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How to Install Mods
How to Install Mods

Installing mods are pretty easy, Follow the tutorial below:

Main Directory
1st All mods will go into your main Arma2 Directory
So find your directory, it should be along the lines of this on your computer:
C:\Program Files\Atari\Arma2

Desktop Shortcut
2nd If you have a shortcut on your desktop for the game then:
right click it and a menu will showup,
go to the bottem of the menu click on properties,
then go to the target line (at top) and the line in the space should read something like this:
C:\Program Files\Atari\Arma2\arma2oa.exe or something similar.

nosplash + -mod= command
3rd After the exe put in this code one space after the exe
-nosplash -mod=
the nosplash disables the startup screens of the game so you get to the main menu of the game faster.

-mod= Command
4th Any time you are going to use a certain mod then the title of the mod will go after the -mod= command.
So for example you will require CBA to use as CBA is required for most mods, it looks like this when you use CBA in the code:

Example startup parameters

For Combined Operations (ArmA II and Arrowhead installed together or Arma2CO):

[email protected]

For a standalone Operation Arrowhead (OA):

[email protected];@CBA_OA

For ArmA II only (people without Arrowhead or A2):

[email protected];@CBA_A2

If your going to play with any mods and obviously you are, you will require CBA.

SEMICOLON seperates each mod
5th As you notice after each mod there is a ; Semi colon that seperates each mod.

Mod folders
6th Each and every mod is distinquished by a folder that has a symbol that looks like this:
@ so for example lets say you had ACE installed as a mod you would then need @CBA;@ACE
So you need CBA, and then ACE which seperates CBA and ACE by a semicolon (

so in your shortcut Target line it would look like this:

C:\Program Files\Atari\Arma2\arma2oa.exe -nosplash [email protected];@ACE

Now lets say you installed another mod or even created on yourself then you would add that to the line like this:

C:\Program Files\Atari\Arma2\arma2oa.exe -nosplash [email protected];@ACE;@othermod;@mymod

what is a mod folder?
7th Each and every mod is distinquished by a folder that has a symbol that looks like this:
@ as we said above.

A mod folder is really just a folder with another folder inside titled Addons
Some mods have other files that come with them, those are usually the following:

For example I will use ACE:

all of these files would go into your main Arma2 Directory.

Some mods only have just the mod folder itself like CBA, so it would be just

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