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What is IFWarMod?
Is an addon/mod customizable compilation mod that adds many gameplay features, functions, and effects to your Iron front game.

Release thread for any questions and more info


IFWarMod was built for the IronFront Conversion,(IFA2) I had customized my latest COWarMod v 1.4
to work with the conversion. The IF/Arma Conversion being for Iron front and the DDay DLC, IFWarMod works with both.
IFWarMod will not work with Iron front by itself only with the conversion.
The mod requires that you have CBA files which are included in the download.


Feature's of the mod
The mod will add many features such as the following:

  • Fire, smoke, billowing smoke, smoldering smoke, volumetric smoke grenades
  • Wounding, dragging, bandaging of Ai, AI drag, self bandaging
  • Blood, bleeding, blood splashes, splatters, and dismemberment-(bodily dismemberment, head carnage)
  • Animations - movement, transitions, grenade throw animations, death, blind fire around corners/over walls
  • Move actions feature (allows you to move static guns, ammo boxes, ect,.)
  • Explosions and dust-(grenade explosion clouds, dropped bombs, mortars, mines, satchels explosion effects)
  • Impact dust throwup effects from bullet impacts, and grenade shrapnel
  • Ingame hud or UI adjustments and changes
  • Game tweaks to remove gamy elements
  • Ai enhancement -(AI may surrender if outnumbered, AI will try to give first aid to their fallen comrades, and even drag them to safety, AI when pinned may throw smoke to cover their movement, AI will flank and surround you and pin you at times with MG suppressive fire.
  • ARD -(all around defense)- A tactic used by the British, when you are a squad leader can call the Ai in your squad to form a parameter around your position based on the distance in meters you want, once in the formation you can have them heal, and do other things.
  • Additional folder inside the addons folder labeled "storage" has a mod in it if you want to use it, it will enable you to suppress the AI, and the AI can suppress you, see this for more details: TPWCAS AI Suppression
  • Sun & Lens flare based on Sakura's mod
  • Long Mission Selection List In Editor for Loading Missions- no more scrolling unless you have a lot of made missions
  • Automatic zoom to Iron sites for all infantry weapons
  • Menu Icon

If you applied Patch v1.1 below are added features

  • Disabled weapon sway - Disables the weapon sway completely exhaustion from movement is from a different source.
  • Disabled Infantry weapon dispersion - Reduced the dispersion for infantry weapons to basically zero.
  • Take command of AI infantry squad - when in a squad (not leading) press space+ down to become squad leader
  • Option to spawn ladders and gain access to any otherwise inaccessible rooftops or buildings, a fun feature rather then realistic
  • IFWarMod Loading screen - loading screen will show once you start Iron front with IFWarMod


There are some things I did not add for the sake that they are not realistic in terms of the theater of war, other
things i did not add because they would not work as the configs are based on modern day weapons.

After extensive testing, and some testing done by Orlok, and PoorOldSpike I have pretty much found 99% of the issues that occur.
There still may be some bugs here and there, if you find any, please report them so i can fix them.

  1. move the@IFWarMod into your main Arma2 directory, same place the Arma2oa.exe is located
  2. move the userconfig into your main Arma2 directory
  3. move the @CBA, @CBA_A2, @CBA_OA folders into your main Arma2 directory

Shortcut target line:
setup your shortcut target line like the following:

 -nosplash [email protected];@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@IF;@IFWarMod

Use -nosplash or you will miss the IFR loading screen and you will get the company logos and such for Iron front instead.

@IF (is the Iron Front Conversion) you should already have this in your Arma2 directory).


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