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COWarModI44 Changelog

v 1.2 October, 2012
-added ShackTac Bunnyhop
-added Rifle Collision Simulation addon for CQB
-added Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar)
-added GAM Clockfacing Report   
-added TPW_AI_Suppression to Version: 3.04
-added TPW_AI_Los_104
-updated ASR AI to 1.16
-updated Non-blinding sun mod to Version: 4
-updated AI Enhancement directory
-updated Player Movement Files directory
-updated COWarModI44 Disclaimer
-updated Credits readme
-updated Mod Links readme
-updated Permissions readme
-updated All Features List
-updated Features by Subjects readmes based on added mods

v 1.1 May 29th,2012
-added Documentation Folder (contains 18 readmes, 5 folders)
-updated the All Features List readme
-updated ASR AI mod to 1.14.1
-updated changelog
-updated removed files list
-updated mod links readme
-updated Credits readme
-updated permission readme
-updated mod readmes folder
-removed & relocated: AIPistolUseFix_Gameplay_C_PvPscene to the AI enahncement cust folder
-removed & relocated:  DisabledWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene to the player mov  folder
-removed & relocated:  sakudriver2 to the AI enahncement cust folder
-removed & relocated:  slx_anim_death to the player mov cust folder
-removed & relocated:  slx_shout to the AI voices cust folder  folder
-removed andy_mags.pbo
-removed fnc_ballistics_infantry.pbo
-removed fnc_ballistics_launchers.pbo
-removed fnc_ballistics_vehicles.pbo
-removed fnc_muzzlevelocity.pbo
-removed bd_tracer.pbo
-removed AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
-removed CarsFasterOffroads_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
-removed DisabledPPEffectsForVehicles_Performance_C_PvPscene
-removed DisabledPPEffectsForWeapons_Performance_C_PvPscene
-removed RemovedRadarOfGroundUnits_Gameplay_C_PvPscene
-removed slx_cannonsmoke
-removed slx_shoteffects
-removed slx_surrender
-returned slx_dialogue
-returned slx_impacts
-returned slx_modweapons_sounds
-returned slx_radar

v1.0 May 28th,2012
- Initial Release

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