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How to open Pbos and edit Mp Missions

How to open Pbos and edit Mp Missions

get yourself this tool:

ExtractPbo1.80, this you will need to open the PBO files that are in your
MP missions folder which is located in your main Arma folder.

Another tool that comes in handy, and I use alot to look at scripts and adjust things is a tool called Armaedit

this when you use it allows you to create various types of scripts, as well as look at scripts in missions that are not of your making.

The Files

Find your Arma profiles its along this path:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA\MPMissions

you will need this as inside it has the mp missions folder in it, anytime you create a mp mission in
the editor that folder and mission will be inside the Mp missions folder.

1.Go to your MPmissions folder inside your main Arma folder.
2. Find your mission you want to edit.
3. open the mp mission with the CPBO tool.
To do this right click the pbo and go down to where it says Open With browse for cpbo and choose it when you find it,
after selecting cpbo will showup in the list every time.
4. a folder with same title or name will show up of the mission pbo you you just extracted with cpbo.

5. Take that folder you extracted and move it to your:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA2\MPMissions

6. once it is in there then start your game and then go to multiplayer, not the editor, start a new server,
name it whatever and then look for the mission it will be editable, open it up and do what you want to it.

7. Once you have done what you wish then be sure to save it as a usermission and a multiplayer mission,
saving it as a mpmission will update the existing mission pbo you have in your main Arma2 mpmissions folder in the main Arma2 directory.

* when you edit any mp missions always edit Mp missions useing the basic default Arma2 game, do not edit mp missions
with a modded arma2 or you will create an addon dependancy and make the mission unplayable unless the mission has the addon,
or mod present that you used when you edited the mission.

* If you are editing an mission and you are inserting units and misc and a addon, or mod is needed to do so, then when you play that mission,
the mission will require that addon, or mod to be loaded to play the mission, without it the mission wont be playable.

* If you save your MPmission as a usermission, be sure to add all the script files and other misc files that your
Mpmission had in the folder with it when you unpbo'd it or the mission wont work as its missing files, you will find
this out the hard way if you go play the mission and a window pops up saying the something something script is missing.

* simple way of all above is to:
1. unpbo the mission
2. move the mp mission to the mp missions folder under your profiles
3. go into the mp editor, change the mission,
4. save the mission as multiplayer and a new pbo will be created or the existing one will be updated.
you can always delete the existing mpmission pbo after you unpbod it as when you save your mp mission in the
mp editor it will create a new pbo.

The same process for SP missions apply except the missions will not be in your mp missions folder under your
profile but under the missions folder.

Note: this applies for Armed Assault, and Arma2

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