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An COWarMod I44 Compatible version

Günter Severloh

COWarMod is a massive Customizable Compilation Mod of 223 Addons, Mods, & Tweaks built for Arma2CO over a period of 6 months for the WarMod series that will add many gameplay features, fixes, effects, and AI enhancements to your game.

This version of COWarMod has been made compatible with the mod I44 or Invasion 1944 an Arma2CO WW2 mod this means that I took COWarMod v 1.1 and removed all files that would conflict or have no effect ingame such mods are mods dealing with gameplay features that effect only modern warfare.

Some of the mods that dont work I had to remove because they are not applicable to the genre if you will of the I44 mod, only because you will never see a helicopter, nor modern day tank, or armored with sofisticated features, as well as night vision, or other modern day stuff, so again its

not applicable and would break the realism, or the context of what the I44 mod is about, namely WW2.

Other mods and such simply dont work because I44 files overwrite them so its not possible to use them at all, they simply dont work.


  • UI (user interface) change, the gamy indicators have been removed
  • Player has the ability to perform many various of animations which allow him to climb walls, lob grenades,peak corners from many various positions,walk, run designed in mind for CQB but works in general play.
  • Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!)
  • Many various AI enhancements making the AI a more strategic and tactical opponent
  • AI variables that effect the stealth movement and recognition skills of the game
  • AI units able to equip themselves with weapons and ammo
  • AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!.
  • AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make
    stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen.
  • More realistic combat behavior from AI mechanized infantry squads
  • All Round Defence (ARD) a formation typically used by the British Army (and other fighting forces) after a firefight to 're-org' the squad, making sure everyone has ammunition, tending any wounds. can also be used defensively, providing 360 degree coverage.
  • Fighter Planes easier to fly
  • Explosions effects for grenades, bombs, missiles, mortars, artillery, and general effects
  • Integration of SLX mod adding many various gamplay,Ai and wound enhancement features to the game
  • Added options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders
  • Non-blinding sun
  • Easier reading of the map at close zoom, including determining the rise and fall of the land determining altitude. With a ruler, compass and line drawing tools you now can more easily triangulate your position and plot polar fire missions as well as guage distance to targets while doing forward observation.
  • Landscape textures more organic, coast lines have now more sandy beaches,
    correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
  • Fire, smoke effects, fuel fires, and smoldering and pluming smoke from various wrecks, destroyed vehicles, and general destruction
  • Increased dust effects for all bullet hitimpacts, sparks and embers, ammo sparks explosion,
    Increased dust on bombs and artillery impacts
  • Fireteam HUD that Provide situational awareness on where your fireteam members are and what their orientation is.
  • Weapon collision with the environment is significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through doorways and generally find CQB more enjoyable
  • HDR reducing effects by adjusting the aperture100+ faces available to choose in your player profile, each with 6 camo variants,
    giving a total of over 700 faces to choose from
  • clutter on Chernarus for a better view and a very small performance boost.
  • Weapon collision with the environment is significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through
    doorways and generally find CQB to be more enjoyable
  • Building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere
  • Radio annoyances removed and shortened as well as other radio features.
  • Soldiers will shout they are wounded, killed, kill the enemy or simply saw a grenade at his feet.
    adds a bit of realness to your combat missions. Now you can hear what's going on with your AI squad mates
  • and many more!


Both COWarMod & I44 is for Arma2CO (Arma2 Combined Ops, Arma2OA) not Arma2.



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