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SLX Bug List
The following pbos (files) are already removed from SLX, and are located in the Problem Files folder.

Removing the following prevents crashes,freezes, and Rpt errors

  • SLX_GL3
  • SLX_GL3_GiveRadios
  • SLX_VehicleEffects 
  • SLX_TankCommanderGun 
  • SLX_ShotEffects
  • SLX_a2_backcompatibility

Removing the following fixes the unscoping problem

  • SLX_TankCommanderGun
  • SLX_TankHatches

Removing the following fixes the Hpp file issues:

get the patch here that fixes this:



  • SLX_ace_fixes
  • SLX_aiskill
  • SLX_anim_swim
 Removing the following allows you to kill an enemy infantry soldier with 1-3 shots versus 8-10 shots must have
SLX_Mod_Man_Armor in addons folder or you will kill enemy inf soldier with 1 shot every time its fun and cool
but feels unrealistic, thus SLX_wounds.pbo would be useless as everyone is dying with 1 shot
  • SLX_modweapons_c

Removing the following allows all vehicles to explode randomly, smoke & burn when destroyed:

  • SLX_mod_veh_core


Files in detail


The freeze / crash in SLX is down to slx_gl3 or slx_gl3_giveradios.pbo. I found this out after many hours testing.
I know it deletes some of the functions but you can run SLX without these two pbo's, without problems.

Seems like after I have studied this When the Ai (friendly or hostile) spots a solider it in turn will Go
down to crouch, and radios Soldier's location 2 all other friendly ai groups Which in turn lag the system in
someway maybe using 2 much CPU I figure causes freezes You try it yourself With GL3give radios and
without seems run much faster without it

try removing the GL3giveradio.PBO when I did it no longer freezes or crash it works perfect expect
ai bug other than dat it run good
I recently Deleted Pbo gl3 give radios and yes no more lag nor freezes for me so try that


OK, after exhaustive tests the problem addon (for me) seems to be slx_vehicleeffects.pbo.

You mean for the out of memory crash?
I mean the game freezes

Game freezing problem is caused by slx_vehicleeffects.pbo, remove it will get rid of the big bug


Was wondering if anyone else currently running SLX mod has freezing when they fire an RPG or AA weapon at a helicopter.
I also experience freezes when I'm flying a helicopter and the AI shoots the above mentioned weapons at me.

originally posted by Steiner34
Delete the vehicleeffects.pbo. I had the same problems.

Had a glitch with the tank commander trying to pop his head out when firing the main gun in manual mode - made
the tank nearly impossible to use as Commander - removed .pbo slx_tankcommandergun and it solved the problem!
Also, was able to re-insert slx_vehicleeffects.pbo - got rid of the spiralling flames and hasn't seemed to cause any lag/freezes or CTD's.

if you use Zeus or an AI mod, I find deleting some of the SLX AI improves FPS.

Infantry Assault weapons unscoping problem

Rather bizzarely, it seems two SLX addons are causing my problem:

Any one of those two will cause my unscoping problem. Both together causes it too.

I have just removed the two PBOs and I no longer experience the issue with my optics.
I ran several missions which this issue was a persistent pest, and it no longer happens.
In my case it's safe to say these two PBOs were the cause.

for some unknown reason, causes any AI-controlled Hinds ingame to lose all accuracy on their YakB 12.7mm
machine guns (I mean [all] accuracy, the bullets sometimes come out at 45 degrees or more to the muzzle, similar to what
people who have had FADE activate report). Oddly, when I jump in as gunner and burp off a few rounds, they fire straight as always.
The gun also fires correctly when piloting with an AI gunner.

If AISkill is removed, the guns return to their usual macabre precision

orignally posted by aid_52
shooting from the grenade launcher AGS (automatic mounted grenade launchers) is impossible. Game freezes with an error.
After a long selection of samples from the PBO SLX was found that the cause is "slx_shoteffects".
With his removal resumed normal flight path miscalculation.


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