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To make a BOMB:

To make a BOMB:
Place an car in your mission.

Name the car TARGET

Then create an trigger and choose how you want to activated it, for example we'll use Radio Alpha.

In the the trigger's Activation Field put the following:

BOMB = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle getpos TARGET;
Place the trigger somewhere you want the bomb to go off, then send your car
into the trigger and click on the radio alpha, and BOOM!
Theres many ways to do this,

you can have the car as an object instead, like an IED, and have it so
for example:

when blufor is present in the trigger the bomb goes off _( this would be an area trigger, instead of a radio.
Radio trigger you will use alpha , bravo, ect., Area trigger is triggered by who is present, so like blufor(USA), or Opfor(russia) ect.,

or you can substitute a civillian, or even another faction, maybe a soldier, dont matter,
give them the name Target, and do it that way.

Keep in mind you dont have to have it named as Target you can name it whatever but be sure
to change the name in the code seen above, also you can change the size of the bomb to maybe
something smaller, youll have to get the class name for it though.

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