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What is IFA3WarMod?

It is a massive addon/mod customizable compilation mod that adds many run-n-gun/realism gameplay features, functions, &
effects, as well as WW2 Infantry weapons, statics, vehicles, and tanks to your IFA3 - Iron Front: Liberation 1944 in Arma3.
IFA3WarMod is the 9th WarMod in the WarMod Series.

For all questions and Download see

the release thread:


Videos demonstrating the Full released version of the mod:

Videos demonstrating the WIP version of the mod many features, as well as new weapons in the mod.
Videos are listed from the oldest (top) to the newest (bottom) on the list.

IFA3WarMod Features

  • ACE3:  LINK - (not all ACE3 features are in the mod, only those that would be ideal for WW2 are used)
  • AI enhancement: ASRAI, TPW MODS w/game elements, and ACE3 AI
  • Recoil
  • Radio chatter for all vehicle radios
  • Grenade fragment spread reduction
  • Sonic cracks lowered as to make guns fired from the distance better heard
  • Weapon sound has been increased a little to make them more distinctly heard
  • Santa Six's sound mod added and updated
  • Enhanced movement - you can jump, climb tall walls,leap over fences/walls
  • AI rate of fire
  • PTRD recoil/damage
  • Autozoom for all rifles, smg's, mg's, and pistols including all DLC weapons
  • New 100rnd and 150rnd magazines for mg42
  • New mg42 sound
  • Sound-tails for all weapons
  • Loading screen before main menu
  • Two WW2 background vids for main menu
  • CamShake for explosions, even distant ones!
  • Slight "twitch" when someone or something fires nearby
  • CamShake when shooting
  • Better ragdolls (falling more realistic and react more to the force of shots and explosions)
  • Body fall sounds and screams when a unit is hit
  • Tweaked gun sway, guns are more solid, stable and smooth to shoot allowing you to concentrate more on your tactics and strategy
  • Explosion dust, debris, lingering dust, and smoke
  • Removed the peripheral dot HUD elements
  • Removed the reload icon that shows with an empty magazine
  • Disabled idle animations
  • Removed ammo, magazine and grenade counts from infantry HUD
  • Updated the way your character follows your aim when you're not aiming your weapon
  • Situational awareness enhancement HUD
  • AI will copy your stance option
  • Heavier weapons like Machine guns, and PTRD need to be deployed or you will receive a fatigue penalty
  • 26 new faces to your game and also unlocks 5 faces from the Arma3 campaign
  • Change in sounds, reloading and volume
  • AI will bleedout if wounded if not treated, same goes for the player character, added blood splashes, and gibs
  • Interaction between the player and objects ingame have increased so player is able to interact faster, also the icons have changed to reflect it
    The controls have been grouped based on their type so any control dealing with changing weapon use is grouped under that subject, goes for driving, flying, movement, aiming and many others
  • Increased damage from: Tank He rd explosions, Mortars, artillery, Panzershreck rockets, Flak,hand grenades, & AT grenades
  • Tracers for infantry weapons, every shot fired is a tracer done for fun and effect - (only k98,G43,Mp44, all Mg's, Mosin, Svt, work right now)
  • New ammo box with all the new weapons, and ammo
  • Spent shell casings (all bullet casings will stay on the ground for a certain shell count you can define in the userconfig) (only Infantry weapons are effected currently)
  • Overheating to mgs, when they overheat you have to change the barrels or they stop shooting or become in accurate
  • Added/fixed backblast of Bazooka and Panzershreck back blast effect/smoke
  • Suppression effects
  • 2 new ammo boxes, 1 for Germans, 1 for Russians, with all new weapons and ammo included and separated to those boxes accordingly
  • New sound mod with mix of San6, Turkishsoap, & Scars own sounds with some realistic values
  • T34/76 new engine, track/tread, servo, int, ext noise and sounds
  • New/updated tanks have Commander able to shoot inf weapon from cupola/other positions
  • Ragdolls will fall heavier and stiffer
  • R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map


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