Arma2 and Arma2CO, and fix any errors or any issues found, and recompile the mod
into a version where all the problem files or bugs were removed from the game, thus making the mod stable, and playable right from the download.

Nothing in the mod itself is left out of the new edition, rather a couple of folders have been setup to distinguish
what files were problem files and what files were optional features a player could use to add to their SLX game.

New SLX Versions:
SLX now has 2 versions of itself:

one version specifically for Arma2CO
one version specifically for Arma2
Whats the difference one may ask?
The difference is the Arma2 version is a more buggier version which I had to recompile,
tweak, update, and change certain individual files to remove errors, and basically get the files (features) to work ingame.
I believe that the Arma2 version has more issues because of the scripting, and or change in game setup with OA,
which enables the Arma2CO version to run alot more smoothly, and stable for the most part.
SLX Version Folder Titles:
The titles of the SLX folders have changed to distinguish the 2 different versions,
this is important as explained above.

The Arma2CO version of SLX is now: @COSLX- CO being Combined Ops
The Arma2 version of SLX is now: @A2SLX -A2 being Arma2
SLX Stable from the Download
I have posted the new version of the mod in the ArmA 2 & OA - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE section of Bis forums because I had got the mod stable, without freezing, crashes, and RPT errors.
This does not mean the mod still cant be updated or more bugs can still be found, it just means the mod is stable without the issues from the original download.
Testing Notes Disclaimer
Please note that both new updated versions of SLX - A2SLX & COSLX
were tested alone and not with other mods.

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