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Optional TWEAKS & MODS Directory

The Optional TWEAKS & MODS folder contains addons and mods that you can add to your game.
this readme will give you a brief description of what each mod is and what the files are for each folder list,
below is a list of the Optional TWEAKS & MODS folder.

Folder setup & their locations
Optional tweaks & Mods - (folder) inside are the following files:

  • PvPscene Tweaks - (folder)
  • SLX - (folder)
  • Truemods - (folder)
  • Anzins - (folder)
  • Tactical Flashlight demo mission (Tactical flaslight is already in the mod, mission guides you on how to use it)
  • JTK Weapon Suppressor Script (mod is already in the mod, this is just scripts and demo mission)
  • gdtmod_streetlamp (This Addon reduces the brightness of the streetlamp, 67 is in the mod already, choose the level of brightness you want from this folder, use only one)
  • Blastcore version A2R1 for Arma2 only, not OA (this is not in the COWarMod addons folder, the full version OA is currently in COWarMod)

The Mod files

 Anzins - (folder)
bug note:
ANZINS does not work with ASC weapons, only the vanilla weapons

  • addons-(folder)
  • ANZINS Launchers-(readme)
  • ANZINS Weapons-(readme)

PvPscene Tweaks - (folder)

SLX- (folder)

TrueMods - (folder)


How to Install the mods in the Optional TWEAKS & MODS folder
To install any of the mods listed above open the folder of the mod.
We will use Truemods as an example of how to install.

1. Locate the Truemods folder by following this folder path:
@COWarMod\Customization Folder\Optional TWEAKS & MODS\Truemods
2. Open the Truemods folder
3. Move the folder titled addons from the Truemods folder and put it into the @COWarMod folder
4. Once you add the addons folder a window should pop up and ask " Do you want to overwrite?" just say yes.
5. That completes the installation.

How to UnInstall\Disable mods you installed from the customization folder
1. Locate the files for the mod you wish to uninstall/disable that are in the @COWarMod \ addons folder
2. Once you have located the files then move them to the Storage folder which is also located in the
@COWarMod \ addons
3. Uninstallation complete.

Any files (pbo, and bisign) files for a mod that are in the storage folder

will not be read or loaded by the game, these are considered uninstalled or disabled.

Reenable Mods that are disabled
If you wish to reenable the mods that are in the storage folder then just move
 the files back into the @COWarMod\ addons folder.


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