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COSLX - Arma2CO/OA SLX Features/Files

This Readme has 3 sections:

  • Feature Files
  • Character Movement Files
  • Optional Files
  • Problem Files

Feature Files:

  • SLX_Anim_AI_LowRifleMove: Makes AIs tactically lower their weapons slightly while walking for proper muzzle discipline.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_BinocularMove: Adds more varied movement abilities to binocular stances.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Death: Faster dying animations. Based on timings from real footage.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Idle: Fixed idle animations so they don't have to finish playing to transition to the dying animations.

Made the idle animations take longer between new idle animations so they have time to play. Added more default idle animations.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Injured: Makes injured animations not have weird warping.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_PistolCivil: Adds the safety weapon action and allows pistols to be holstered.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Prone: Makes prone have a new collision shape so that rifles don't clip into walls as much,

and makes AIs not clip through walls when prone.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ACE_Fix: Makes UAV laser guided hellfires work when also using ACE mod.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Actions: Changes action menu priorities.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI: Replaces A2 danger.fsm to improve AI reactions.

Dependencies: SLX_FindCover

  • SLX_AI_Diff_Armor_Balance: Make people armor not be affected by difficulty setting.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_Difficulties: Make skill settings reset to 1 no matter what the precision is.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_Dodge: Resource for SLX_AI and SLX_ShotEffects. Makes AIs do evasive moves towards cover.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_Identify: Lets AI identify obvious object types better (Something in the air is probably an aircraft, etc.), changes AI hearing ranges for vehicles (can't hear someone

sneaking up when inside a tank), changes default threat levels, helps AI spend less time firing on a target they can't hit, makes AI keep low in combat, shoot more than stay in
 formation, faster aiming in CQB, calling things by more proper names, special operations people are sneakier/harder to hear, AIs reach waypoints better in vehicles, changes
 the default spotability and audibility of vehicle types, makes AIs not attempt to shoot at plane pilots if they can't attack the plane.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_NoAutoEngage: Make AI people not suicide engage/attack on their own. Intended for use with GL3 to make AIs attack only when they should,

 when they have the advantage so they don't suicide engage. Vehicles still attack on their own.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_SpawnSkill: Sets the skill of AIs that are spawned using createUnit command depending on their loadout, such as in warfare mode.

 It appears to be an A2 bug that AIs are now created with full skill instead of .5 skill.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AI_Steering: Makes AI drive/pilot cars/helicopters/planes better with much less crashing.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_AISkill: Changes AI skills for more variable accuracy and faster more aware AI.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Alpha_Numbers: Makes team numbers in English be called by the phonetic alphabet.

 (1 is alpha, 2 is bravo, 3 is charlie, 4 is delta, etc)
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Alpha_Teams: Makes the color coded team names in English be called by the phonetic alphabet.

 (red is alpha, green is bravo,
blue is charlie, yellow is delta, white is echo)
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anims: Makes hand gesture animations not warp so much.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_BIS_BC_Fix: Replaces BIS Battlefield Clearance module to fix the .fsms that call the animations too much and slow A2 down.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_BIS_XEH: Fixes popup targets broken by XEH, extended event handlers.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_CannonSmoke: Lower cannon smoke according to real life footage.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_CarGunner: Allows a player to take over the AI gunner of a car while driving.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Cartriges: Adds spent shell casings that fly out correctly, according to real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Cloud: Custom cloud lets that can be used for config or drop effects.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Dialogue: Fixes missing words and adds larger voice pitch variations.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Effects: Rocket engine and missile smoke effects.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ExplosionDust: Makes explosion dust last longer based on the size of the explosion.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_FindCover: AI utility functions for finding cover and making AI's make a course diversion then continue on to their original destination.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_FOV: Extended and normalized fields of view. Zoom in, squint, focus on far object, concentration, tunnel vision, turns slower. Fit actual player field view of game world through monitor.

 Normal field of view, not focused on far object or peripheral vision. Binocular vision. Zoom out, focus on peripheral vision, can turn faster, especially useful for free look. Peripheral vision.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_GunSmoke: Gun smoke effects based on real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Helicopter_AI_Fix: Fixes an A2 bug. Makes helicopters that start out outside of the regular grid get moved into the grid so that the AI can work, or else

 the helicopter AI just sits there and never moves or follows waypoints.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Impacts: Bullet impact effects based on real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Lights: Street lights and vehicle lights with more correct angles and fades. Won't replace sakulightfx if it's also installed.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Melee: OKC3S bayonet knife and AK-74 bayonet knife.

Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

  • SLX_Melee_Give: Gives knives to armed people at mission start, knife type depending on side.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Mod_Man_Armor: Slightly changes person armor for more wounding and to work with SLX variable damage better.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Mod_Veh_Armor: More vehicle armor so they aren't destroyed so easily, and suffer from part failure more often than being destroyed.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_3D_Optics: Adds models with 3d optic scopes. So far only adds a red dot to the M8 3d model for use with 3d optics.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds: Supersonic bullet sounds from real life footage.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact: Bullet impact sounds thanks to Dyslecxi.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_NetCode: Simple network utility to execute code on all clients.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Optics: Fixed and tweaked optics post processing.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Optics_3D: Adds blurred screen edges when looking through zoomed 3d scopes.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Radar: Removes magical radar from tanks.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_RagDoll: When a person in a building dies their body is affected by physics so they don't clip into a wall or float in the air.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Shout: Makes people say stuff.

Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

  • SLX_SilentVehicleCommands: No spoken commands in vehicles for faster responses.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Suppression_Effects: When people are shot at close enough a lot they duck lower, breathe quickly, and their hands shake a little.

Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

  • SLX_Surrender: Allows the player to surrender and be taken captive by the enemy.

Dependencies: SLX_Wounds.

  • SLX_T72_Destroyed: Adds T72 destroyed effect replacing destroyed T72s with the more detailed models. Sometimes the turret explodes off and

 has a chance of catching on fire if SLX VehicleEffects is on.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_TankSmoke: Makes tank commanders fire the smoke grenades when the tank gets hit or there is an incoming missile. Also fixes smoke effect to not lag.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_UAV: Changes UAV to be more usable and less likely to crash. Press the marker key to set the laser designator on a target, and wait for the UAV to line

up for targeting and firing. Click on the map to turn off the laser and set the UAV to fly somewhere else for observation.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Wounds: Based on real life footage and statistics (W. E. Fairbairn, FBI, police, thehighroad.org, etc).

Dependencies: SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout, SLX_VehicleEffects (optional).

Location based wound effects on people when they are hit.
Arms - Small chance of an accidental discharge of their primary weapon. Small chance of dropping primary and/or secondary weapon when arms are very damaged.
Legs - Good chance of falling down prone if legs are very damaged. No effect when already prone.
Torso - Good chance of getting knocked down and out of breath for a second if damage is over 50%. If the torso is over 80% damaged and overall health is less than 60% then the person is critically wounded.
Head - 30% chance of temporary deafness and a 40% chance of temporary deafness, disorientation, and falling down if head is less than 50% damaged, most likely caused by grenade blasts.
 90% chance of temporary deafness and falling if head is over 50% damaged.

If the person is hit in the head, body, or legs and overall health is less than the "SLX_Wounded" value then they are critically wounded.

Critically wounded :
The person drops their primary weapon and lays on the ground writhing and screaming until either they are healed or die. They are unable to shoot any weapons, but can still throw hand grenades, so watch out.
 Killing wounded people that pose no threat at the moment(haven't thrown a hand grenade) will deduct 450 rating points. So if you have 0 rating points and killing a soldier gets +200 rating
 points and you kill a wounded soldier you end up with -250 rating points.

Dragging wounded/dead:
Wounded or dead people can be dragged to a safer location for giving first aid, corpse recovery, or item scavenging. Be careful of moving heavily wounded people though, moving them might kill them.
Objects can also be dragged.

Giving first aid to wounded:
Giving first aid is based on the skill of the person giving first aid. If first aid is unsuccessful in stabilizing the wounded person's condition then you will have to wait for a while before trying again.
Giving first aid gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person first aid is being given to.

Taking captives:
If a wounded enemy is healed they will surrender. They can be taken captive and you can tell them to stay or follow you. If the captive is too far from you they will try to escape and continue fighting.
 Taking captives gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person being taken captive. Killing captives suffers the same rating deduction as for killing wounded. For a zero skilled soldier
you should get 200 points for giving them first aid and taking them captive, the same as if you had killed them, but if you kill them after giving first aid and taking them captive you still end up losing 50 rating points.

Moving people/objects in vehicles:
People/objects can be moved into vehicles by getting into the vehicle while dragging or by using the Drag or Follow action when in a vehicle to load more than one object. Make sure the action is in your
 action menu when entering the vehicle or you won't be able to use it. There must be free cargo space in the vehicle for the person to enter. Try moving the person to the other side of the vehicle from
where you enter, then look at the person and the action should show up. An action is added to the vehicle to unload wounded and dead people.

Dropped weapons:
Dropped weapons can be destroyed by using the action menu close to them or by damaging(by shooting, etc) them to 50%. They can only be picked up by the action menu.
They are affected by physics and can get thrown into the air from explosions.

AI's helping wounded/dead:
AI's will automatically try and help wounded or dead people. They will attempt to drag them into a safer position before giving first aid or scavenging weapons.
AI's immediately go into alert mode when someone is wounded or killed.

AI's taking secondary weapons and machine guns:
If someone with a secondary weapon or a machine gun dies then another AI from their squad will attempt to come and pick up the weapon.

If a person is killed with a high explosive and their velocity is high enough then they will be torn apart. Can be disabled by setting number of gibs to zero.

  • SLX_Wounds_AIS: Replaces the BIS Alternative Injury System when enabled to fix wounded people taking too much damage before dying.

Dependencies: None.
Character Movement Files
(Note: the following files deal with your player/character movement)

  • SLX_Anim_HeadBob: Adds immersive head movement to the get in/out animations.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_HoldSprint: Turns off continuous sprinting, so that the turbo key can be pressed to sprint and then released to

drop back to running instead of stopping to go to jogging. Not sure if it's necessary after one of the patches.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_AT_Lying: Adds the prone posture while using launchers.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_SteepLying: Adds the ability to lay down and move on steep surfaces.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Swim: Adds slightly faster, slightly less tiring swimming.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Crawl: Make the fast crawl mode faster. Based on real life personal experience of crawling.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_GrenadeThrow: Faster grenade throw transitions and animations, and slower turn speed while throwing

 so AIs don't throw grenades in crazy directions. Based on real life personal experience of throwing objects.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_Jump: Faster jumping over things. Based on real life personal experience of jumping over obstacles,

sometimes with over 100 lbs of gear.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_MoveTransitions: Faster stance changes. Based on real life footage and personal experience of

changing stances, sometimes with over 100 lbs of gear.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_TurnSpeed: Slightly lower turning speed so AIs can't spin around too fast.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_Anim_WeaponTransitions: Faster weapon switching and stance changes.

 Based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.
Optional Files:
(Note: The files below are optional files you can add to your game)

  • SLX_Animals: Sounds when animals die.

  • SLX_Birds: Adds birds on the ground that fly away to somewhere else when disturbed.

  • SLX_NoFirstAid: Disables giving first aid in SLX_Wounds.

  • SLX_NoGibs: Disables dismemberment in SLX_Wounds.

  • SLX_NoManeuver: Disables maneuvering in GL3. (Bounding overwatch to attack/withdraw, take cover to defend, traveling to provide backup.)

  • SLX_NoMoveObject: Disables moving objects in SLX_Wounds.

  • SLX_NoSurrender: Disables surrendering in GL3.

  • SLX_Wounds_Heads: Enables full head damage textures. Requires A2+OA.

  • SLX_RemoveFirstAidAction: Removes First Aid action for people wounded with the BIS alternate injury system.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_RemoveHealAction: Removes "Heal x" action for medics. For use with SLX_Wounds.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_MGReload: Make machine guns have a longer reloading time.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_NoCrosshairs: Removes cross hairs from everything but grenades.

Dependencies: None.

Problem Files:
(Note: Refer to the  Bug List readme for more details as to what issues these files have)

  • SLX_GL3: Group Link 3. Helps AIs share information between groups, enter nearby buildings for better cover if they are in combat or aware mode at mission start,

 lay down suppressive fire, panic when receiving suppressive fire, call other groups for help in combat, conduct basic tactical maneuvers based on the situation for attacking,
defending, and retreating, allows AIs to surrender if they are defeated.
Dependencies: SLX_FindCover, SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout.

  • SLX_GL3_GiveRadios: Gives SINCGARS radios to groups at mission start.

Dependencies: SLX_GL3.

  • SLX_VehicleEffects: When a vehicle is damaged an effect will happen relevant to the amount and position of the damage. Vehicle damage effects include munitions malfunctions, fuel leaks, fire,

 tire blowouts, broken glass, main rotor damage, tail rotor failure, and temporary engine failure. If a vehicle is hit in the engine, fuel tank, or body, it has a chance of starting a fuel leak.
 If a vehicle is leaking fuel it is vulnerable to catching on fire if it gets damaged again. The extent of the fire is based on the amount of damage the vehicle has, starting out as a small fire
and eventually consuming the entire vehicle, then burning back down before extinguishing. The fire does damage to the vehicle and nearby things, ammunition cooks off while burning, and
sometimes nearby things get set on fire. Fire can be put out by repairing the vehicle, submerging it in water, going over 400 kph, or if the fire is small enough you can try using the "put out fire"
action (which has a somewhat random chance of working) until the fire goes out. People disembarking from a burning vehicle have a chance of catching fire proportional to the damage of the vehicle.

 They can put the fire out by getting healed or by keeping moving. People on fire will automatically crawl forward prone to keep moving, you can also try rolling on the ground to put the fire out.
People sometimes burn up into charred body parts after they die and SLX Wounds is active. Helicopters with main rotor damage become more unstable the more damaged they are, eventually
 tearing themselves apart and crashing if they are too damaged. When a helicopter with main rotor damage crashes it throws up lots of dirt and dust as the blades are smashed apart on the ground.
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout.

  • SLX_Mod_Veh_Core: Many misc features: Turret speeds, plane gun smoke, no sound in UAV, changed human damage levels and armor based on real life footage

 and statistics (W. E. Fairbairn), vehicles should not explode by default when destroyed.
Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ModWeapons_c: Many changes to ammo, magazines, and weapons based on real life footage, statistics, information, and characteristics. Bullet damage changed to have

 variable amounts of damage based on hit accuracy of the body part so that some bullet hits can be critical hits that do full damage and others can be grazing hits that do less damage.
 Many values based on CAVS the Common Armor Value System ( which translates real life munitions statistics into game values,
 many of the sources and information are documented in the .cpp comments, most explosives values are based on actual explosives charge weight. AI settings changed to
 make AI use the weapons, ammunition, and fire modes effectively as humans would.
Dependencies: None.

Default bullet values and calculations:
hit = 7; // Diameter in millimeters rounded up + 1? Should be about + 1.5-2. 5.45 or 5.56->6+1=7
indirectHit=1; // Always 1. Indirect damage is applied to the hit points based on how far away they the hit is. The closer the hit is to the hit point the more indirect damage there is.
 This somewhat simulates the random damage effects that bullet hits seem to have. (See W.E. Fairbairn) Some hits will be close to the hit point and give more damage simulating
 hitting a vital area like hitting an artery. Some shots will hit far from any hit points and will have less damage simulating a flesh wound that doesn't hit anything vital like
 muscle or a grazing shot along the skin.
indirectHitRange=0.08; // .05 for pistol, .08 for boat tail, .9 for long boat tail, .1 for fragmenting bullet. Range to hit other hit points such as arms+torso, etc. Indirect damage is applied
 to all hit points within range. 2 indirect damage to arms + 2 indirect damage to torso + 2 indirect damage to head = 6 damage applied. Damage is scaled down for hit points further away.
Sources: http://homepages.solis.co.uk/~autogun/ballistics.htm

  • SLX_TankCommanderGun: Makes tank commanders turn out when firing external commander guns.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_TankHatches: Makes tank crews open the hatches when getting in or out of tanks.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_A2_BackCompatibility: Fixes missing addons errors when using either only ArmA 2 or only OA.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_RPG7: Proper RPG7 iron sights.

Dependencies: None.

  • SLX_ShotEffects: People shout and throw close grenades away from themselves if they see the person who threw it, supersonic bullet "trace" vapor trail,

RPG rocket and grenade launcher arming distance, rocket course deviation, vehicle weapons eject empty casings, AIs dodge away from bullet hits, tracers and
explosives set things on fire. (Disabled: AIs shooting IEDs and mines to detonate them if they see them.)
Dependencies: SLX_AI_Dodge, SLX_NetCode, SLX_VehicleEffects (optional).

  • SLX_SINCGARS: Adds the AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS radio.

Dependencies: None.


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