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VF Ladder

by VictorFarbau


When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb onto rooftops

 and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses

 Check out the Youtube video below to get an idea about how this addon works!


To use the ladder ingame:


  1. While ingame Press Esc  then at the top of the menu you will see a button that says Vfladder, click it and vfladder is enabled
  2. Vfladder will showup in your action menu once you get out of the menu screen
  3. To use the ladder based on what you want to get up on a low or high building choose either small ladder or large ladder
  4. Once you choose the ladder you want or need then  a ladder of your desired size will spawn in front of you
  5. Move around and position the ladder where you want, once you have the ladder where you want then hit Deploy in the action menu, what this does is it disconnects you from the ladder and places it solid
  6. Once the ladder is deployed you can raise or lower the ladder to your desired height
  7. when positioning the ladder, the top of the ladder is not the top rung, it is the curved part of the ladder as you can see in the video.
  8. you can also flip ladder if your at the top of a roof and want to come down, flip ladder is used after you deploy the ladder and then hit flip ladder it will make the ladder face the wall of the buildign your on, if you do not flip the ladder then you will be climbing down the wrong side of the ladder.
  9. To remove the ladder as in delete it hit remove ladder in the action menu
  10. If the vfladder actions in the action menu have dissapeared then just hit ESC again and reneable VFladder. Vfladder stays active as long as you are using the commands.


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