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Editor & Menus Mods
The following listing of mods are all the Editor & Menus mods in COWarModi44

  • AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
  • 642 faces unlocked
  • KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus 
  • LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission 
  • MBG Creationism
  • SeparatedEditorButtons 
  • SLX_Actions
  • TweakedDebriefing


AdditionalGameTypes (MP)
Adds the follow game types to the MP lobby filter:
AAS: 'Assault And Secure'
AD: 'Attack and Defend'
CH: 'Capture and Hold'
crCTI: 'crCTI
Devastation: 'Devastation
 Domination: 'Capture The Island
 Evolution: 'Evolution'
TDM: 'Team Death Match'

The new types need to be added to the mission to be found.

642 faces unlocked
by Robalo_AS

Here is a small config addon to make all of those 100+ faces in Arma2 available to choose in your player profile,
each with 6 camo variants, giving a total of over 700 faces to choose from. Not tested in MP, but given the fact that the faces are
already in game they should work fine.

Included pbo files:

Makes every ingame menu, like main menu, ESC dialog, editor, etc, to be controlled by the following keys based on their element numbers counted from top left:

Moves the mission selection dialog in the editor to the top center and displays a lot more mission entries at the same time.

* MBG Creationism
by Mondkalb

I've started recreating a building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere. It's a revive of an old project I did years ago.
Basically this system allows you to build structures out of small segments and parts. Similar to LEGO®©™ (and whatnot...)

The complete system is framed as a plug-in, so it can be used in any mission you like. It'll be also featured in a "survival" style mission,
which will hopefully be released along with this addon.

Quick use guide:
1. Open Editor
2. Place player
3. Place the "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
4. Hit "preview"
5. Done!

Quick guide for MP:
Use included Test-Mission or
1. Place players
2. Place "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
3. Place "BIS Functions" Module (F7)
4. Add respawn in Description.ext
5. Put this into a "initJIPCompatible.sqf"
_ok = _this execVM "\MBG_Creationism\scripts\init.sqf";
6. Done!

Included .pbo files:

Separated 'continue' from 'preview' and 'exit' to avoid click the first by mistake.

SLX_Actions: Changes action menu priorities.
Dependencies: None.

Makes the scoreboard in the debriefing view better readable by moving some UI elements away from the center.

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