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COWarMod Directory

What is the COWarMod Directory?
The Directory is an index or a guide to all the files and folders in COWarMod, it will outline all the files,
 location of files, and folders enclosed within the documentation and mod itself, this is to help you customize your game.

Description - What kind of mod is this?
COWarMod is a Massive customizable compilation mod.
The mod is a massive collection of all the Arma2 mods that work in OA, and all the Arma2CO (OA) mods with
AI enhancement, game fixes, gameplay, effects, explosions, tracers,movement, realism,and many many other misc features.

The mods size is roughly 230+ addons and mods all tested individually, running  together in one mod, and then separated by subject, as well as separated by mod type for the purpose of customization.


COWarMod - (folder)

 This folder contains the following files that
 need to be moved to your Arma2 Directory
where the arma2.exe is located which can be found here:
C:\Program Files\Atari\Bohemia Interactive Studios\Arma2

  • @COWarMod
  • Keys
  • userconfig

@COWarMod - (folder)

Inside the @COWarMod folder are the following folders & files:

  • (this folder contains all the files needed to run the mod)
Customization Folder
  • (this folder contains addons and mods that you can choose to use to customize your game)
Documentation Folder  
  • (this folder contains readmes & documentaion about features, files for the mod)


  •  (this is a paa file (picture) this puts the CoWarMod logo on the main menu of the game)


  • (this is a configuration file that uses the file above (COWarMod.paa) and places the logo in the expansions menu)

Customization - (folder)

This folder contains addons and mods you can use to customize your game.
Each addon and mod are all placed together based on what they do in the game, by subject,folders have been setup accordingly.
In each folder has a readme directory to help guide you to implementing the addon and mods you wish to use.

This folder contains the following folders:

  • AI Enhancement
  • AI Shouts & Voices mods
  • Optional TWEAKS & MODS
  • Player Movement Files
  • Customization Folder Directory -(readme)

Folders above broken down below:

AI Enhancement folder -(folder)

  • AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
  • AIPistolUseFix
  • All Round Defence-ARD
  • ASR AI
  • Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills
  • Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
  • SLX AI
  • Zeus AI
  • ZGB_Choppers
  • zgb_gunners
  • zgb_stick2gether
  • AI Enhancement Features -(readme)

AI Shouts & Voices mods -(folder)

  • Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI)
  • Radio Discipline
  • SLX Voice -(SLX_Alpha_Numbers, SLX_Shout , SLX_Dialogue )
  • Streamlined Radio
  • Ai Shouts & Voices Features -(readme)

Optional TWEAKS & MODS -(folder)
Each folder listed below contains readmes that list which files of those
mods are in and not in COWarMod, as well as gives details (descriptions) of each file.
PvPscene Tweaks - (folder)

  • -TWEAKS not in COWarMod -(folder)
  • -All PvPscene Tweaks -(readme)
  • -PvPscene Tweaks in COWarMod -(readme)
  • -PvPscene Tweaks not in COWarMod -(readme)

SLX- (folder)

  • -Optional Features-(folder)
  • -Problem Files -(folder)
  • -SLX Lite and SLX Plus -(folder)
  • -Working SLX Files not in COWarMod-(folder)
  • -All SLX Features-(readme)
  • -BUG LIST-(readme)
  • -SLX Files in COWarMod-(readme)
  • -SLX Files NOT in COWarMod-(readme)

TrueMods - (folder)

  • -TrueMods not in COWarMod-(folder)
  • -TrueMods in COWarMod-(readme)
  • -TrueMods not in COWarMod-(readme)

Anzins - (folder)
bug note: ANZINS does not work with ASC weapons, only the vanilla weapons

  • -addons-(folder)
  • -ANZINS Launchers-(readme)
  • -ANZINS Weapons-(readme)

Optional TWEAKS & MODS Directory -(readme)
Player Movement Files -(folder)

  • PvPscene Tweaks
  • SLX
  • Truemods
  • SMK Animation
  • Player Character Movement Features -(readme)

Documentation - (folder)
This folder contains readmes and documentation to help guide you to implementing
 the addon and mods you wish to use, as well as provide further info about aspects of the mod.
wallpapers,WarMod Logo

  • Features -(folder)

-Features by Subject-(folder)
This folder contains another folder titled Features by Subject which contains all the
readmes separated by subject of all the features/files currently in COWarMod
-All Features List -(readme)

README's - (folder)
This folder contains the following files that provide
detailed information about the files and features in COWarMod:
MOD Readmes-(folder)

  • Folder contains the original readmes for every addon/mod included in COWarMod.


  • This Lists all the addon & Mod makers in COWarMod giving them full credits for their work.

Mod Links-(readme)

  • This readme lists links to every addon & Mod in COWarMod.

Mods in COWarMod-(readme)
Lists the names of the addon/mods from both Arma2 A2WarMod addons/mods that work in
CoWarMod as well as all the addons/mods from OA that are in CoWarMod.

The log of all recorded entries of permissions aquired on specific dates listed from all Authors
 of  every mod in COWarMod.
changelog -readme
PLEASE READ FIRST!! DIRECTORY -(your reading it!)

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