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How to build a Loading screen with logo Tutorial

How to build a Loading screen with logo Tutorial

For all those who would like their own loading screen, with logo on main menu of the game, heres how to do it:

Step 1. Create a folder and name it for example I will use what I have warmod_loading
Step 2. Create a text document and post the config below in it (just highlight copy and paste).
Step 3.. Name the text doc config.cpp

Step 4. You will need a picture that is at least 512x512, no less or it wont work and then convert to paa.

QUESTION: How do I convert a jpg picture to paa?

ANSWER: If you have Photshop you can convert from Jpg to paa. But if you dont have photshop you will have to
first convert the jpg to tga, you can do this with Gimp2:http://gofree.com/download/Windows-S...esign/gimp.php
Once you have converted the jpg to tga, then you will need textview2
to convert to paa.
Run down:
1. Convert jpg to tga with this tool:


2. Convert the tga with this tool to paa:

textview2 manual

Step 5. Place your picture (paa) and config.cpp (text document) you created in the folder you created in step 1
Step 6. Go into the config you made (config.cpp) change the 2nd line in the config seen in the
config below with your folder name (mine is warmod_loading).

1st line looks like this:
class WarMod_loading
Step 7. In the config after each line that says:
text = "\WarMod_loading\CoWarMod.paa";
change the word: warmod_loading (green word) with the title of your folder
change the word: CoWarMod.paa (blue word) with the name of your paa (your picture).
Step 8. Create a pbo, and throw into addons folder of a mod folder of choice

Note: If you have nothing to create a pbo with then you will need a tool that you can use to extract and create pbos, go here:
these 2 tools are good for this, I personally use extract.pbo
Below is the config.cpp:

warmod_loading.pbo <---- Title of your folder (of course you will have your own title), and when you convert the
folder to pbo,the title of the pbo will be the same as the folder.

Note: you can scroll the following box to see the whole code.

class CfgPatches { 	class WarMod_loading 	{ 		units[] = {}; 		weapons[] = {}; 		requiredVersion = 0.1; 		requiredAddons[] = {"CAUI"}; 		version = "2011-07-03"; 		fileName = "WarMod_loading.pbo"; 		author = "Gunter Severloh"; 	}; }; class RscStandardDisplay; class RscPicture; class RscPictureKeepAspect; class RscDisplayStart: RscStandardDisplay { 	class controls 	{ 		class LoadingPic: RscPictureKeepAspect 		{ 			text = "\WarMod_loading\CoWarMod.paa"; 		}; 	}; }; class RscDisplayLoading { 	class Variants 	{ 		class LoadingOne 		{ 			class controls 			{ 				class LoadingPic: RscPictureKeepAspect 				{ 					text = "\WarMod_loading\CoWarMod.paa"; 				}; 			}; 		}; 	}; }; class RscDisplayMain: RscStandardDisplay { 	class controlsBackground 	{ 		class CA_ARMA2: RscPicture 		{ 			text = "\WarMod_loading\CoWarMod.paa"; 		}; 	}; };
I spent about 4-5 days trying to figure this out as i was building one for my project for warmod, and I figured out
what worked and what didn't, Instead of keeping this information or knowledge to myself I like to share, do what you
will with this tutorial, and surely theres probably better ways, or more ways to do this, but this is what worked for me.

As you can see in reference to this thread:
I had started here with trying to figure this out, The config actually comes from Optical Snare's config from
his Blastcore file, I just had seperated the Blastcore stuff from the loading screen aspect of his config, in no way will
i accept credit for his work, maybe for this tutorial, i personally hate to see people struggle and not get help
where needed as I had only so much insight in this.

Optical Snare for his configs, and insight
PVPscene for his help
T_D for his insights
Kylania for his insights
and for all those that I had Pmed and annoyed trying to figure this out, sorry, but ingoring me was rude.

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